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We have been asked many times, “What is the object of getting up this history?”

The “objects” for this work were, first, to fill a blank space in family histories caused by the lack of any printed records of any branch of this family, excepting a few individual brief biographies in some of the County Histories; and second, a desire to leave some record of our connection with this family.

This work represents the results of many years of research with the unavoidable items of expense which always accompany research. It can safely be stated that only one directly connected with the family would devote the time and labor to the cause.

The record is based on documentary and other legitimate evidence, we have accepted no traditional records at face value, where any such records are mentioned they are so stated. We have endeavored to record the facts as found without deviation or partiality. Many persons have been located who refused to furnish any information either by letter or personal interview. Some errors may have crept in, particularly in the case of living members who would not furnish information, as such rec­ords as we have of them are second hand information and may be in­accurate.

To those who have furnished information regarding themselves and others of their branch we herewith extend our hearty thanks for their cooperation, every one has been credited in the body of this work for their assistance.


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                John Langston, North Carolina, etc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .314

                Pope, Tennessee  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 407

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                Davidson, Bible Records, Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .428

                Lambert, Kentucky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 468

                Park (Parks, Parkes), Virginia and Georgia .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 508

                Kraft, Missouri   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 685

                Glasgow‑Cartwright, Tennessee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 759


                Allegheny County, Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 781


                Mercer County, Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 782


                Illinois and Missouri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .811


                Carbon County, Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .813


                New Castle County; Delaware  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .815


                                Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, etc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .817


                                Canada and Texas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 819

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            BILLINGSLEY is a very old English place name. The Herald’s Visitations of the British Museum give records of Billingsley of Kent, England, 1096, 1463, 1476, and 1504; of London, 1141, 1145, 1559, 1568, 1575, etc.; of Salop, 1241, 1396, 1472, and 1672. There appear some six Coats of Arms of Billingsley in a Visitation of London in 1575, all using the same Crest, and all testified to by Clarence Cooke, viz.:

1 Gules, a fleur de lis and a Canton, Or.

2 Argent, on a cross cotised Sable, five estoiles between four lions rampant.

3 Per saltine Or and Azure, in chief and .base two martlets Or; in fesse two cinqfoils Azure.

4 Azure, two lions passant guardant in pale, Or.

5 Argent, a fesse and in chief two mullets Sable.

6 Argent, two bars and a Canton Gules, over all a bend Sable.Crest: On a mount Vert, a leopard Or, spotted Sable.

                The Visitation of Shropshire in 1623 shows some nine generations of the family pertinent to this record. We have chosen to present them in generations rather than in pedigree chart form. References consulted: Harleian Society Publications; Visitations; Collecteana Genealogica, Foster; St. John’s College, Baker; Athanae Cantab., Cooper; Athanae Oxon, Wood, ed. Bliss; Biographical Dictionary, Chalmers, etc. Search of original records in England and Holland by competent authority:

1 Roger (1) Billingsley, m

In Com. Salop anno 20 of Edward IV (1481).

2 Roger (2) Billingsley, m

In Com. Salop.

3 Roger (3) Billingsley, m Of ‑Canterbury, Com. Kent. Issue

4 i Roger (4) Billingsley.

5 ii William (4) Billingsley.

4 Roger (4) Billingsley, m Of Canterbury, Com. Kent. Issue:

6 i William (5) Billingsley.

5 William (4) .Billingsley, m

7 i William (5) Billingsley.

6 William (5) Billingsley, son of Roger 4, Citizen and Haberdasher, of London, England, married Elizabeth, daughter of Herding; he died and she married (2) Sir Martyn Bowes. Issue:


i William (6) Billingsley.


ii Richard (6) Billingsley.


iii Henry (6) Billingsley.


iv Ciceleye (6) Billingsley, m. William Newce (Newer 7) of Com. Hertfordshire.


v .Martha (6) Billingsley, m John Robinson, of London.

7 William (5) Billingsley, son of William 4, of Com. Salop. In the Visitation of Shropshire in 1623 he is listed with Arms: Argent, a cross Sable voided of the field, five estoiles in cross between four lions rampant all of the second. He married Ciceleye . Issue: 9


i John (6) Billingsley.


ii William (6) Billingsley, m had a son, Thomas (7).


iii Richard (6) Billingsley.


iv Joanne (6) Billingsley, m Hugh Chys.

8 Henry (6) Billingsley: b 153‑, son of William 5. Admitted a scholar to St. John’s College in 1551; apprenticed to a London haberdasher and became a wealthy merchant; a “Customer of the Queen” at Visitation of London 1568 when he is described as “3 sonne of William Billingsley, of London, Citizen & haberdasher.” Translated Euclid with notes and published same in 1570; chosen Sheriff of London in 1584; an Alderman in Lower Ward 16 November 1085; registered admission to Grey’s Inn 22 February 1590‑91; moved to Candlestick Ward in 1592; President of St. Thomas Hospital 15941606; elected Mayor of London 31 December 1596; knighted 6 February 1596/97; he bore the same Arms as William Billingsley, No. 7, with this addition, first quarter: Gules, a fleur de lis and canton Or. Sat as a member of Parliament for London 19 March 1603‑4. He was granted large estates in Ireland by Elizabeth. He died 22 November 1606 and is buried in church of St. Catherine Coleman. He married (1) Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Bourne, she died 29 July 1577 aged 36 years; he married (2) Katherine, daughter of Sir John Cornwell, and widow of Robert Harding, of London, she died 1599; he married (3) Susanna, daughter of

Tracey, and widow of Edward Barger. Issue:


i Henry (7) Billingsley: b 15‑. Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 30 Jan. 1581/82; was of Lysam, Com. Gloucester; knighted 28 June 1603; m . Issue:

1 Matthew (8) Billingsley: b 16‑. Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 1 Aug. 1619.


ii William (7) Billingsley: b 15‑, m Blanch, daughter of Francis Gunter, of Aldburie, Com. Herts. He was deceased in 1614. Issue:

1 Henry (8) Billingsley: b 15‑, Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 9 Aug. 1614; called to the bar 25 June 1623; m. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Collies, merchant. Issue:

                a Blanche (9) Billingsley: aet. 5 years in 1623.

                b Elizabeth (9) Billingsley: aet. 1 year in 1623.

2 Thomas (8) Billingsley: b 15‑. Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 10 Aug. 1614.



iii Thomas (7) _Billingsley: b 15‑, of London, Gent. m. Elizabeth, daughter of Rowland Hinde, of Hedsor in Com. Bucks, and of Inner Temple, Gent. Issue:

1 Henry (8) Billingsley: b 159‑. Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 9 Aug. 1623, unmarried at that date; entered his pedigree in Visitation of 1634.

2 Thomas (8) Billingsley: b 159‑.

3 Clement (8) Billingsley: b 16‑.

4 Elizabeth (8) Billingsley: b 1604, m prior to 1634 Edward Palmer, of D’eweshall, Com. Essex, Gent.

5 Katherine (8) Billingsley: b ca 1608, m prior to 1634 William Chilcot, of Istelworth, Com. Middlesex, Gent. Elizabeth and Katherine Billingsley above mentioned were baptized in the Mormon Church of Salt Lake City, Utah, 12 July ‑1927, both were endowed 31 Aug. 1928, baptism and endowment by one George Hind, who states he is a relative‑in‑law.


iv Richard (7) Billingsley.


v Elizabeth. (7) Billingsley. 9 John (6) Billingsley: b ca 1525, of Astley, Com. Salop. He married Frances, daughter of William Acton, of Aldenham. Issue:


i Francis (7) Billingsley: b ca 1549.


ii Janne (7) Billingsley: b 15‑, m. Captain Thomas Bailey, d.s.p.


iii Ciceleye (7) Billingsley: b 15‑.


10 Francis (7) Billingsley: b 15‑, was living 1623 in Astley, Com. Salop. He married prior to 1575 Bridgett, daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon, of Haslington (near Nantwich), in Com. Chester. Issue: i Dorothy (8) Billingsley: b 1575 s.p.

11 ii Francis (8) Billingsley: b ca 1578.


iii Marye (8) Billingsley: b ca 1580, m Francis Rowley, of Wyken, Com. Salop; constable of Brimsley hundred in 1623. Issue: 1 Richard Rowley: b 1602 son & heir. 2 Samuel Rowley: b 16‑. 3 Andrews Rowley: b 16‑. 4 Seluanis Rowley: b 16‑. 5 Sarah Rowley: b 16‑. 6 Bridgett Rowley: b 16‑. iv ., Frances (8) Billingsley: b 158‑. s.p. v Janne (8) Billingsley: b 158‑. s.p. vi Thomas (8) Billingsley: b 158‑.

12 vii John (8) Billingsley: b ca 1587. viii Margaret (8) Billingsley: b 15‑, m John Jeuan (Jevan 7), of Com. Stafford.



ix Jane (?) Billingsley. x William (8) Billingsley: b 159‑. xi Rachel (8) Billingsley: b 159‑.

xii Judeth (8) Billingsley: b 159‑.

xiii Benjamin (8) Billingsley: b ca 1600. Registered admission to Grey’s Inn 27 Feb. 1639; also of Clifford’s Inn, London, Gent.

xiv Edward (8) Billingsley: b 16‑.

xv Bridgett (8) Billingsley: b 16‑.

11 Francis (8) Billingsley: b ca 1578, son and heir, of Abbot, Astley, Com. Salop, married prior to 1600 Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Kerrey, of Bindweston, Com. Salop, Esquire. Issue:


i Francis (9) Billingsley: b 1600 Son & heir.


ii Thomas (9) Billingsley: b 16‑.


iii Walter (9) Billingsley: b 16‑.


iv John (9) Billingsley: b 16‑.


v Edward (9) Billingsley: b 16‑.


vi Dorothye (9) Billingsley: b 16‑.


12 John (8) Billingsley: b ca 1587 in Com. Salop, 3d son of Francis Billingsley and Bridgett Vernon. He married prior to 1612 Agatha born 1593, Com. Salop, and became connected with the Quakers. They removed from England in the late 1630’s and settled in Holland, where he was deceased prior to 1659. Agatha survived him some years and died in 1666 in Rotterdam. Issue:


i JOHN (9) BILLINGSLEY: b 1612. Migrated to America


ii Agatha (9) Billingsley: b 1614.


iii JAMES (9) BILLINGSLEY: b 1616. Migrated to America.


vi THOMAS (9) BILLINGSLEY: b 1618. Migrated to America.


v FRANCIS (9) BILLINGSLEY: b 1020. Migrated to America.


vi Bridgett (9) Billingsley: b 162‑. s.p.


vii Francis (9) Billingsley: b 1624. s.p. viii Joanne (9) Billingsley: b 1626, m . d.s.p.


ix WILLIAM (9) BILLINGSLEY: b 1628. Migrated to America. x Mary (9) Billingsley: b 163‑, m‑, died in Holland.


xi Walter (9) Billingsley: b 163‑. Was living 1659 Holland.



Born County Salop, England, circa 1612, moved to Holland with his parents who were Quakers and forced to leave England. The exact date of his coming to America‑is not known, tho’ there is evidence it was prior to 1649 and that he was located in Nansemond County, Virginia. Evidence also shows his brothers James and Francis were with him in this locality. In the records he is styled Major but nothing has been discovered to indicate the origin of the title. The date is evidenced by a grant of land in Maryland some years later and from a record in Richmond Land Office from which it appears he was granted 500 acres of land at Chucatuck, Nansemond County, Virginia, and said land was wholly escheated. This occurred during the period of 1649‑1656 when all Quakers were forced to leave the colony of Virginia. Reference to this land will appear again in this account chronologically.

On 20 July 1652 warrant to lay out to Colonel Thomas Burbage 2000 acres and Major John Billingsley 1000 acres in any place in the Province not fully taken up was issued. In connection with this warrant is the following: “William Parker of the Severn in Ann Arundell County, planter, is possessed of 800 acres of land upon the Cliffs adjoining land of Richard Bennett: I, said Parker, do fully grantto Col. Thos. Burbage & Maj. Jno Billingsley both of Virginia, merchants 600 acres of the said 800 acres, the sd Burbage & Billingsley do obligate themselves to seat the land between now and 25 December next & to pay charges of survey, etc. dated 24 June 1652” (A B & H fol. Q13). It appears he purchased 700 acres of land from “Mattapony & Patuxon Indians.” It was surveyed in the name of Major John Billingsley and he evidently died before he obtained a patent. This land was subsequently regranted: “Henry, George, and John Billingsley, sons & heirs of Maj. John Billingsley, late of our Province of Maryland, deceased, hath due unto them 700 acres of land in this Province surveyed in the name of Major John Billingsley and to him assigned in the rights of fourteen persona from Captain Thos. Cornwallis, transported by him in 1650 into this Province as appears upon record dated at London 2 July 1649 with such alterations bearing date of 26 Aug. 1658 occurring upon records in our Province of Maryland, do grant all that parcel of land called ‘Our Legacy’ on the West Side of Patuxent River in the fresh, and on the East side of Billingsley’s Creek, etc., dated 5 March 1663.” (Lib. A. A., fol. 407).

Major John Billingsley was a merchant and resided at Chacatuck, Virginia. From a record Richmond Land Office it appears he was granted 500 acres of land at Chacatuck, Nansemond County and that said land was wholly escheated. On 18 Nov. 1671 appears this record: “Sir William Berkeley, Lieutenant Governor, grants to George and Henry Billingsley 500 acres of land in Chucatuck, Nansemond County, formerly



granted to John Billingsley, wholly escheated; inquisition recorded in Secretary’s office under hand & seal of William Alford, Deputy Esechater for sd county, 18 Nov. 1671; jury sworn before him, grant to George & Henry Billingsley who have made their composition to be paid according to Act, 500 acres except one and one half acre granted to Parish Church,‑ etc. dated 28 Oct. 1672” (Lib. 6, fol. l,07). He owned several sloops and was associated in business affairs in Maryland with Thomas Burbage, who was called by Captain Cornwallis, “my goode Friend Collonel Burbage.

                He married late in life Eliza , born circa 1637, and believed to be a sister of John Cobreath. His name occurs in many court actions in Maryland and among the last is: “Know all men by these presents that I, John Billingsley, of Chucatuck in Virginia, Gent., for and in consideration of ‘2500 pounds of Tobacco & Caske’ paid by George Reede, grant bargain & sell to George Reed of Patuxent River, Planter, one light bay mare, etc. In witness whereof the aforesaid John Billingsley have hereunto Sett my hand & Scale this September, 1657. On 6 Nov. 1657 John Cornelius “Sayeth that he doth testify that George Reede did tender down the 24th of September three hogshead of Tobacco for use of Major John Billingsley” (Md. Arch. Vol. x, ct. proc.).

                In court proceedings Vol. xi, fols. 282‑283 is an interesting document. “Deposition of John Cobreath aged 48 years or thereabouts, being duly sworn before me this 7th Nov. 1678 with that in the year 1658‑1659 the said deponent carried Letters from John Billingsley living in Chucatuck in Nansemond county, Virginia unto his mother Agatha Billingsley living in the city of Rotterdam in Holland and delivered sd letters to her and brought Answer of them to ye sd John & his mother said unto the deponent at ye same time that if ye said John Billingsley had sent some tobacco unto his brother itt had been better for him and ye deponent saith further that the bearer hereof George Billingsley is the sonne of ye said John Billingsley of Virginia, further sayeth not. 8 January 1679. Recorded John Cobreath. Sworn before me, Samuel Bourne”

                John Billingsley died during the latter part of the year 1659 and John Cobreath was named as executor of the estate and trustee for the widow. On 11 Jan. 1660 Prov. Ct. Rdc. Lib. S1, fol. 391, Adam Augustine Kerman appeared before the Court and asked a warrant to arrest John Cobreath, executor of Major Billingsley, descd, in an action of debt of 4000 pounds of tobacco, warrant issued to sheriff to be returned 19 February 1660 Court.

Eliza married (2) prior to 1662 William Burgh. On 24 Feb. 1663 John Cobreath, trustee for Major Billingsley’s relict, now wife of William Burgh, had a warrant for 1000 acres of land (Lib. vi fol. 202, and Prov. Ct. Rec. Lib. 1 F.) No data as to death of Eliza tho she was apparently deceased before 1681.



i Henry: b ca 1654, was under age .1674 and deceased prior to Dec. 1681


ii George: b ca 1656. Was under age in 1674 was the only surviving heir to his father’s lands. He dated his will Dec. 21 1681, George Billingsley, of Chucatuck, Upper Norfolk, Virginia. This will is recorded at Annapolis, and also in Deeds, Lib. E, fol. 129 Prince Georges Co., Md. He devises plantation where I now live at Chuca­tuck, Va. to Thomas Jordan who married my sister Eliza­beth & heirs, if no heirs at their decease to revert to sisters Mourning & Margaret & heirs. Sister, Mourning to have land in Calvert Co., Maryland 300 acres and her heirs, in case none then to revert to Margaret & her heirs. Sister, Margaret, land on Patuxent River in Maryland called “Billingsley’s Point,” 500 acres part of tract of 700 acres, should she die without heirs then to pass to other sisters equally.

My loving friend Barbany Kearne & heir heirs 200 acres on Patient River, Maryland, part of a tract of 700 acres. (This land was possessed in 1711 by Thos. Greenfield from B. Kearne, and held for Hollyday’s orphans; possessed 1722 by James Holliday.) Should sisters, Mourning & Margaret, be frustrated in any way of just rights to land in Maryland they shall have full and equal parts of Plantation on Chucatuck creek. The money left me by my grandmother, Mrs. Agatha Billingsley, as a legacy, in the hands of John Griffitts, Drugster, in Rotterdam, her executor, which sum amounts to 500 pounds and interest at 4 per cent and the same being due these fifteen years as follows: Barnaby Kearn & heirs 50 pounds Sarah Bainbrig 25 pounds  Thomas Jordan, Mourning & Margaret all the rest of sd money equally. Captain John Cobreath of Virginia to pay all debts, etc. and to stand as friend to my sisters concerns thereas you have hitherto my father’s and mine. This will was probated 13 Feb. 1681‑2, Nansemond Co., Va. He never married. Owing to loss of early records of Nansemond County, Virginia it has not been possible to learn of disposition of lands devised in this will.


iii John: b ca 1658‑59. Was living 1663, and deceased before 18 Nov. 1671.


iv Elizabeth Burgh: b 166‑ 2d marriage, no Billingsley blood. m (1) 10 June 1679 Thomas Jordain. He died and she m (2) 23 Dec. 1721 Cornelius Ratcliff. They had:

1 Thomas Jordain: b 19 May 1681.’

2 Elizabeth Jordain: b 18 Nov. 1683.

3  Martha Jordain : b 22 Jan. 1685.

4 William Jordain: b 25 May 1688.


v Mourning Burgh: b 166‑, m after 1681 Pettus (?).


vi Margaret Burgh: b 166‑, m 9 Dec. 1688 John Jordan. She was devised land in Maryland by her brother George

Billingsley. An Act was passed 1724 by Prov. Assembly, Maryland to cut off the entail of a tract of land called “Billingsley’s Point” and enable John Jordain to make sale of same. He sold 500 acres to James Holliday in 1725. No record of children.


Born County Salop, England circa 1616, moved to Holland with his parents and migrated to America and settled in Virginia with his brothers John and Francis prior to 1649, resided in Nansemond County. He was “transported” to Calvert County, Maryland in Anno 1656 by his brother Francis. He married (1) , who was a sister of Walter Carr, she died and he married (2) Susannah Ewen, of Calvert County. He does not appear to have owned any land, at least he did not have any original grants. He may have purchased land but no deeds are extant concerning the same. His will is quoted in full as it has considerable bearing on the next generation.


In the Dame of God amen. I James Billingsley of the County of Calvert Planter being very weake of Body though Sound and perfect in remembrance praise be God for Same and knowing that it is appointed for everyman once to dye although the time (torn) and to the end that all occasions of Controversy (torn) away after my decease amongst my kindred (torn) touching my estate with what it hath pleased the Lord (torn) me with I do hereby make constitute I appoint this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following; Imprim. (torn) bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my Body to be buried in the earth.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my Brother Walter Carr the choice of one of my best Cows.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my Brother Thomas Billingsley my full share of all the young Cattle which went outlast year when soere they are found.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my three Cousins which I have living i


in Rapehannock whose names I can’t leave in writing whenso ere they shall demand them to each one a Cow Calfe.

                Item: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Susannah Billingsley whom by this my last Will and Testament I make and appoint my Sole Executrix after my funeral expenses are discharged with what legacies are herein specified my full and whole Estate reall and personall whether in howses lands Goods Chatell or whatso ever within house or without.

                I testimony whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and sealle the 9th day of November one Thousand six hundred sixty three,

Signed & sealed in presence of  James Billingsley William Carr. Arch. Briscoe

                This will was in cocoon forme proved by the witnesses thereof the 6th day of January 1663 before me

Henry Sewell. Secretary

Susannah survived him a short time.


                In the name of God amen. I Susannah Billingsley of the County of Annarundel in the Province of Maryland being Sicke and in Weak Con­dition, yett thorow the mercy of the almighty I am in perfect mind and memory to make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in forme and manner as followeth.

First I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the Discretion of my Executors named.

                Item: I give and bequeath to my well beloved brother Richard Ewen the Tobacco which he now hath in England; to my loving brother John Ewen I give seven of my pewter dishes half small ones and half great ones and to my brother in Law Thomas Billingsley I give three head of cattle which I have below at the Cliffs in consideration that he is to pay three Cow Calves to his Cousins at accomack (sic ?) which was legacyes left them by my husband James Billingsley formerly deceased.

(Note: James Billingsley stated these cousins lived at Rapehannock.)

                I give unto Walter Caree (Carr ?) a Cow which is at the Cliffs already which was left him by my husband and with all that these that are my Executors my satisfied Walter Caree (Carr ?) for what he hath done for me in reason what he shall require I give unto my sister Ann Ewen my feather bed and all the furniture belonging and the remaining part of all the Pewter which is left and unto Ann I give two cower one called Nancy and the other May and two steers att my brothers Richard Ewen. I give unto my sister Elisabeth Talbott that cow which is at my Father in Law’s Capt. Burgess I give unto my sister Susie two cower one called Cole and Brownie to my sister Susannah Burgess I give Nums Calfe and unto sister Susie I give my Flock bedd and all that belongs to it.


furthermore I say that these that are‑my :Executors shall see my Debts discharged and all these legacies which I have left by Will to be fully satisfied then the remaining part of my Estate to be equally divided betwixt brothers and sisters.

                I give unto Edward Parrish a cowe calfe left him by my husband’s Will and that other satisfaction may be made him by my Executors as he thinks fitt.

Dated 7 December 1663.

                This will was in cocoon forme Proved by John Cumber the younger and John Gray then present at the making and wryteing of the within mentioned Will and declared to Susannah Billingsley last Will and Testament she revoking all former Wills. Dated the 9th day of February 1663‑4.

Children: None.


                Born County Salop, England circa 1618 moved to Holland with his parents. He and his brother William came to Virginia in 1650. They, with five others, were transported by Edward James on 22 May 1650, said James was granted 350 acres of land on Rapahannock. (Land Rec. Lib. 2, fol. X19).

                Thomas settled in Nansemond County, Virginia, where his other brothers were residing and was “transported” into the Province of Maryland Anno 1656 Calvert County by his brother Francis Billingsley.

The first land he shows possessed of is in Rent Rolls, 300 acres called “Teamoth” surveyed 27 Oct. 1651 for William James lying in the Cliffs adjoining land of Thomas Tolly. About 1663, 150 acres o: this tract was possessed by Thomas Billingsley and 150 acres by David Morgan.

                He married prior to 1658 Elizabeth born 16‑. In 1664 Elizabeth was summoned as witness in case of Eliza Green charged with murdering her own child, Elizabeth refused to take the oath (Ct. Rec. BB, 280‑284).

In 1668 Thomas Billingsley was in service as Juror. On 18 Jan. 1669 there was surveyed for him 300 acres of land in Dorchester County called “Billingsley Chance.” (Liv. 12, fo. 414). There was also surveyed for him about 1670, 100 acres of land in Dorchester County, near the first grant and called “Billingsley Folly.” He died in 1673 leaving the following will.

                The last Will and Testament of Thomas Billingsley Being in perfect memory and weak in Body committeth his Soul to God and his Body to a decent Burial.

                Items: I give to my brother Francis Billingsley all my Tools for fixing of Gunns and all my Coopers Tools and his choice of all my plains and Irons and my Bow Saw, and to John Troster I give a pair of roosted stockings and to my Daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Billingsley Three hundred acres of Land Lying in Chicanocomocoe River called by the


name of. Billingsley Chance adjoining to land of Henry Hooper to them and their heirs and to my daughter Mary Billingsley I give one hundred acres of Land Lying in the same River called by the name of Billingsleys Folly to her and her heirs for Ever and to my wife Elizabeth Billingsley I give the land I now live on till my son Thomas Billingsley be at age of Eighteen years and then to .possess the said Land with the rest of his Estate but if in case my wife Eliza: be then a widow she shall have her third of the said Land During her Widdowhood but if my son Thomas aforesaid happen to dye in his minority then my wife shall Enjoy all his seat of Land During her life called by the name of “Teamoth” and after her death it shall redound to the nearest and Next of my Kindred and I the said Billingsley do Engage my wife Elizabeth to give out of the remaining part of my Estate to my three children to say Thomas, Sara, and Mary Billingsley Three Mare Colts within Eighteen months after my Decease with their Increase to Run on for the benefit of my Three Children above said and forall the Remainder of my Estate after my Debts and Funeral Charges being paid I give to my wife to bring up and to maintain my children till they are at age and then to give them all four, Thomas and Elizabeth, Sara and Mary Billingsley Each of them a Servant apiece not to serve under four year apiece but such servants as the children like of Each of them a feather bed and furniture a piece which the children shall choose and I make my wife Eliza Billingsley my full and lawful Executrix and I do ordain these to be my Overseers, my brother Francis Billingsley and Richard Hooper, Dr. John Stansby and John Troster to aid and assist my wife in this my last Will and Testament and I do empower my wife  with consent of these my overseers that after my children have two Breeders apiece that then the Rest shall not be kept no longer than the age of three year and then to be disposed of and sold for Tobacco or money and that to be put out to use for the benefite of these my children at 8 or 10 in the hundred according as the Overseers Cann Raise it and that the Overseers give an account to Court Every year of produce and what they Raise Witness my hand and Seal March 26th, 1672.

Thomas Billingsley

Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us his David Morgan, Walter W. Watkins

her mark Ann M. Morgan marke

On the Back Side of the foregoing Last Will and Testament of Thomas Billingsley was thus written: March 12, 1673 Came Walter Watkins and David Morgan both Living in Calvert County and took their oaths upon the Evangelists that this within written paper to be the last Will and Testament of Thomas Billingsley, Late of Calvert County, Deceased.



                So done John Stansbey and John Troster both of Calvert County came before me and ‑took their oathes as appraising of the Estate of the said Thomas Billingsley Deceased before me.

Edward Keene (Sealed)

                Elizabeth survived him and married (2) Samuel Bourne . who died after 16 May 1693. He left a will dated 16. May 1693, no probate recorded on this will:

                To Thomas Billingsley, Mary Polard, and daughter Roberts, personality. Eldest son, Samuel and male heirs 2000 acres and plantation Drum Point part of Great Eltonhead Manor. Son, Thomas and male heirs 2000 acres part of Great Eltonhead Manor. Daughter, Rebecca & male heirs 1000 acres part of Great Eltonhead Manor. Wife, Eliza: Y3 personality and rest to three children aforesaid. Sons to be of age at 21 and daughter at 18. Overseers: Richard Johns, Francis Billingsley, and Robert Roberts. (Lib. 2, fol. 30,x).

                Elizabeth survived him some years, dated her will 23 Feb. 1715, Elizabeth Bourne, Widow and Executrix of Samuel Bourne, Gent, Calvert Co. This will was probated 7 June 1720:

                Son, Thomas & heirs, personality if he die without heirs then to children of William Young and Rebecca his wife.

                To grand son, Samuel Young, if he die without heirs to oldest surviving child of Rebecca.

                Daughter Rebecca Young; grand daughter Elizabeth Young at 16 years or marriage personality.

                Son Thomas Billingsley, personality & 20 shillings in full of any claim he may have on the estate as eldest son of Testator.

                Grand son, John Clare & heirs if he died without heirs then to grand son, John Hance.

                Daughters, Sarah Harris, Mary Howell & Rebecca Young

Executor, Thomas Bourne. (Lib. 16, fol. 63).


i Elizabeth: b ca 1658 was deceased 1693.


ii Sarah: b 166‑ married (1) prior to 1692 John Roberts; m (2) John Clare, and (3) John Hance, and (4) Harris. he is mentioned in will of Francis Billingsley 1692. JohnHance dated his will 14 Feb. 1708 and it was probated 22 May 1709, Calvert Co., Md. Wife, Sarah, one half of ‑plantation and one half of personality: She to pay daughter Elizabeth 100 pounds at 16 years of age, and said daughter to have sd lands at death of her mother. My wife’s two sons, Robert Roberts and John Clare, person­ality. Son in law: Christopher Kellet, devised land in


Maryland, no wife or children mentioned and his wife was probably a daughter by a prior marriage. It may also be that he is a step son. Christopher Kellet dated his will 17 Feb. 1710 and it was probated 17 May 1710. Leaves part of estate to Sarah Hance and John Leveal, residue to Brother Benjamin Hance who is named executor. Son, Benjamin Hance, residue of land in Md. at about 18 years of age & if he died without heirs to daughter Elizabeth and Christopher Kellet aforesaid and heirs. Sarah married (4) a Mr. Harris prior to 1715 and was living at that date and mentioned in will of her mother. They had, known

1 Mary Roberts: b 16‑ living in 1722 and named in will of Thomas Billingsley, Jr.

2 Robert Roberts: b 16‑‑ Vas named in will of Thomas Billingsley Jr. in 1722.

3 John Clare: b 16‑ was living 1722 and named in will of Thomas Billingsley, Jr.

4 Elizabeth Hance: b 1‑.

5 Benjamin Harris: b 1‑.


iii Mary: b 166‑ m. prior to 1692 Richard Pollard. She is mentioned in will of Samuel Bourne 1693. Richard Pollard dated his will 15 Oct. 1702 and it was probated 18 Nov. 1702, names wife, Mary and heirs all estate real & personal, wife named as executrix, no children mentionned. She m (2) a Mr. Howell and is mentioned in will of her mother in 1715. No children mentioned in any record.


iv Thomas: b 166‑. He was under age of 18 in 1672. Was devised land by his father called “Teamoth” to possess at 18 years of age. He sold this land to George Parker 2 May 1710. He owned 800 acres of land in Kent County, Md. called “The Dining Room,” and “Viaven,” he also owned 200 acres in Kent Co., called “Chance.”

                He married prior to 1694 Hannah, believed to be daughter of Richard Chambers who died Mar. 1700 leaving his personal estate to Hannah Billingsley, and Thomas Billingsley named as executor and residuary legatee. Thomas dated his will 2 Nov. 1722 and it was probated 26 Nov. 1722. Wife, Hannah, executrix, dwelling & plantation during her life.

                Nephew; Robert Roberts, named executor, and to be in charge of plantation and to receive A of produce yearly and at death of wife nephews Robert Roberts and John Clare to have all or to the survivor, also 800 acres land in Kent Co., Md. “The Dining Room” and “Viaven:”



Mary, daughter of John and Sarah Roberts & heirs 200 acres land Kent Co., Md. called “Chance.”

He left no children.


v Samuel Bourne: b ca 1677. 2d marriage no Billingsley  blood. Was under age 1693 and deceased before 1715.


iv Rebecca Bourne: b 168‑, m prior to 1715 William Young. They had, known

1 Samuel Young.

2 Elizabeth Young.


vii Thomas Bourne: b 168‑. Living 1715 and executor to his mother’s will.



                Born County Salop, England in 1620 moved to Holland with his parents. He came to Virginia with his brothers John and James prior to 1649. He was married about 1647 to Ann born 162‑, this marriage probably took place in Holland. He had a grant of land 200 acres, called “Selby Clifts” lying on the West side of the Chesapeake Bay as assignee of Edward Selby, for transportation of Thomas Forby Anno 1649, from Caecilius, Absolute Lord and Proprietor of the Province of Maryland and Avelon Lord Baron of Baltimore, the 26th day of November in the 27th year of our Dominion over sd Province of Maryland, Anno, 1650. He came into the Province of Maryland in Anno 1652 at which time he “transported his wife and son John.”

In Anno 1653 he transported into the Province a “Maid servant, named Ann.” At a Court held at Patuxent 5 December 1654 Francis Billingsley was made Constable for the Clifts and was ordered to be present at the next Court to take charge of the office of Constable. (Ct. Rec. also Md. Arch. Vol. 10, 110.) .

In Anno 1656 he transported into the Province his brothers James and Thomas Billingsley.

In Anno 1657 he transported another maid servant also named Ann.

In Assembly proceedings 1657 in a list of Several charges to be Satisfied by way of Levie out of the County of Patuxent is:

“for Fran. Billingsley for one wolfe, 100 pounds of tobacco.”

                In Anno 1658 he transported into the Province “Sarah Billingsley.” She is known to be the widow of his brother, William, decsd.

                In all these Transportations it is to be noted they all came from VIRGINIA.

                During the year 1658 he had a resurvey made upon “Selby Clifts” in his name. In March 1659 at the beginning of the year he refused to take the oath as Constable (a yearly appointment) and was fined 591 pounds of tobacco. His refusal appears to be based upon the fact that he removed to Richmond County, Virginia with his sister‑in‑law where


he operated the farm and a sloop owned by her. This is where John and Edward became interested in seafaring. In the latter part of the year 1659 Samuel Chew made claim in Court for 1200 pounds of “Tobacco do Caske” of Francis Billingsley which has never been paid.

                While still living in Virginia he applied for additional land in Maryland and on 4 May 1663 there was surveyed for him “Corne Hill,” for 350 acres and “Deer Quarter” for 250 acres, both tracts patented to him 11 Sept. 1663.

                On 9 Nov. 1663 his brother James made his will and mentions “my three cousins (Nephews) who live on the Rapahannock, etc. leaving each a Cow Calfe. . On 7 Dec. 1663 Susannah, widow of James made her will and provides for “ 3 Cow Calfes to “Cousins” in compliance with will of my husband, James Billingsley, decsd. On or about February 1663‑64 he returned to Calvert County, Mary­land, his sister in law having remarried.

On 2 March 1663‑4 there was surveyed for Francis Billingsley and Christopher Beard 350 acres of land near the “Cliffs” in the woods, patented to Francis Billingsley 26 May 1664. Early in 1668 he sold 30  acres of this tract to John Mears. According to the will of said Mears 1675 said Mears appears to own the whole 350 acres of this tract with no record to show how acquired.

                On 3 June 1668 there was surveyed for and patented to Francis Billingsley 100 acres of land adjoining “Deer Quarter” this was called “Addition.” In the spring term of Court 1668 is the case of Francis Billingsley vs. George Atkins, etc. (While he is known to have been a Quaker this shows he was not as strict in the faith as is common, as they do not, as a rule, have recourse to law, but hold to their Meetings to mete out justice.)

                On 26 Nov. 1668 is record of case of Ann Billingsley versus William Kay, said Kay having been indicted for criminal assault and attempted rape upon Ann, the wife of Francis Billingsley. (Prov. Ct. Lib: FF, 601­ 662.)

                In 1672 he was named as overseer in the will of his brother Thomas Billingsley.

                In 1677 he was named as one of the guardians in the will of Thomas Paget.

                In Oct. 1678 Mr. Francis Billingsley was a delegate from Calvert County to the Lower House but did not appear. On 21 Oct. 1678 he was present as a member of the Lower House at a meeting held at St. Mary’s.

                On the 23 Aug. 1681 Francis Billingsley and three other members of the Lower House sent a message to the Upper House regarding certain Laws governing the Lower House.

On 29 August 1681 a message on the same matter was sent to the Upper House by Francis Billingsley and others.

On 9 November 1681 at a meeting of the Upper House there was pre­


sented “a message from the Lower House from Mr. Cheseldyne and Francis Billingsley Desiring Perusal of the Book of Laws and an answer to the last Bill relating to the Land Offices.”

                In Nov. 1683 Francis Billingsley was appointed one of the Commissioners for Culvert County for the purpose of purchasing town lands, ports, and survey of the town and ports, and to stake lots, etc. (Arch. IV& and Proc. and Acts of Gen. Assembly Oct. 1678‑Nov. 1683.)

                This appears to be the last record of him and he died intestate in the year 1684 as his sons appear to be in possession of lands laid out to him. No record of any administration of his estate has so far been discovered. That his sons succeeded to his land is shown in their records. It is not known the date of the death of Ann, she was living Nov. 1668 and from the fact she does not subsequently show in any of the records after 1668 it is believed‑she did not long survive her trying ordeal of that year. We have endeavored to show every record so far found concerning this man for the reason that while five brothers came to America he is the one who left male issue to the third generation and he is therefore the founder of the family of 1649 in Maryland and Virginia.

Children: (known)

i John (2) : b 1647.


ii Ann: b 1650 Va., died infancy.


iii Francis (2) : b 1653 Md.


iv Agatha: b ca 1656 Md., m 1672 Thomas Paget, his 2d wife. He died Mar. 1677 named Capt. Cobreath, Capt. Bourne, Francis Billingsley, and Jonathan Hunt as guardians. There were three sons by his 1st wife, and three daughters by his last wife, Agatha.


v Edward (4) : b 1658 Md.


vi Ann Elizabeth: b 166‑ in Virginia, m Thomas Sadler, had three living children in 1692 who were legatees in will of Francis Billingsley, Jr.



                Born County Salop, England 1628, moved to Holland with his parents. He came to Virginia with his brother Thomas in 1650, “Transported” by Edward James with five others said James was granted 350 acres of land on Rapahannock 22 May 1650. (Land Rec. Lib. L, fod. ,t?19.)

                He married about 1651 Sarah Bowman, born Essex County, Virginia circa 1635. They settled in Richmond County where he owned a small farm and also a small vessel and was mostly engaged in transporting commodities in coast. trade. He died Dec. 1657 having been struck by a boom on his vessel. Sarah moved to Culvert County, Maryland early in 1656 having been “Transported” by her brother‑in‑law Francis Billingsley. She remained at his home during the year and then returned to Virginia With Francis and his family in 1659. She remarried (2) in 1663 a William Evart, and is stated to have died about 1690.




i Sarah Ann: b 1652 Va., married John Billingsley No. 5 which see.


ii William: b 1655 died infancy.


iii Martha Agatha: b 1658 Me. posthumous, died aet. 13 years.


iv Mary Evart: b ca 1665 2d marriage, no Billingsley blood. m. a Mr. Johnson.



                (Francis 1.) Born 1647 probably in Holland came to Nansemond County, Virginia with his parents and uncles John and James Billingsley prior to 1649. He came to Calvert County, Maryland with his parents Anno 1652. He moved to Richmond County, Virginia with his parents about 1659. He and his brothers Francis and Edward were legatees to  a “Cowe Calfe” each in the will of James Billingsley in 1663, who calls                them “my three cozens (nephews) on the Rapehannock.” They were also mentioned in the will of Susannan Billingsley, widow of James, in the same year.

                He became interested in the vessel which his aunt owned and which his father operated. When his parents returned to Maryland he remained in Virginia with his aunt and assisted in the operation of the vessel. He married Jan. 1669 Sarah Ann, daughter of William Billingsley, born Virginia 1652 and his first cousin. During the year 1670 they moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland, where he purchased another vessel and continued in maritime trade. In 1673 they returned to Virginia and about 1675‑76 they moved to Calvert County, Maryland. He does not appear to have owned much land. In 1684 he became possessed of 100 acres called “Addition” from his father. From this time there appears an estrangement between John and Francis, his brother. Francis appears with the major portion of his father’s holdings, whether his marriage to his cousin had any relation to this is possible but not definitely known. Owing to loss of deed records in Culvert County it is not known by what means he came into possession of 200 acres part of a tract called “Mears.” He apparently gave to his son, William, the tract called “Addition” upon his marriage in 1691. John died in the year 1693 having been lost at sea during a storm. Rent Rolls of 1694 show 200 acres of “Mears” owned by Widow Billingsley. She disposed of this land as Rent Rolls show it was sold July 1710 by Sarah Talbot to Richard Johns. She married (2) about 1699 William Brown, they moved to Richmond County, Virginia where he was granted 38 acres of land 1709. (Lib. 3, fol. 230.) She died 1712‑13. No children by 2d marriage.


i Mary: b Sept. 1669 Va., m prior to 1687 Edward Wood. His will was probated 16 June 1709. Mary dated her will 13 Mar. 1709‑10 and it was probated 10 Aug. 1710.


They had, known:

1 Edward Wood: b 1687.

2 John Wood: b 1869, m Ann Elizabeth Billingsley, b May 1699, daughter of William Billingsley, No. 8, John dated his will 28 July 1724 and it was probated 17 Feb. 1725‑26, wife all estate and at her death all land to eldest son, John & heirs; personality to 3 children, named. They had

                a John Wood.

                b William Wood: d 1745, left 4 children. ‑

                c Edward Wood.

                d Ann Wood.

3 Mary Wood: b 16‑, m John Byrn, she was decsd. 1709.

4 Benjamin Wood: b 16‑.


ii William (3) : b Oct. 1670 Md.


iii Sarah Agatha: b 1672.3 Va., m John Stovall, d. s. p.


iv Elizabeth: b 1675 Va., m William Bowler who died 1743. She died ca 1752. They had known:

1 James Bowler.

2 John Bowler.


v John: b 167‑, died 1686. vi Susannah: b 1679‑80, died childhood. vii Francis: b 168‑, died infancy.


viii Walter (3) : b 1685.



                (Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland in 1653, moved to Richmond County, Virginia with his parents in 1659 and turned to Calvert County, Maryland with them Feb. 1663‑64. He married prior to 1677 Susann born Maryland 16‑. After his marriage he became very active in the Quaker Meetings. Some years ago we had the custodian of these old Meeting records go over them and abstract every item containing the name of Billingsley therein. These items are mostly routine but in two instances there is controversy in which Francis Billing­ sley is concerned and which are settled in the Meetings and no recourse to court or law. He appears to have been very rigid in his discipline and at no time is his name found in court proceedings. Francis and Susanna appear to be the only members of the family who took an active part in the church work tho the others are known to have belonged to the order, and after the passing ‑ of ‑Francis the name does hot appear in these Meeting records from 1699 to 1782, no later search made. These Meeting records cover Cliffs, Joppa, Deer Creek, Patuxent and Herring Creeks, and West River.

                He seems to have been a favorite son, or else was present when his father passed on and took possession of the greater portion of the lands.


                There. was .an estrangement between John and Francis from this date which does not appear to have been settled. In 1684 he appears in possession of “Selby Clifts,” 200 acres, “Deer Quarter,” 250 acres, and “Corne Hill,” 350 acres.

                He dated his will 7 Mar. 1692, died 10. 6mo. 1695 and was buried in Friends Burying ground at ye Clifts. His will probated 21 Jan. 1695. The following items are abstracted: .

                Item: To William Richardson Sr. of West River, personality for Quakers on Western Shore.

                Item: To three cousins, Thomas Billingsley, Sarah Roberts, and Mary Pollard, personality. (These are known to be children of Thomas Billingsley III, the uncle of this Francis and are cousins in fact.)

                Item: To Thomas Sadler’s three children, personality.

                Item: Wife, Susanna and daughter Rebecca Birckhead, executors. Residue of entire estate, real and personal, to revert to daughter Sarah and heirs at death of wife aforesaid. In event daughter Sarah die without heirs, sd wife to have entire estate if she be living and at her death sd estate to be divided among cousins aforesaid, Thos. Billingsley, Sarah Roberts, and Mary Pollard, and the “eldest son of brother Edward.”

                In 1697 “Selby Clifts,” 200 acres was owned by Susanna Billingsley, she sold it 16 Apr.1717 to John Beckett. “Deer Quarter” was transferred to daughter Rebecca Birckhead at the time of her marriage, she sold this land to Eleazer Birckhead 15 May 1729. “Corne Hill,” 350 acres was owned by Susanna from 1697 to about 1710 when she turned it over to daughter Rebecca and her husband who sold it 12 Oct. 1719 to John Mackall.

                At a Meeting 10 mo. 1699 Robert Gover and Susanna Billingsley laid their intention of marriage first time; Richard Harrison and GeorgeRoyston to make inquiry into their clearness from former marriage engagements and what she hath done for her children, etc. At a Meeting 2.12 mo. 1699 they laid their intention before the Meeting for second time (rest of page is missing). This marriage took place as later deeds and Rent Rolls show her as Susanna Billingsley also Gover, etc. She was living in 1717 Calvert Co., Md.


i Rebecca: b 23. 3 mo. 1677, m prior to 1692 Abraham Birckhead. She was living 1731. No record of children.


ii Sarah: b 168‑. Living 1692 and evidently died young as Susanna turned over the land to Rebecca.



                (Francis.) Born Calvert County, Maryland in 1658, moved to Richmond County, Virginia with his parents 1659, returned to Calvert County, Maryland with them. When his brother, John, moved to Calvert


County, Maryland in 1675 he became associated with him in the operation of, his vessel and adopted a seafaring life. In 1684 he came into possession of a portion of his father’s lands called “Selby Clifts,” this tract originally contained 300 acres, by 1690 all of this tract was in possession of Francis Billingsley, his brother, with no deed to show how obtained. Edward appears to have devoted all his time and energy to the sea. He married prior to 1687 Anne born Maryland 16‑. He had two‑living sons in 1692 when his brother Francis made his will and makes provision that in case his daughters die without issue certain land is to go to “the eldest son of my brother, Edward.” Edward died intestate in 1708 and left his widow in poor circumstances.  She married (2) in 1709 Philemon Smith, he died Mar. 1712‑13, dated his will 6 Mar. 1712‑13 and it was probated 27 Mar. 1713, wife Anne named as executrix and sole legatee to all estate. No children by second marriage. She moved to Virginia with her son and was deceased before 1728.


i Francis (3) : b 1687.


ii Anne: b 1689, m Scott and moved to Cecil Co., Md.


iii James: b 1691, d 1698.


iv Edward: b 1693, d 1700.


v Agatha: b 1699, d 1704.


vi Susan: b 1703, m Garnet and moved to Virginia, no sub­sequent record.



                (John 2, Francis l.) Born Calvert County, Maryland October 1670. He moved to Virginia with his parents and then returned to Calvert County with them in 1675. He married prior to 1691 Clearanna Bowler, born Maryland 167‑. She is believed to be a daughter of Valentine Bowler.

                He was given 100 acres of land called “Addition,” at the time of his marriage by his father and he disposed of the same before 1700 as Rent Rolls show it was possessed at that date by Benjamin Ball. In 1700 he is listed on a Rent Roll as possessing 100 acres of land part of a 350 acre tract surveyed for George Young in February 1680 at head of Bottle Creek. On 5 July 1704136 acres of land were surveyed for William Billingsley and called “Billingsley’s Swamp” on the North side. of Bottle Creek and adjoining land of John Wood. (Lib. D5, fol.170.) He acquired other holdings of land tho no deeds have been found concerning the same. In the will of Richard Johns of Calvert County probated 14 June 1717/18: item: to my grand son Richard, son of my deceased son Abraham, two tracts made over to the testator by William Billingsley, i.e., 136 acres called “Billingsley’s Swamp,” and 150 acres called “Friendship Rectified.”

                In 1700 William Creed and William Billingsley appraised the estate of John Carmody. (Test. Proc. xviiiB‑47.) On 17 Sept. 1706 William


Billingsley and William Williams, appraised and inventoried the estate of Andrew Graham. (Test Proc. xixC‑81.)

                He died intestate latter part of July 1716 and his estate administered 4 Aug. 1716 by Clearanna, his widow, with James Cobb and William Billingsley, Jr. as bondsmen for 100 pounds. On 10 Jan. 1716/17 is an ‑ account and July 1717 is final account rendered by William Billingsley, Jr. Date of the death of Clearanna is not known tho the final return of administration returned by her son indicates she was deceased.


i William (4) : b Nov. 1691.


ii Clearanna: b Jan. 1693, married 1709 Thomas Gilly. He dated his will 6 Dec. 1720 and it was probated 24 Jan. 1720/21 Calvert Co., Md.; leaves all estate to said wife and two sons & heirs, etc. Wife to have dwelling and

plantation of 80 acres, in lieu of dower in’ real estate. Wife and two sons residuary legatees of estate in England, etc. She was living 1734 and was witness to nuncupative will of Eleanor Bowen. They had:

1 Robert Gilly.

2 William Gilly.


iii Bowles (4) : b Dec. 1794.


iv Samuel (4) : b Jan. 1696.



(John 2, Francis 1.) , Born Calvert County, Maryland circa 1685. He followed a mariners life as soon as old enough. He married prior to 1706, Elizabeth. Family tradition states she was a Barbour, we have not been able to verify this statement, she was born in Maryland 168‑. They resided in Calvert County, Maryland. On 25 March 1734 he was a witness to nuncupative will of Eleanor Bowen, with Clearanna Gilly. They testified that she died 19 Mar. 1734 and that they heard her say that William Winnall would take in his possession and care for all her children, and all her estate to keep and maintain her children until they came of age.

On or about 1736 they moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland where he engaged in farming but still maintained his interest and devoted time to business with his ‑vessel. He died about 1751/2 and she married (2) John Smiley and was deceased 1757‑9. ,


i John: b 1706 Calvert Co., Md., married prior to 1730 Jane b. Md. 17‑ and settled in St. Mary’s Co., Md.

He died about 1753. Jane survived him and dated her will


31 Oct.‑ 1760: Requests to be‑ buried at All Faith Church. To son, Walter, the Foal that the Bay Mare is at present big with; To daughter, Susanna, the Bay Mare; To daughter, Lydia, the Gray horse; To daughter Anne, the sorrel Colt; to son, James, the Bay Colt; To daughter, Mary Davis the Best Cow I die possessed of, to be chosen by her.

The rest of my Estate to be equally divided amongst my five children now living with me, viz.: Walter, Susanna, Lydia, Anne, and James.

Witnessed by Jo. Mudd & Thos. Hutchinson.

Probated 22 Nov. 1760 by Walter Billingsley sole executor.

They had:

1 Walter: b 173‑ St. Mary’s Co., Md. Was executor to his mother’s will in 1760. He moved to Harford Co., Md. about 1773 where he does not appear as a land owner but engaged in farming on leased land. He warned 26 Jan. 1783 Clemency Preston nee Bond, widow of James Preston who died prior to Aug. 1769, distribution of his estate shows there were grand children at that date. Clemency was some years senior to Walter. She dated her will 14 June 1794 and it was probated 2 Sept. 1794. Owing to some defect in probate record, it was not closed till Nov. 1800. Walter was a witness to this will and died before 1800. He left no children. The Preston children in evidence are herewith given to correct some marriage records prepared by the late Mrs. Hodges at Annapolis as her lists show most of these Preston women as Billingsleys.

                a Bernard Preston living 1794.

                b Sarah Preston m (1) McComas, (2) Smithson, (3) Thomas Anderson.

                c Elizabeth Preston m Gilbert.

                d James Preston.

                e Ann Clemency Preston m after 1769 Stephen Prebble.

                f Mary Preston m after 1769 Aquilla Scott.

                g Martin Preston m after 1769, had living in 1794 Elizabeth, Clemency, James, Martha, Benjamin, and Scott Preston.

2 Mary: b 173-; m a Mr. Davis prior  to 1760.

3 Susanna: b 174‑.

4 Lydia: b 174‑.

5 Anne: b 174‑.

6 James: b ca 1751, d unmarried after 1760.


ii James (5) : b 1710.


iii  Elizabeth: b 171‑, died unmarried.


iv Walter (5) : b 1715/16.


v Ann: b 172‑, said to have died unmarried in Pa. in 1770’s.


vi Mary: b 172‑, m John Williams, St. Mary’s Co., Md., moved to Baltimore Co., Md. about 1760, then moved to York Co. Pa. in 1770’x. They had several daughters.



                (Edward 2, Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland 1687. He was named as provisional legatee in the will of his uncle Francis Billing­sley in 1692. He did not succeed to any of the land as one of the daughters left heirs. He followed his father in adopting a mariners life in his early years. He married (1) prior to 1718 Susan (Young ?), born Calvert County, Maryland 169‑.

                About 1725 they moved to Stafford County, Virginia and .located in the section that became Orange County about 1734, he engaged in farming and was residing there in 1737; there is recorded in an Order Book 1733-1739, fol. 53, a declaration on merchandise imported from England.

                Susan died about 1737, he returned to Maryland and married (2) prior to 1740 Susan Allen, widow of John Allen,  and daughter of Michael Tyms, born Maryland 17‑. In a deed 10 Dec. 1799 Spotsylvania County, Virginia is agreement James Long and Zachariah Billingsley concerning estate of Betsey Billingsley, daughter of Zachariah, and wife of said Long: aid Betsey being heir at law of Michael Tyms, of Maryland, deceased. They resided in St. Mary’s County, Maryland and both were deceased prior to 1770.


i William (4) : b 1718 Maryland.


ii Susan: b 172‑.


iii Mary: b 1723, died 1725..


iv Catherine: b 1729, married 1758 Joseph Morton, of Maryland.


v Mary: b 173‑.


vi Francis: b 1737 Va.; died infancy.


vii Allen (4) : b 1740 Maryland, 2d wife.


viii Zachariah (4) : b 1743/44.



                (William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland: November, 1691. He. married about 1716 Mary Sumner, born Calvert County, Maryland in 169‑. There is a traditional record among the descendants of James Billingsley that Mary was a daughter of Major William. Dent, no evidence has been discovered to substantiate this claim and the William Dent records do not show that he had a daughter named Mary. Nathaniel Sumner, brother of Mary, appears to be asso‑


ciated with William Billingsley in some transactions. On 4 Aug. 1716 William Billingsley and James Cobb gave bond for 100 pounds for his mother as administrator to his father’s estate, and in 1717 he exhibits a final account of this estate in place of his mother. (Test. Proc. xxiii, 68‑78‑ r41.)

                They moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland where he engaged in farming evidently using rented land as there does not appear any record showing he ever owned any real estate. The deed records of St. Mary’s county were destroyed by fire many years ago and the above statement applies to records now on file at Annapolis.

                In the inventory of the estate of his brother, Bowies, he signed it with Samuel Billingsley as “nearest of kin.” He was a witness to will of Elizabeth Alburt 16 April 1739, said Elizabeth was a Bowies and connected with the family.

                Mary died in December 1740 following the birth of Elizabeth. He dated his will 11 August 1745 and died before 16 Dec. 1745. The Rachel Billingsley who was a witness to this will is the widow of Bowies Billingsley, his brother.



In the Name of God Amen. I William Billingsley of St. Mary’s County in the Province Maryland being of Perfect Memory thanks be to God for the same tho sick and weak in Body and not knowing how soon a Change may come, knowing we are all mortal I make this my Last Will & Testament revoking all others heretofore made in any kind whatsoever as followeth. First I give my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it to me and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried at the Discretion of my Executor hereafter named. First I desire that Funeral Charges and Just debts be Paid then the rest of my estate as followeth;

                Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Wood one hogg about two years old.

                Item: I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Hardesty one Ewe and Lamb.

                Item: I give and bequeath unto my son William Billingsley and my son James Billingsley my two negroes Sambo and Ben I also desire that my son William make his choice of them by Christmas after my Death I also desire that my son James have a Young Horse named Spark that I promised him for learning his Younger Brothers and Sisters to Read and that he comply with his .park. of the agreement

Item: I give and Bequeath unto my five Younger children, Margaret, Clare, Francis, Siare, and Elizabeth all the Rest of my Personal Estate to be equally divided amongst them or the survivors such as shall come to age to Receive the same and lastly I hereby ordain and appoint my son William Billingsley Executor of this my Last Will & Testament.


                In‑witness whereof I‑have hereunto set my hand and Seale this Eleventh Day of August Anno Dom. 1745.

Signed sealed and delivered in Presence of us her Rachel R Billingsley mark his James Kuch

This will was probated by William Billingsley. On 16 Dec. 1745 Rachel Billingsley and James Kuch testified as witnesses.


i Mary Sumner: b 1718, married John Wood prior to 1745, said to have had two daughters of whom no record.


iiWilliam Sumner (5) : b 1720.


iii Ann: b 1723‑24, married Henry Hardesty, Jr. prior to 1745. This family later moved to Baltimore Co., Md. and no further record of them. They are believed to have moved to Monongalia Co., Va. tho no definite facts on the matter.


iv James (5) : b Apr. 1726.


v Margaret: b 1728‑29.


vi Clearanna: b 1732.


vii Francis (5) : b 1734‑35.


viii Sias (5) : b 173?‑38.


ix Elizabeth: b Dec. 1740.



                (William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland December 1694, moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland and married prior to 1723 Rachel Garden, born Maryland 17‑, said to be a daughter of Clement Garden. He was a farmer and died in May 1744, his estate was administered by Rachel Billingsley, his widow. Inventory dated 4 June 1744 by Clement Garden and James Poulton, his brothers in law and it amounted to 117.55.0 pounds. This record was signed by Samuel and William Billingsley as “Nearest of Kin.” On 2 Sept. 1746 Rachel made final return of account and distribution of the estate which netted 104.6.2 pounds as follows: one third to widow, residue to John, James, Clement, and Zachariah, and daughter Rachel all orphans of the deceased. (Accounts 23‑1.)

No data on death of Rachel. Resided St. Mary’s County, Maryland.


i John (5) : b 1723.


ii James (5) : b 1727.


iii Clement (5) : b 1729

iv Zachariah (5) : b 1734.


v Rachel: b 1738.



                (William 3, John 2; .Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland January 1696, moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland with his brothers where he married prior to 1740 Mary ( ) Wilmouth, a widow, born 17‑. She had a daughter at the time of this marriage. In the final settlement of estate of William Billingsley, Number 11, Samuel and Mary Billingsley signed as “Nearest of Kin,” dated 4 June 1746. Mary was deceased before 3 March 1752, Samuel was a signer to the final settlement of estate of Bowles Billingsley, Number 12, as “Nearest of Kin.” He died about 1751 and his estate administered by William S. Billingsley and Nathan T. Greenfield, final account and settlement 3 Mar. 1752, balance due according to Law to Martha, aged twelve years next June; Basil aged 10 years about June next; Walter, aged 8 years sometime in April; Mary, aged 6 years sometime in May next; and to Elizabeth Wilmouth, the 5th part of her mother’s thirds, who was widow of the deceased,‑sister by the mother’s side to the foregoing children. (Adm Accts. Lib. 32, fol. 101.)


i Elizabeth Wilmouth: b 173‑, step daughter.


ii Martha: b June 1740.


iii Basil (5) : b June 1742.


iv Walter (5) : b April 1744.


v Mary: b May 1746.


                (Walter 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, .Maryland in 1710. He married prior to 1731 Elizabeth born Calvert County, Maryland in 1714. They moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland about 1734 and resided there to early in the year 1738 when they moved to Baltimore County, Maryland. He was deeded 16 April 1738 by William Demos 100 acres of land, a part of “Williams Lot,” lying on the South side of Deer Creek between Stout Bottle Branch and Stirrups Run. (Deeds HWS‑JA‑92.) In 1753 he deeded to William Grafton 18 acres of land, a part of “Williams Lot.” (Deeds BBJ‑199.) In 1750 he was deeded by Thomas Miles 103 acres of land called “Miles Desire.” (TRD‑ .In _1.764. James and. Elizabeth deeded to . William Grafton 82 acres of land the rest of “Williams Lot.” (Deeds B # N‑1 2.)

                There does not appear any disposition of the 103 acres of land by him, and it subsequently appears among the holdings of his eldest son.

                They were both deceased prior to 1772 and are said to be buried on the plantation they sold to William Grafton, graves unmarked.



i James (5) : b .1731.


ii Elizabeth: b 1734 St. Mary’s Co., Md. moved to Baltimore Co., Md. with her parents 1738. She m 30 Oct. 1760 John Holmony and moved to Berkeley Co., Va. about the time her brother did, they later and about 1789‑90 moved to Pa. No record of children.


iii Sarah: b 1737 St. Mary’s Co., Md. m about 1753 William Grafton who was deeded the homestead by her parents in 1753‑64. She died prior to 1790 leaving no children.


iv Charles (5) : b 1739 Baltimore Co., Md.


v Jane: b 174‑, died small.



                (Walter 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Calvert County, Maryland in 1715‑16, moved to St. Mary’s County, Maryland with his parents. In 1738 he‑ moved to Baltimore County, Maryland with his brother, James. On 6 August 1740 he was deeded by John Parker 100 acres of land called “Bond’s Gift” in Baltimore County on North side of Little Falls of the Gunpowder River. (Deeds HWS‑JA‑415.) In 1743 he was deeded by Thomas Bond 95 acres of land a part of “Bond’s Fortune.” (Deeds TBC‑455.) In 1747 he was deeded by Thomas Johnson 230 acres of land a part of “Bond’s Lot.” (Deeds TBE‑587.)  In 1763 he was deeded by John Love 15 acres of land part of “Lon Addi­tion.” (Deeds B‑L‑26.x.) In 1764‑5 he was deeded by Thomas Johnson 5 acres of land a part of “Bond’s Lot.” (Deeds BM‑97.) In 1742 he made a deed of gift to John Love, Ruth Love, and James Love. (TB a C­ 5, 6, 7.) In 1747 he deeded to Thomas Johnson 230 acres of land a part of “Bond’s Lot.” (Deeds TB s E‑590.) In 1753 he deeded to John Love 95 acres of land “Bond’s Fortune.” (Deeds BBJ‑82.) In 1763 he deeded to John Love 5314 acres of land a part of “Bond’s Lot.” (Deeds B s L‑,286.) After 1773 he acquired considerable land recorded in Harford County but owing to. there being three of this name contemporary it is difficult to separate them.

                He married 27 August 1742 Sarah (Bond) Love, widow of Robert Love, who had three. children at the time of this marriage. He dated his will 13 June 1803 and it was probated 28 October 1803. Wife, Sarah, one third of personality; grand sons;  Walter Bull and Billingsley Bull; grand son, Elisha Bull; To my kinsman. Walter Billingsley, son of Walter Billingsley of Harford Co., plantation, “Bond’s Gift,” clock and still. In a codicil dated 4 Oct. 1803, daughter Sarah Bull, note on Buckler Bond for 30 pounds;. grand daughter, Sarah Howard, note for 50 pounds; grand daughter, Rachel Bull, note for 50 pounds; personality in five parts


equally‑to wife, Sarah, Walter Bull, Sarah Howard, Rachel Bull, and Elisha Bull; John Moores and William McMath named as executors.

Signed Walter W Billingsley


i John Love: b 173‑ Step son.


ii Tamar Love: b 173‑ Step daughter.


iii Ruth Love: b 11 May 1739 posthumous, step daughter, she married (1) Jervis Gilbert, he died and she married (2) James Billingsley, No. 29, which see.


iv Sarah: b 1744, married 16 June 1761 William Bull. This William Bull had brothers: Jarrett who married and left a large family; Elisha of whom no record; a sister,Mary, who married Nathaniel Smithson and left a large

family. William was deceased prior to 1803. Sarah was legatee to one third of personality in her father’s will in 1803. She dated her will 30 Oct. 1803 and it was probated 2 July 1804, resided Harford Co., Md. They had:

1 Walter Bull: b 14 July 1762, m Sarah Billingslea, daugh­ter of James Billingsley, No. 29, which see.

2 John Bull: b 27 Mar. 1767 not named in his mother’s will.

3 William Billingsley Bull: b 5 Nov. or 20 Dec. 1769, both dates of record, probably died prior to 1779, not named in his mother’s will.

4 Edward Bull: b 8 June 1772, not named in his mother’s will.

5 Sarah Bull: b 29 Nov. 1776, m prior to 1803 a Mr. Howard, named in her mother’s will for one fifth of the estate.

6 Billingslea Bull: b 14 May 1779, named in his mother’s will for one fifth of estate, m. 17 May 1808 Catherine Ashton, is believed to have moved to Ohio.

7 Elisha Bull: b 9 Apr. 1781, m Mary Divers, b Md. ca 1798, he died in 1832, his estate administered by Mary Bull 15 May 1832. (Inv. 2‑336; Adm. Acct. 6‑178.) She m (2) prior to 1834 John Elisha Bull, son of Walter Bull and Sarah Billingslea, and a nephew of her first husband, for their children see No. 29. Resided Harford Co., Md. They had:

                a Elizabeth Bull: b 1892, m Michael Pue or Pugh.

                b Priscilla Bull: b 1822, m prior to 1844 Merryman Street, b Md. 1820, resided Harford, Co., Md. in

1850. They had:

                                bl Mary Street: b 1844.


                                b2 Sarah Street: b 1848.

                                b3 Thomas Street: b Feb. 1850.

                c Sarah Ann Bull: b 1824, m prior to 1850 Thomas Henry Street, b. Md. 1826, resided Harford Co., Md. in 1850.

                d William Bull: b 182‑, died infancy.

                e Rachel Bull: b 182‑, m John Baldwin.

                f Mary Cassandra Bull: b 183‑, m John A. Robb.

8 Rachel Bull: b 25 Oct. 1784, named in her mother’s will for one fifth of the estate.



                (Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1718 moved to Stafford and Orange Counties, Virginia with his parents and returned to St. Mary’s County, Maryland with them where he married prior to 1740 Sarah(Bardel ?). They moved to Randolph County, North Carolina about 1753. He was a farmer and died 1769‑70. Sarah survived him and died 1791‑92 in Randolph County, North Carolina.


i Henry (5) : b Oct. 1740 Md.


ii Sarah: b 1749, died unmarried.



                (Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1740. He married prior to 1765 Elizabeth Broome, born Maryland 17‑, daughter of John Broome and Dorcas Godsgrace. He was a planter. On 21 November 1796 he was deeded by Thomas and Mary Lipscomb of Spottsylvania County, Virginia 675 acres of land in said County, for 275 pounds., Tax Lists of this County show tax paid on this land to 1805 by Allen Billingsley, this represents both father and son. There does not appear any record of disposition of this land. Elizabeth died sometime prior to March 1800. He dated his will 24 March 1800 and it was probated 28 September 1800. (Wills JJ2‑261.) Resided in St. Mary’s County, .Maryland.


i Dorcas Dicandia: b. 1765, married 7 Jan. 1797, George Morton, of Charles Co., Md., both deceased before 1850. They had:

1 Allen Morton: b 180‑, died unmarried.

2 Sarah Morton: b 180‑, died unmarried.

3 Child, b 18‑, died after a few days.

4 Julia Ann Morton: b 1810‑11, m Joseph Turner.


ii Sarah: b 1767, m after 1810 Colonel Meads, died sine prole.


iii Allen: b 1769;.‑married. 5 Oct. 1796 Sarah G.‑Latimer, b.     Md. 17‑. Resided St. Mary’s Co., Md. He dated his will .10 May 1810 and died before July 1810, said will probated 11 July 1810. (Wills JJ3‑219.) She survived him a few years and was deceased before 1820. They had:

1 Sarah: b 1798‑99, died before 1810.

2 Chapman: b 1804, married :12 Dec. 1828 Lydia C. Barbour, b Md. 1809, resided St. Mary’s Co., Md. He dated his will 10 July 1868. (Wills JTM‑RI‑366.) and died in 1875. Lydia dated her will 30 Apr. 1875 and died before 1880. (Wills JTM‑RI‑‑428.) No children of record. He served in State Legislature at one time.


iv Thomas (5) : b .1771.



                (Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis i.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1743‑44. He married prior. to ;1770 Elizabeth Ashcum, born Maryland 174‑. On 1 August 1780 he purchased from William Dawson and wife 185 acres of land in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and removed to said county to establish his home. On‑15 September 1786 he was a witness to a deed. On 15 October 1787 he ‑was deeded 200 acres of land for 150 pounds by Charles Pemberton and wife, and on 29 August 1791 he sold this land to William Duval for 150 pounds. On 13 April 1792 he was witness to a deed and on 2 January 1798 he emancipated a slave, Tom. ‘He dated his will 23 February 1798 and mention of his wife and she was probably deceased prior to this date, he devises to son, John, land and plantation, etc. provided he shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth Long 100 pounds to be divided after her death among her children, the amount to remain in hands of John Billingsley as guardian, John Billings­ley named as executor, witnessed by A. Willis, Charles Bennett, Lewis Jones, and John Stears. He is listed as a Tax payer from 1791 to 1801 on 185 acres of land. This will was probated 2 February 1802 and he probably died January 1802.  All records referred to above in Spotsyl­vania Co., Va.


i John Ashcum (5) : b 24 April 1770.


ii Elizabeth: b 1775‑76, . she m prior to .1794 James Long;in a deed 10 Dec. 1799 James Long and Zachariah Billingsley,  whereas ad Long was made , guardian for ad Betsey whereby he became possessed of estate of sd Betsey for 280 pounds Maryland currency besides her slaves, etc.and sd Long . is desirous to secure sundry slaves in lieu of ad money .sd Betsey being heir of Michael Tyms of Maryland, decsd. etc. (DeedsP, 217.) It appears from


the provision. in her father’s will that there were children of whom we have no record.



(William 4, William 3, John Q, Francis l.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1720. He married prior to 1743 Nancy Freeman, bore Maryland 1726. He was legatee and executor to his father’s will in 1745. Resided in St. Mary’s County where he . was‑ a farmer and died intestate 1758‑59. She married (2) circa 1763 James Colton : She died 1786. Resided. in, St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties, Maryland.


i Nancy: b 1743, m 1763 James Shamwell.

ii William (6) : b Dec. 1746.

iii Mary: b 1.749: .

iv John: b 1.751, died 1763:

v Rachel: b 1753.

vi James (6) : b 25 Oct. 1755.

vii Nancy Colton: b 1765, 2d marriage.

viii James Colton: b 1768.



(William 4., William 3, John Q; Francis l.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland. in 1726. He was legatee in his father’s will in 1745. He married prior to 1747 Elizabeth Crabtree, born 1726 in Maryland. They moved to Baltimore County, Maryland about 1758 where they resided to about 1768 then moved to Guilford County, North Carolina. He appears to have owned considerable land but there does not appear any deeds to account for it. In 1771 he appears as a signer to a petition asking clemency for John Pugh and Thomas Welborn who appear to have been associated with the Insurrectionists. (N. C. Rec. Vol. ix, 26, 26, 29, 30.) When the Revolution began he became quite active in aiding the American cause, sent his sons into the service and incurred the enmity of the Tories of the vicinity in particular. He was continually harassed by them until the year 1776 when they invaded. his home and asked for money, on being told he had none they took him to a near by tree and hung him. This statement comes from his wife who made note of his death in the family bible, and as she lived to know many of her great grand children she often repeated the tragic death of her husband to them. One of these, the son of John Billingsley; Junior, heard the story, and it was also often repeated to him by his grand father and as he was a lad of some 15 years of age at the time of the death of his grand father he wrote all of it down at the time. Before his death he wrote out all that he had made note of into a complete record of the family for his children. James Billingsley was killed in April 1776. He dated his will 25 Jan.


1776 and it was probated at the May Germ of  court 1776, an abstract follows:

                Item: In consideration of my children that is in being already portioned, that is to say, James, Elizabeth, Claranna, Samuel, and John, to each 2 shillings and 6 pence.

                Item: To son, William H., one bed & furniture to be recorded in with his equal part with the following children, to wit: Martha & Walter & Bazil.

                Item: To Martha; my daughter, one bed & furniture, one Chist & one Cow to be in part her equal share in the list above mentioned.

                Item: My two youngest sons, Walter & Bazel, plantation when they come of age, & that they share an equal part of the movable estate with others of my so last mentioned fore children.

                Item: To my well beloved wife during her widowhood one bed & furniture, one horse, one mare, two Cows & calves & Plantation, and if a widow when my sons come of age for her to have her right in the land so long as a widow, this exclusive of her one third in movable estate, said wife to be executrix.

                Item: To daughter Claranna, value of 3 pounds of estate exclusive of the above 2 shillings 6 pence.

This will witnessed by Teldeau Lane and William Hamer.

Elizabeth survived him many years, moved to Tennessee with her sons and resided many years with her son, John, in Warren County, Kentucky, about 1838 she made the trip to McMinn County, Tennessee to spend a while with her son, Walter, she did not long survive this trip and died early in 1839 aged 113 years. Walter was given the family Bible a part of the record he filed with his claim for a pension.


i Samuel (6) : b 1747 Md.


ii James (6) : b Oct. 1749 Md.


iii Elizabeth: b 1751‑52 Md., m Teldeau Lane prior to 1776.


iv John (6) : b 17 Aug. 1754.


v Claranna: b 1756 Md., m prior to 1776 William Hammer. She died sine prole in 1781.


vi William Henry (6) : b 11 Oct. 1758 Baltimore Co., Md.


vii Martha: b 3 May 1760 Baltimore Co., Md., m 1783 William Hamer, his 2nd wife, she died Jan. 1786. They had:

1 Barbara Hamer: b Dec. 1785, m James Billingsley, No.94, which see.


viii Walter (6) : b 14 July 1761 Baltimore Co., Md.


ix Bazil (6) : b 2 June 1764 Baltimore Co., Md.



                (William 4, William 3, John L, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1734‑35. He was legatee in his father’s will in 1745. He


and his .brother; Sias, moved. to ..Baltimore: County, .Maryland about 1758 where he was “Taxed as a Batchelor in 1760.” He was a staunch Quaker and married 1763‑64 Asenath Howell, born Baltimore County, Maryland 31 January 1748, see Howell Excursus. In 1763 he was deeded 148 acres of land by William Jones, a part of “Gillingham.” (Deeds BH‑206.) In 1778 he signed the Oath of Allegiance on Return of James McComas, Harford Co., Md. (Mss Md. Rec. vol. iii, fol. 1Q.) In 1780 Francis Billingsley was drafted to serve as a member of the Grand Jury of Harford County, he sacrificed his religious principles and accepted this duty to his County and Country. He was made Foreman and was the only member of this jury who was reappointed and served until 1783. On 3 September 1789 he deeded to Henry Ruff for 550 pounds two parcels of land “Gibson Park,” 200 acres and “Paca’s Search,” 33 acres, both sold to said Billingsley by John Paca & lying in Winter’s Run. (Deeds K‑368.)

In the latter part of the year 1789 Francis moved to Wilkes County, Georgia following some.of his sons and his son‑in‑law, Thomas Norris. He appears to have accumulated considerable land,. built a house and a mill. There is recorded in Harford County, Maryland under date of 28 May 1793 a bond by Francis Billingsley, farmer, and Aquilla Hall, attorney at law, to Henry Ruff for 1000 pounds for sale of the above mentioned land. This bond made as Francis Billingsley did bind himself to Samuel Osborn, collector of Taxes, Harford County, as security for M. Mitchell, deputy collector of Taxes, etc., and did fail to pay same, it was put in suit but no judgment recorded; this bond to secure said Ruff from any judgment possible in this case. (Lib. I‑488.)

                On 15 March 1794 he was one of appraisers of estate of Charles McKnight.

                On 23 June 1798 he was one of appraisers of estate of Jesse Walker.

Asenath was deceased before 22 December 1798 as Francis dated his will that date and she is not mentioned. He died before 4 January 1799. They are both buried on the plantation but graves are not marked.



                In the name of God Amen this twenty second day of December the year one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Eight‑I, Frances Billings­lea Senior of the County of Wilkes and State of Georgia being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to the Almighty God therefore calling this to mind  the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to once to Die do make this my last Will and Testament that is to say

                Principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul to God that gave it and my Body I Recommend to the Ground; to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Manner at the discretion of my Executors and Worldly



Estate wherewith. it has pleased God to help me .in this life I give and, dispose of the same in. the following Manner

                I then Will and bequeath to my son Samuel Bellingslea five hundred and six dollars all ready Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my daughter Sarah Norris three hundred Dollars all ready Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son William Bellingslea three hundred and forty six Dollars all ready Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son Walter Billingslea five hundred and sixty nine Dollars already Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son Frances Belingsle two Hundred thirty Dollars all ready Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son Cyrus Belingslea four hundred and Eighteen Dollars all ready Received

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son James Billingslea seventy five Dollars, all ready and one Negro Wench named Rachel at the Price of three hundred and fifty Dollars and one Bed and furniture at the price of forty Dollars

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son John Billingslea seventy five Dollars all ready Received one Bed and furniture at the Price of forty Dollars

                I then Bequeath to my son John Billingslea Clint Billingslea two Negroes of the name of Esther and Pug and their increase if any at the price of seven hundred Dollars to be Equally divided when John Billingslea comes to twenty one years old.

                I then Will and Bequeath to Clement Billingslea one Bed and furniture at the Price of forty Dollars one horse and saddle at the price of seventy five Dollars

                I then Will and Bequeath to my Daughter Polly Billingslea one Negro Boy named Harry and one Negro girl named Aggy one mare a Sorrel and Saddle one Bed and furniture three large Silver Spoons and six Small ones one Silver Cream Jug all at the Price of six hundred and twenty three Dollars

                I then Will and Bequeath to my son Howell Billingslea one Negro Boy named Samson one Negro Girl named Mile the Plantation where I now live and three hundred and thirty acres of land to laid off from Walter Billingslea line that next to the Mill pond and Running direct to Stroziers and then‑one horse and saddle worth Seventy‑five Dollars to be give to him at Eighteen years old one Bed and furniture at forty Dollars the whole I leave to him at the Price of fifteen hundred Dollars & Six silver spoons the crockery ware and Tea Kettle

                I then Will and Bequeath to my grand Daughter Anneth Norris three large silver spoons


                I then leave the mill and the land to be sold to make my children equal.

                                Frances Billingslea

                                Actor Nash

                                Cyrus Billingslea

                I then leave Samuel Billingslea and James Billingslea Executors to my Estate.



                Personally appeared before me Actor Nash Wilkes County and Cyrus Bellingalea the Witnesses to the above instrument of Writing and being duly sworn saith that he saw the above named Frances Billingslea sign seal publish and Declare the above Instrument of Writing & N.B. to be his last Will and Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was of sound mind and memory and that Cyrus Bellingslea subscribed his name as & concurring Evidence to the same in his presence. Actor Nash Sworn to before me this 4th day of January 1799 CyrusBellingslea Cyrus Bellingslea Sworn to the Will & N.B. this 8th of Jany 1799.

I hereby Certify that the foregoing is a true and correct Copy of the Will of Frances Billingslea as it appears in the Record of Wills 17921801‑The spelling & punctuation according to record. This 31st day of August 1923.

S. D. Fanning, Ordinary.

(Book of Wills, 1792 to 1801, pages L01‑X03.)

                On 5 March 1805 Samuel and James Billingslea made final returns on the estate of Francis Billingslea, Senior. In 1925 there was standing in Wilkes County, Georgia an old brick house on land once owned by Francis Billingslea and said to be a part of the original house he built. Prior to his moving to Georgia he used the spelling of Billingsley, his will is the first evidence of the changed spelling, most of his sons continued to use the spelling of Billingslea. The signing of the Oath of Allegiance and his service as Grand Juror of Harford County during the Revolution both actions causing for a sacrifice of his religious tenets is evidence of his patriotic loyalty to the American Cause and has been accepted‑ as such by the The National Societies of both the Children and the Daughters of the American Revolution.



i Samuel (6) : b 1765.


ii Sarah Ann (6) : b 1766‑77.


iii William (6) : b 13 Mar. 1769.


iv Walter (6) : b April 1770.


v Francis J. (6) : b 28 Oct. 1774.


vi Cyrus (6) : b 1775‑76.


vii James (6): b 23 Jan. 1778.


viii John (6) : b 1780.


ix Clinton: b 1782, died unmarried after 1798.


x Clement: b 1784. Was legatee in his father’s will in 1798. He married 22 Dec. 1806 Wilkes Co., Ga. Patsey Wilkin­son, b Ga. 17‑. They moved to Baldwin Co., Ga. Where he died during the year 1808. On 25 Oct. 1808 Patsey receipted to Cyrus and James Billingslea for $1,500 her part of estate of Clement Billingslea, decsd. She m (2) 10 Apr. 1810 Thomas Davis, Morgan Co., Ga., she was evidently decsd. about 1814 as sd. Davis was m 7 Jan. 1816 to Massie Thompson, she died 1817 and he m 20 Apr. 1818 Rachel Beelah. No Billingslea children of record.


xi Mary (6) : b 7 Nov. 1786.


xii Howell: b 1788, died unmarried.



                The first mention of the name of Howell in the Province of Maryland occurs in Land Notes, 1634‑1655; “Humphrey Howell demands 100 acres of land for transporting himself, dated 29 Oct. 1649.” “Humphrey Howell, of St. Mary’s County, 500 acres, he came in 1647,” this grant is dated 1 Dec. 1649. His son: Thomas Howell, b 16‑ appears in a court record, Baltimore County, Maryland 20 July 1661. His first deed of land is for 275 acres con­ veyed by Henry Jones in 1669. His last deed is a conveyance o land dated 1682. He left no will, his wife’s name is not of record and the only son of record is: Samuel Howell, b circa 1675. His first conveyance is a deed for land from Thomas Holly and Co., dated 1722. He is of record in deeds in Baltimore County until 1742. He left no will and the name of his wife is not of record. He served as Vestryman of St George’s Parish in 1727: Land records show he had a son: Samuel Howell, Jr., born circa 1725. He is first individually of record in an agreement with Sarah Durbin in which he gives to said Sarah Durbin certain lands personal estate, etc. to be divided among their children, if any, etc., and in which said Sarah waives all rights to dower, etc. This agreement was signed 10 September 1746 and


reads “before the celebration of marriage.” Both were living in 1756. They had

i Asenath Howell: b 31 Jan. 1748, m Francis Billingsley, No. 21 which see.


ii Mordecai Howell: b 18 Jan. 1750.


iii Samuel Howell: b 11 Sept. 1753. (Was a Rev. Sol. Md.)


iv Avarilla Howell: b 1 Feb. 1756.


v Sarah Durbin was a daughter of John Durbin and Avarilla (Hollis ?). Sarah was born 35 Apr. 1728.



                (William 4, William 3, John 2; Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland 1737‑38. His name appears in various records as Siare, Syrus, Cyrus, and Silas. He migrated to Baltimore County, Maryland with his brother, Francis, about 1758. He married prior to 1762 Hannah Webster, born Maryland 174‑. He was patented 207 acres of land 8 Apr. 1764 called “Sias Range” in Baltimore County. He was a member of Committee of Safety and Observation 1776‑1777 of Harford County, Maryland. (Md. Arch. Mss.) On 6 August 1774 he deeded Joseph Stokes of Harford County 41 acres of a, tract of land called “Sias Range,” and granted to sd Sias Billingsley by patent 8 Apr. 1764, Hannah waived dower to this. (Deeds 1‑86.) On 1 April 1789 he deeded to Henry Johns of Harford County 160 acres of land part of “Sias Range.” This deed was not recorded and on 23 March 1825 a court decision was made accepting said deed as valid and clearing title to this land, etc., and recorded this date. Sias moved to Monongalia County, Virginia shortly after disposing of his land. There does not appear any deeds in this county showing he purchased land tho he was possessed of considerable number of acres as on June 1804 he deeded to his son, William, 180 acres. In May 1809 he deeded to his son, Francis, 154Y4 acres; in September 1809 he deeded to his son Cyrus, Jr. 110 acres; on 11 April 1814 he deeded to his son, Samuel 144 acres. He dated his will 29 December 1817 and died about December 1818 said will was probated January term of Court 1819. Wife, Hannah, one third of all movable property; sons, William, Samuel, and Francis five shillings each. Grandsons: Sias and Alexander Ewing, and grand daughter, Hannah Ewing Hamilton, one quarter of all movable property. Other three quarters equally to daughters Mary Webster, Margaret Morgan, and Alexanah Webster. To heirs & children of son, Sias, deceased, each 50 cents.

                William and Francis named as executors. Witnessed by Thos. Lazell, Sr., Thos. Lazell, Jr., and George Smyth. There does not appear any record of the death of Hannah, she is not listed in 1820 census of this county.


i William (6) : b 29 Nov. 1762 Md.


ii Hannah: b 1765 Md., m Alexander Ewing, she appears to be deceased in 1817. They had:

1 Sias Ewing.

2 Alexander Ewing.

3 Hannah Ewing m Hamilton prior to 1817.


iii Sias: b 1767 Md., m about 1809 Lena. They moved to Licking Co., Ohio. On 12 Sept. 1812 they deeded to John Dusenbery of Monongalia Co., Va. for $400, 110 acres of land on Scott’s Creek Mill Run. He was deceased before 29 Dec. 1817. No trace of his widow living in Licking Co., Ohio in 1820 and they apparently had no children as on 27 Feb. 1850 all living heirs of Sias Billingsley, Jr. deeded to Thos. Dazzell 41 I s acres of land for $500, in Monongalia Co., Va. This appears to be his share of land left by his father. The heirs at law who signed this deed are his brothers children.


iv Mary: b Oct. 1771 Md., m Webster. There was a Samuel Webster b. Md. 1800 living in Marion. Co., VA. in 1850 who may be her son.


v Margaret: b 1773 Md., m Morgan.


vi Alezannah: b 1.775 Md., m Webster.


vii Samuel (6) : b 10 Jan. 1778 Md.


viii Francis (6) : b 16 May 1781 Md.



                (Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1723 named in the settlement of his father’s estate. He married prior to 1752 Anna Boult, born St. Mary’s County, Maryland 173‑, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Boult of St. Mary’s County. Thomas Boult’s will was probated 13 June 1745, names wife, Elizabeth; sons, John, Thomas, and Kenholm; daughter Anna Boult; daughter Susan Hobb; grand children, Joshua Watts, Kenolm & Elizabeth Boult, the children of Ken. Boult. (Lib. DD, ,216.)

They moved to Charles County, Maryland where he evidently owned land but no deeds recorded of the same. He dated his will 8 Feb. 1785, Anna was deceased before Feb. 1785 as she is not mentioned, will probated 9 Apr. 1785. He devises to son, Hezekiah, 178 acres of land, called “Whitsen Maundy;” to son, John, 15 acres of land where he now lives; all remaining lands to sons, James & Clement, provided they furnish house & home for daughter Mary McGruder and grand son Alexander McGruder. (Lib AH9, 28.)


i Anna: b 1752, died small.


ii Elizabeth: b 1754, died 1761‑62.


iii John (6) : b 1756.


iv Hezekiah (6): b 1758.


v James: b Oct. 1759 St. Mary’s Co., Md., moved to Charles Co., Md. with his‑parents. He served as Pvt. Capt. John Thomas Co.,Charles Co. Militia 1778. (Md. Rec. Mss.) Was joint legatee with his brother Clement to land in 1785. He moved to Fauquier Co., Va. with his brother,Clement, about 1791 and married there 20 Oct. 1791 Nancy Ann Moorehead. He was party to joint deed withhis brother, Clement, in disposing of land in Charles Co., Md. to John Billingsley, Jr. 25 Feb. 1793. He was admin­istrator to estate of Clement Billingsley in 1796. and died                Nov. 1800, his estate was administered by Richard Rixey and settlement made widow for 16‑0‑4 pounds on 24 Feb. 1803. She m (2) 9 Feb. 1814 Elias Dearing. He dated his .will 18 May 1825 and it was probated 23 Oct. 1826, wife to have all estate, if she remarry to get one half only.No children by either marriage of record.


vi Clement (6) : b 1761.


vii Mary: b 176‑, m 178‑ Nathaniel McGruder. She is named in her father’s will 1785 and appears to be a widow. They had:

1 Alexander McGruder: b ante 1785.


                (Bowles 4, William 3, John, Q, Francis i.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1727. A tradition in the family of one son claims an additional name of Palter authentic records extant show use of James only. He migrated to Stafford County, Virginia about 1750 and married prior to 1753 Nancy Reeves, born Virginia 173‑. An old index to Stafford County records contains some items concerning this family, the books in which the records were made are not extant, the name does not appear in the new general index.

                There was a lease and release to James Billingsley from one Fitzhugh 1780‑89. (Lib. T, 432:) He appears to have been a prosperous farmer. From some of the family records we learn that Nancy died about 1807. In Liber C C, fol. 213, 1817‑1819, missing, was recorded‑the will of James Billingsley and he probably died in 1818.

Children: (known)

i Clement (6) : b 1753 Va.


ii Nancy: b 175‑, said to have married a Carson and died sine prole.


iii James (6) : b 1756.


iv Susannah: b 176‑.


v Rebecca: b 176‑, married Chadwell, died Stafford Co., Va.



                (Bowles 4; William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1729. He married May 1750 Mary Martin, born Maryland in 1730. He was a farmer and resided in St. Mary’s County, Maryland where he died in testate 1761‑62 said to have been injured by a falling ‑ tree while clearing ground. She married (2) in 1770 John Stedman, born Maryland, 172‑, his second wife, he had one son at the time of this marriage. They migrated to North Carolina and settled in Anson County about 1775 where she died in the 1780’s, he survived her a few years and died about 1792. No children by this second marriage.


i Sias (6) : b 14 July 1751.


ii John (6) : b 1756.


iii Rachel: b 1758, died small.


iv Mary: b 1760 St. Mary’s Co., Md., moved to Anson Co., N. C. with her mother and step father. She married about 1789 Edward Stedman, b. Md. 1756, son of John Stedman and his first wife. They moved to Union Dist., S. C. and about 1810 moved to Chester Dist., S. C. where she died about 1832. He was deceased before  1840. She reared the two children of her brother, John. They had eleven children, the three youngest died in infancy. They had:

1 Christina Stedman: b 1791 Union Dist., S. C., m about 1813 Jesse Langston, b S. C. 1789. See Caleb Langston Excursus. They moved to Howard Co., Mo., where they resided a few years then moved to Izard Co., Ark., where he died about 1837, she survived him and was living in 1850. They had:

                a John Langston: b 1815 Mo., m prior to 1838 Belinda b Ark. 1820, resided Izard Co., Ark. They had:

                                al Elizabeth Langston: b 1838.

                                a2 Christina Langston: b 1841.

                                a3 Sarah Langston: b 1846.

                                a4 Mary Langston: b 1848.

                b Christina Langston: b 1818 Mo., m after 1840 Thomas West, resided Ark. No children of record.

                c James H. Langston: b 1820 Ark., m prior to 1843 Clarrissa , b Ark. 1823, resided Izard Co., Ark. They had, known:

                                c1 Julia Langston: b 1843.

                                c2 Mary Langston. b 1847.

                d Jesse Langston: b 1822 Ark., m prior to 1841 Mildred b Ark. 1822, he died about 1848, she survived him and resided Izard Co., Ark. in 1850.


They had:

                                d1 Phebe Langston: b 1841.

                                d2 Peggy Langston: b 1843.

                                d3 Polly Langston: b 1845.

                e Jehorada Langston: b Oct. 1823 Ark., m prior to 1843, she died in 1843, he m (2) Martha and moved to Mo. in 1860’s. They had known:

                                el Caleb Langston: b 1843, m prior to 1870 Mary b Ark. 1845, resided Clarke Co., Ark. No record of his children.

                f Mary Langston:                b 1825 Ark., m prior to 1850 John Sims, and moved to Texas.

                g Elizabeth Langston: b 1828, died unmarried after 1850.

                h Sarah Langston: b 1830 Ark., died small.

2 Edward Stedman: b 1793, moved to Ark. and said to have left children.

3 John Stedman: b 1795, moved to Spartanburg Dist., S. C. where he m prior to 1821 Polly , b N. C. in 17 95, both living in 1850. They had:

                a Priscilla Stedman: b 1821.

                b Albert Stedman: b 1823, m prior to 1847 Elizabeth b S. C. 1824, resided Spartanburg Dist., S. C. They had, known:

                                bl Percy Stedman: b 1847.

                                b2 Polly Stedman: b 1848.

                                b3 James Stedman: b 1849.

4 James Stedman: b 1797, moved to Ark. and died unmarried.

5 Mary Stedman: b 1801 S. C., m (1) prior to 1838 Francis Whalen, he died and she m (2) Edward W. Musgrove, a Baptist minister, and moved to Gwinnett Co., Ga., both were living in 1850. No children by 2d marriage. They had:

                a Francis Whalen: b 1838 S. C.

6 William Stedman: b 1803, died 1824‑25.

7 Sias Stedman: b 1805, m Mary Markham, moved to Ga. and said to have left several daughters. No information as to names or in what county they resided.

8 Jane Stedman: b 1808 S. C. She married about 1830 William Berry, b S. C: 1802, they moved to Gwinnett Co., Ga. about 1845, both living in 1850. They had known:

                a Richard Berry: b 1832.

                b Mary Jane Berry: b 1834.


                c James Berry: b 1842.

                d Emaline Berry: 6 1844.



               During our searches concerning the Billingsley‑Langston connections it was discovered that while the Langston families are quite numerous there is practically nothing available for reference concerning any of them. Certain facts have been discovered which are deemed too valuable to be discarded and hence the following notes and the above holds good for .the John Langston Excursus following No. 160. There does not appear any relationship in the two families tho both married into the Billingsley family.

               The head of this family appears .to have been Absalom Langston who was granted 450 acres of land Craven County, South Carolina 21 February 1772 on Dutchman’s Creek. He died about 1785 and his wife, Christina, administered on his estate 22 Sept. 1785 in Newberry District, South Carolina. The only sons known are:



                Born circa 1746‑7, he married prior to 1768 Elizabeth , born 17‑. He dated his will 27 March 1800 and it was probated 24 June 1800 in Union District, South Carolina, Elizabeth, his wife, and son, Nathan, named as executors.


i Nathan: b ca 1768. Hem prior to 1789 Catherine, daughter of William and Ann Smith, she was b ca 177‑. He was one of the executors to his father’s will 24 June 1800. Sold land to Thomas B. Hunt, 22 Nov. 1802, (Deeds C­ 402), and on same date sold 175 acres to Reuben G. Sanders. (Deeds H‑64.) On 26 Oct. 1796 he and his wife quit claimed rights in will of William Smith to Ann Smith. (Deeds I‑15.) They moved to Spartanburg District, S. C. where he dated his will 31 May :1832 and it was probated 15 Feb. 1834, Catherine survived him, John Bearden, a nephew, was executor; on 28 Feb. 1834 said executor paid to Absalom Langston and Archibald Stone $90 for one year’s maintenance of Catherine Langston, wife of Nathan Langston, decsd. They had:

1 William: b ca ,1789, moved to Tenn. and m (1) prior to 1815, Martha she died 1821 and he m (2) Tabitha , b Tenn. 1808. They moved to Marshall Co., Miss. about 1838 where he engaged in farming and died 1846‑47, she survived him and died in the 1860’s. They had:


                a Caleb: b 1815, m 1838 Mary , he died in 1840 leaving a daughter, Mary. His widow m (2)

                b Nathan: .b 1818 Tenn. Living in 1840 migrated to Ark.

                c Martha: b 1821.

                d Willis C.: b 1825 Tenn., 2d wife, m prior to 1850 Martha , b Tenn. 1828, resided DeSoto Co., Miss. to 1870 then moved to Ark. They had:

                              dl George Washington: b 1850.

                              d2 Lucy A.: b 1852.

                              d3 Sarah J.: b 1854.

                              d4 William: b 1856.

                              d5 Mary J.: b 1857.

                              d6 Benjamin F.: b 1859.

                              d7 John W.: b 1862.

                              d8 Willis C., Jr.: b 1864.

                              d9 Elizabeth: b 1867.

                              d10 Catherine: b 1867, a twin.

                e Nancy: b 1828.

                f Mary E.: b 1830, m Quigley Jolly in Miss.

                g James P.: b 1835, m 1869 Sarah K, b Ala. 1834.

                h William G.: b 1837, m 1870 Amanda J. (-) Symon, widow, b Tenn. 1831 who had a son Edward, b 1853, at the time of this marriage, resided Marshall Co., Miss. in 1880. They had, known:

                                hl Robert Lee: b 1872.

                                h2 Odella: b 1878.

                i Lydia: b 1840 Miss.

                j Thomas: b 1843.

                k Isaac H.: b 1846.

2 Sarah: b 179‑, she m a Mr. Bennett, had a son Langston Bennett, b 1817 who was living in Lawrence Co., Miss., in 1850.

3 Nancy: b 179‑, m a Mr. Bearden, had a son John Bearden, b ca 1810.

4 Elizabeth: b 17‑, m (1) Chaney, (2) Stone.

5 John: b ca 1798.

6 Jacob: b 18‑.

7 Mary:  b 18-, m Stone.

8 Martha: b 18‑, m Yarborough.


ii Samuel: b ca 1770, m prior to 1791, moved to Izard Co., Ark. in 1820’s where she died prior to 1830, he was living with his son, Nathan, until his death in the 1840’s over 70 years of age. They had, known:


1 Nathan: b 1791 S. C., m prior to 1832 Susan , b. Tenn. 1806, resided Izard Co., Ark. They had:

                a Sarah: b 1832.

                b Patsey: b 1835. Twins.

                c Martha: b 1835.

                d James: b 1837.

                e Jeharada: b 1838.

                f Nathaniel: b 1839.

                g Absalom: b 1840.

                h Hiley Jane: b 1842.Twins.

                i Mary Ann: b 1842.

2 Martha: b 179‑, m a Mr. Hightower, had 4 children living in 1850.

3 Hiram: b 1795 S. C., migrated to Tenn. from Ark. where he m prior to 1826 Eleanor , b Tenn. 1806, moved to Ill. about 1830, then to Izard Co., Ark. about 1834, then to Mo. in 1840 and then to Rusk Co., Tex. in 1844, both living in 1850. They had, known:

                a Delilah: b 1826 Tenn.

                b Martha: b 1830 Ill.

                c Jesse: b 1833 Ill.

                d Elizabeth: b 1835 Ark.

                e James: b 1841 Mo.

                f Mary: b 1844 Mo.

                g Andrew S.: b 1845 Tex.

                h Leletha: b 1848.

                i Emaline: b Sept. 1849.


iii Sarah: b 177‑, m a Mr. George, she was living 1800 and a witness to her father’s will.


iv Mary: b 177‑, m Thomas B. Hunt, was a witness to her father’s will in 1800, living in 1802 Union Dist., S. C.


v John: b 1781 S. C., m prior to 1802 Nancy, b S. C. in 178‑, they moved to Izard Co., Ark. prior to 1830 where he died before 1840 and she was deceased before 1850. They had, known:

1 Caleb: b 1802 S. C., m prior to 1830 Martha Ragsdale, b Ky. 1802, he died in 1840’s, she was living in 1850, resided Izard Co., Ark. They had:

                a Miles M.: b 1830.

                b William J.: b 1832.

                c Hiley: b 1834.

                d Ann: b 1838.

                e Peyton: b 1840.

2 John: b 183‑.

3 Jesse: b 183‑.



vi Absalom: b Oct. 1786 S. C., he m. prior to 1813, Dorcas b S. C. 1787, moved to Mo. and then‑to Izard Co., Ark.,. both living in 1850. They had 10 children, 6 daughters and 4 sons, known are:

1 Dorcas: b 1813 S. C., m Jacob Rhodes, had 2 children.

2 John: b. 1820 Ark., m 1840 Rebecca, b. Tenn. 1822, resided Izard Co., Ark. They had

                a Polly: b 1841.

                b Martha: b 1843.

                c Phebe: b 1844.

                d Catherine: b 1846.

                e Mary J.: b 1848.

                f Elender: b 1849.

3 Absalom: b 1827 Ark., m 1850 Nancy, b. Ark. 1828.

4 Lucinda: b 1829‑30.

5 Jane: b 1835.


vii Jesse: b 1789 Union Dist., S. C., m Christina Stedman, for their children see No. 25.


viii Christina: b 179‑. Was living 1800.



                Born South Carolina circa 1765, he married prior to 1788 Martha, born South Carolina circa 1770, resided Union District, South Carolina where he died in August 1822. In Equity Liber U14 fol. 307 in Union Co., S. C. is record of sale of land 13 September 1847 by William Langston from the estate of Daniel Langston, etc. Martha was living in 1840. Order of children not known.


i Rebecca: b 178‑.


ii Delilah: b ca 1789.


iii Isaac: b 179‑, m prior to 1820, had three children living at that date, removed from Union Dist., S. C.


iv Mary: b 1‑, married Eubanks.


v Rhoda: b 1‑,married Chandler.


vi Sarah: b 1‑, married Cordey.


vii Patsey: b 1‑,married Clark.


viii Absalom: b ca 1801, m prior to 1826 Araminta Starnes, b S. C. in 1805. He died in Nov. 1845, she administered the estate 24 Jan. 1846 with Richard Starnes, she moved to Lee Co., Ark., with her son, LeRoy, where she died in 1887. They had 10 children, known are:

1 William: b 1826 S. C., m 1849 Martha (Calhoun ?), b S. C. 1829, he died in 1854, estate administered 4 Sept. 1854. Martha m (2) William Malone


and new bonds for administration of. the estate were made 6 Mar. 1855. They had:

                a Martha Calhoun: b June 1850.

                b Theodora A.: b 185‑.

2 Eliza: b 1829.

3 Laura: b 1833.

4 LeRoy: b 1835, m 1858‑59 Preshia Prince, b S. C. 183‑, moved to Lee Co., Ark. about 187‑, where he died about 1881. The only child known is Thomas C.: b 1860 S. C., moved to Ark. with his parents and m. Was living in 1931 and resided Aubrey, Ark. He is the father of M. P. Langston. No further information obtainable.

5 Nathan: b 1837, living 1850.

6 Julia: b 1838.

7 John: b 1840, m Sarah Bennett, he died 1898, and she died 1924, residence not stated.

8 Sarah: b 1842.


ix William: b 181‑. Living in 1847 Union Dist., S,


ber 1792 Ruth had a grant of land‑of .136 acres on East side of Abbott’s Creek (80‑1,20 Land Grants.) She died in 1798. On 3 August 1799 Samuel, Mary, ‑ Charlotte, Bazzel, and Sarah Billingsley, James Hopkins, James Welbourn, and Hugh Craigg, all natural heirs of estate of Ruth Billingsley, deceased, all of Rowan County deeded to John Cragg for 137 pounds 136 acres of land on East side of Abbott’s Creek. (Deeds Lib. 19, fol. 366.) This is the parcel of land granted to Ruth in 1792.


i Samuel (6) : b Jan. 1768 Md.


ii Martha: b May 1769 Baltimore Co., Md. She m., prior to 1790, James Welburn and died in 1793 following birth of her only child. James Welburn signed a quit claim deed Aug. 1799 for her share in estate of her mother. He moved to Tenn. with other members of the family about 1807. They had:

1 Ruth Welborn: b 1793 N. C. After the death of her father she was reared in the home of her aunt, Elizabeth Hopkins. She married when about 16 years of age a Mr. Powell and moved to Ky. No subsequent record.


iii Ruth: b 10 Aug. 1771 Baltimore Co., Md. She married 1792 Hugh Craig, b N. C.1767. She died 1798. He signed a quit claim deed Aug. 1799 as heir to estate of Ruth Bill­ingsley. He married (2) Mary, sister of Ruth, which see.

Ruth’s children were:

1 Mary Frances Craig: b 1793 N. C. She m in Tenn., Perry Richerson, b N. C. 1785. Res. Wilson Co., Tenn. Both living in 1850. They had:

                a Martha Richerson: b 1829.

                b James Richerson: b 1832.

                c Perry Turner Richerson: b 1834.

2 Ruth Craig: b 1798, d inf.


iv Charlotte: g Apr. 1773 Md., died 1820’s in Tenn., unmarried.


v Elizabeth (6) : b Oct. 1775 Md.


vi Basil (6) : b 8 Nov. 1777 Md.


vii Mary: b Feb. 1780 Baltimore Co., Md. She married 8 Dec. 1799 Hugh Craig of Rowan Co., N. C., his 2d wife, and her  brother in law. They moved to Tenn. with other mem­bers of the family and later moved to Johnson Co., Ill. about 1820.She d 1831‑33 and he d 1843‑45. They had:

1 Ruth ‑Craig: ‘b 1800 N. C.; m John Morgan 1819 and died 1820, no children.

2 Mary Craig: b 1803 N. C., m John Prince, b S. C. 1770, his 2nd wife. Res. Smith Co., Tenn. to 1845 then moved to Johnson Co., Ill., both living in 1850. They had five children three died in infancy.


                a Lovina Prince: b 1842 Tenn.

                b Cornelia Prince: b 1844 Tenn.

3 Elizabeth Craig: b Oct. 1808 Wilson Co., Tenn. She m 1826 George Henson, b Tenn. 1796, moved to Ky. for some years  then settled in Johnson Co., Ill. both living in 1850. They had: a Frederick Henson: b 1828 Tenn. b Elizabeth Henson : b 1832, d inf.

4 Hugh Smith Craig: b Sept. 1811 Tenn. Moved to Johnson Co., Ill. with his parents. He m prior to 1832 Sarah , b Tenn. 1813. He was a farmer, both living in 1870, res. Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                a Martha Craig: b 1832.

                b Sarah Craig: b 1837.

                c Sciotha Craig: b 1839.

                d Susannah Craig: b 1840.

                e John Craig: b 1841, m prior to 1865 Jane, b Ill. 1843. Res. Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                                el Sarah Craig: b 1865.

                                e2 Mary Craig: b 1866.

                                e3 Annie Craig: b 1869.

                f Louisa Jane Craig: b 1843.

                g William J. Craig: b 1845.

                h Hugh N. Craig: b 1851.

5 Catherine Craig: b 1813 Tenn. She m prior to 1834 David Upchurch, b Tenn. 1812. He died 1855, she was living in 1870, res. Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                a James Upchurch: b 1834.

                b Caroline Upchurch: b 1836.

                c David Upchurch: b 1838, m 1857 Frances Pernicia b Ky. 1841, res. Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                                cl Sarah Upchurch: b 1858.

                                c2 Edna Upchurch: b 1860, d 1864.

                                c3 John Upchurch: b 1864.

                                c4 Charles Upchurch: b 1867.

                                c5 Lucinda J. Upchurch: b Feb. 1870.

                d Mary J. Upchurch: b 1840.

                e John Upchurch: b 1843.

                f Stephen Upchurch: b 1845.

                g Patsey Upchurch: b1846, d 1854.

                h Arminta Upchurch: b 1848.

                i Ira Upchurch: b 1849.

                j Melvina Upchurch: b 1853.


viii Sarah: b Dec. 1783 Baltimore Co., Md., moved to Rowan Co., N. C. with her parents where she m. 26 May 1803


Crozier Craig, b N. C. 178‑. They moved to Wilson Co., Tenn. with others of the family and about 1821 moved to Johnson Co., Ill. She died 1839 and he died about 1842. They had:

1 Lucinda Craig: b 1805 Tenn., d unm. in Ill.

2 Nancy Craig: b 1807 Tenn., m 1829 Claiborne Cavett, b. 1807 Wilson Co., Tenn. They moved to Ky. For some years then moved to Johnson Co., Ill. in 1847, both living in 1850. They had:

                a James F. Cavett: b 1831.

                b George W. Cavett: b 1833 Ky.

                c John W. Cavett: b 1840.

                d Thomas M. Cavett : b 1842.

                e Polly Cavett : b 1848 Ill.

3 Elizabeth Ruth Craig: b 1810 Tenn. She m 1829 William Perry, b Tenn. 1805, res. Wilson Co., Tenn. moved to Johnson Co., Ill. in 1833 where he d 1847‑48, she survived him and was living in 1870. They had:

                a Malissa Perry: b 1830 Tenn., d unm in Ill.

                b William Perry: b 1832 Tenn., d small.

                c Crozier Perry: b’ 1834 Ill., m 1858 Abigail, b Tenn. 1836. They had    

                                cl William Thomas Perry: b 1859.

                d Ruth Perry: b 1837 Ill., m Josiah Lundyville, had  a son, Josiah.

                e Nancy Perry: b 1841 Ill.

4 Martha Craig: b 1814 Tenn., m prior to 1834 John Colbath, b Tenn. 1798. Res. Johnson Col, Ill. They had:

                a George W. Colbath : b 1834.

                b Cynthia Colbath: b 1835.

                c Susan Colbath: b 1839.

                d Francis M. Colbath : b 1845.

                e Martha A. Colbath: b 1848.

                f William R. Colbath : b 1849.

5 Matilda Craig: b 1816 Tenn., m 1835 William D. Smith, b N. C. 1808, res. Johnson Co., Ill. in 1850, moved to Mo. They had, known:

                a Mary A. Smith: b 1836.

                b Warrenton Smith: b 1837.

                c Albert Smith: b 1841.

                d Cecelia Smith: b 1844.

                e Wilford Smith: b 1847.

                f Caroline Smith: b 1848.

                g William R. Smith: b Jan. 1850.




6 Malinda Craig: b 1818, m John C. Harrell, said to have had 12‑children and resided in Ill. county not stated.

7 Harvey Crozier Craig: b 1822 Ill. He m prior to 1842 Sarah , b Tenn. 1825, she d 1844 and he m (2) Elizabeth Jane , b Tenn. 1832, he was a farmer res. Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                a Leander D. Craig: b 1842.

                b Carrol C. Craig: b 1844, m 1864 Ann , b Tenn. 1848, res. Johnson Co., Ill.. They had:

                                bl Harvey C. Craig: b 1865.

                                b2 Jane Craig: b 1867.

                                b3 Sarah Craig: b Mar. 1870.

                c Margaret Craig: b 1848 2d wife.

                d Elizabeth C. Craig: b 1850.

8 Leander Daniel Craig: b 1826‑27 Ill., m prior to 1854 Hilery , b Tenn. 1830. He d 1864‑65, she was living 1870, Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

                a Mary Missouri Craig: b 1856.

                b William John Craig: b 1857.

                c Leander D. Craig: b 1860.

                d Harvey C. Craig: b 1862.



                (Samuel 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland April 1744. Moved to Baltimore (now Harford) County, Maryland with his brother. He married 13 February 1772 Ruth Clarke, born Maryland in 17‑. He was deeded land by George Rigdon in 177273. (Deeds Lib. 1, fol. 13.) In 1783 he was deeded land by Peter Patee. (Deeds Lib. A, fol. 142.) These are the only deeds that can be definitely assigned to this Walter as there were two others of the name contemporary in this county. He served as Private and 1st Corporal, Captain John Love’s Company, Harford County Militia 1775, signed the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 on Return of John Love, Harford County, Maryland. (Mss Md. Rec.)

                He dated his will 20 February 1805 and it was probated 6 March 1805, names wife, Ruth, and five children; Robert Bryarly and son Barzillai, named as executors; witnessed by John Clendinen, A. Clendinen, and David Street.

                December 9th 1811. Indenture between James Billingsley, Mary Billingsley, who intermarried with John Williams, John Williams, the husband of Mary Billingsley, Walter Billingsley, Samuel Billingsley, and Barzila Billingsley all the heirs of Walter Billingsley, deceased, who was Son of Samuel Billingsley, and Ruth Billingsley wife and Relict of the said Walter Billingsley deceased, as aforesaid, all of Harford County, Md., except James Billingsley who lives in Baltimore County, and Samuel


Billingsley who lives in Baltimore County, of the one part, and. David Street of Harford County of the other part.

The Billingsleys all heirs of Walter Billingsley of Harford County, deceased, together with Ruth Billingsley the wife and Relict of the said Billingsley, deceased, for the sum of $800 sell to David Street all that part of a tract of land lying in Harford County called “Barns Last Shift,” containing 125 acres. This deed was signed by

James Billingsley Samuel Billingsley

Mary Williams

Barzilia Billingsley

John Williams

Ruth Billingsley

Walter Billingsley

(Deeds Lib. HD No. W, fol. 861.)

                No data concerning the death of Ruth, she is not listed in the census of 1820.


i James (6) : b 1775‑6.


ii Mary: b 177‑, m after 1805 and prior to 1811 John Williams, of Harford Co., Md. She was party to a deed conveying land to David Street in 1811.


iii Walter (6) : b 1780.


iv Samuel (6) : b 20 Aug. 1784.


v Barzillai (6) : b 1790.


                (James 4, Walter 3, John 1, Francis i.) Born Calvert County, Maryland in 1731, moved to St. Mary’s County and to Baltimore County, Maryland with his parents about 1738. On 29 April 1752 he was deeded by Francis Jenkins 100 acres of land, part of “Jenkins Range” in Baltimore County (This portion of Baltimore County became Harford County in 1773), on North side of Deer Creek. Here he established a home and kept “Batchelor’s Hall” for many years as shown by Tax Lists.

                Much of the information on this branch of the family has been obtained, and verified, from notes of the late John Milton Reifsnider, of Westminster, Maryland who spent some years collecting data on this particular branch. He states that prior to 1890 he obtained information from Miss Eliza Billingslea, of Harford County then 84 years old, and wonderfully well informed about the family of this James Billingsley, and that much of her information was subsequently proven by various records of the county. These notes cover the period to 1915 only.

                James Billingsley married 16 June 1767 Ruth Gilbert, widow of Jervis Gilbert‑born 11 May 1739; and a daughter of Robert Love and Sarah Bond, posthumous, and a step daughter of Walter Billingsley who married Sarah Love. See Number 15, she had a son at the time of this marriage. In addition to his original plantation he came into possession after the death of his father of the 103 acres of land purchased in 1750. He appears to have been a prosperous planter. He dated his will 1772


and died during the month of August 1772.. In this will is the first spelling of the name as “Billingslea.” It is quite a lengthy and explicit document and is recorded in Lib. 8, fol. 198; Baltimore, Maryland.

                Ruth survived him many years, dated her will 13 December 1810, died 29 January 1816 and this will probated 27 February 1816, James and William Billingslea named as executors. In this will she names her four children and a‑grand daughter, Ruth Bull. She is buried at Abingdon, Maryland in the rear of the church now standing on the site (1783) of “Cokesbury College.” Her grave is marked with‑a stone in good state of preservation, but the grave of James Billingslea if in this lot is unmarked.


i Jervis Gilbert: b 176‑ Step son.


ii James (6) : b 1 May 1768.


iii Sarah (6) : b 12 Jan. 1770.


iv William (6) : b 5 Feb. 1772.



                (James .4, Walter 3, John 2, Francis i.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in 1739 near Havre de Grace. He married (1) 23 October 1760 Baltimore County, Ann Barton, born Maryland 17‑. They moved to Berkeley County, Virginia about 1774‑75 where he served as a member of First Battallion Berkeley County Militia and was granted 200 acres of land for services. (Herrings Stat. at Large, appendix Vol. vii, and D. A. R. 99, 371.)

                Ann died 1781‑82 and he married (2) Rachel , born 17‑. He dated his will 20 May 1807 bequeaths $4.00 each to six children, named, stating they had already been provided for when they left home; all estate to wife, Rachel, and at her death to son, Robert. Rachel and Robert named as executors. Will was probated 15 Jan. 1810. The estate did not include any land. Date of the death of Rachel not known tho she probably moved to Ohio with her son during the year 1810.


i Ann: b 1762 Md., d small.


ii James: b 1765 Baltimore Co., Md., moved to Berkeley Co., Va. with his parents 1774‑75 and m prior to 1792 Mary. They moved to Washington Co., Pa. where they resided to about 1805 then moved to Ohio and resided in Hamilton Co., moved to Warren Co., Ohio prior to 1818, both living 1820. They had, known:

1 John: b 1792 Pa., moved to Ohio with his parents and m. prior to 1816, Catherine, b. Pa. 1797. Resided Warren Co. 1820 then moved to Darke Co. where they resided some years, moved to Iowa where he died about 1849. Catherine survived him some years


and died in Hamilton Co., Ohio at the home of her son, Henry, after 1860. They had:

            a Henry: b 1816 Warren Co., Ohio, m .prior to 1841 in Darke Co., Ohio Sarah , b Ohio 1821. They moved to Hamilton Co., Ohio, both living in 1860 when he was operating an hotel in Mill Creek town­ship. They had, known:

                        al Susan: b 1841.

                        a2 Alonzo: b 1744, died 1850’s.

                        a3 Jacob: b 1847.

                        a4 Charles: b 1852.

            b Catherine: b 1812, d 1832.

            c John: b 1821, d unmarried.

            d Sarah: b 1823, m a Mr. Coombs, res. Iowa. No children.

            e Ann: b 1825.

            f Elizabeth: b 1827, d small.

            g Charles: b 1829, d aet. 13 years.

2 Mary: b 179‑‑.

3 Ann: b 179‑.

4 Margaret: b 179‑.

5 Charles: b 1800 Pa., m , res. Warren Co., Ohio 1830.

6 Prudence: b 1802 Pa.

7 Jane: b 1805 Ohio.

8 Thomas: b 1808, d small.


iii Moses (6) : b Sept. 1767 Md.


iv Thomas: b 177‑ Md., moved to Berkeley Co., Va. with  his parents and m prior to 1807 Nancy Thurston, b Va. 17‑. They moved to Washington Co., Pa. and then moved to Warren Co., Ohio where Nancy died about 1818 and he m (2) prior to 1820 Elizabeth, b Va. 1797. He died in the late 1830’x, she survived him many years, reared her children with whom she lived after their marriage. She was living in Montgomery township, Franklin Co., Ohio in 1860, moved to Columbus, Ohio where she died 18 Sept. 1873 aged 76 years. They had, known:

1 Nancy: b 1807 Va., m prior to 1830 John Miller, moved to Iowa.

2 Thomas: b 181‑ Pa., died 1830’x.

3 Charles: b 181‑. Pa. Living in 1830.

4 Ann: b 18’15 Pa.

5 Prudence: b 1818 Ohio, died small.

6 Elizabeth: b 1820 Ohio, 2d wife, died small.

7 Maria: b 1825 Ohio, m 1848 Isaiah Beller, b Ohio 1823, resided Wayne township, Warren Co., Ohio in 1850



where he operated an hotel, moved to Montgomery township, Franklin Co., Ohio before‑1860 where he is listed as a farmer, moved to Columbus, Ohio about 1870. They had, known:

                a Mary M. Beller: b 1849.

                b Ann M. Beller: b 1851.

                c Charles E. Beller: b 1853.

                d Laura B. Beller: b 1857. e Eliza J. Beller: b 1859.

8 Barbara: b‑1828 Ohio, m about 1850 Asa Beller, b Ohio 1832, he was a butcher, resided Montgomery township, Franklin Co., Ohio in 1860, moved to Columbus, Ohio about 1870. They had, known:

                a Ann E. Beller: b 1852.

                b Granville E. Beller: b 1854.

                c Elizabeth J. Beller: b 1859.


v Elizabeth: b 1774 Md., moved to Berkeley Co., Va. with her parents where she m 1790 William Steel. They moved to Washington Co., Pa. where they resided to about 1820 then moved to Columbiana Co., Ohio where she died 1837‑38 and he died about 1843. He was a farmer, had eleven children, some died in infancy. They had, known:

1 Jane Steel: b 1791, d unmarried after 1850 in Ohio.

2 William Steel: b 1793, d aet. 5 years.

3 Elizabeth Steel: b 1795 Pa., m John Parker, resided Pa.

4 Prudence Steel: b 1797 Pa.

5 John Steel: b 1800 Pa., m , had 6 children living in 1840, Columbiana Co., Ohio, removed from this Co., before 1850.

6 Rachel Steel: b 1810 Pa., d unm after 1850 in Ohio.

7 Leach Steel: b 1812 Pa., d unm after 1850 in Ohio.

8 James Steel: b 1814 Pa., m prior to 1836 Margaret b Pa. 1810, resided Columbiana Co., Ohio in 1850. They had:

                a Catherine Steel: b 1836.

                b William Steel: b 1838.

                c Jane Steel: b 1840.

                d Nancy Steel: b 1842. e Robert Steel: b 1848.


vi John:. b ‑1777 Va., m. prior to .1800 in: Washington Co., Pa. moved to Ohio in 1805 and resided Warren Co. in 1820, later moved to Shelby Co., Ind. where both were living in 1840, had 3 sons and 5 daughters living in 1820, 2 daughters at home in 1840, said to have moved to Ill. and both probably deceased before 1850. No subsequent record.


vii William: b 1778‑79, d inf.


viii Prudence (6) : b 1782‑83 Va.


ix Robert (6) : b 1785 Va., 2d wife.



                (William 4, Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis l.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland October 1740, moved to Randolph County, North Carolina with his parents about 1753. He married prior to 1762 Sarah (Allen ?), born North Carolina 1742‑43. Resided in Randolph County to about 1785 then moved to Pendleton District, South Carolina where Sarah died in 1792. He moved to‑ Franklin County, Georgia where he died about 1804.


i William (6) : b Sept. 1762 N. C.


ii Sarah: b 1764, died 1769.


iii Martha: b 1768.


iv Sarah: b 1771.


v James B. (6) : b 1773 N. C.


vi Cynthia: b 177‑.


vii Mary: b 1779 N. C., m prior to 1797 Isaac Land, b N. C. 177‑. Resided Pickens District, S. C. for many years. He d 1849, she survived him and died in Rabun Co., Ga., in 1873. They had, known:

1 Mary Land: b 1797, m Quarles, was a widow in 1850, res. Pickens Dist., S. C. No children of record.

2 Elijah Land: b 1799 S. C., m prior to 1829 Elizabeth Head, b S. C. 1804. Res. Pickens Dist., S. C. They had:                             a William H. Land: b 1829.

                b Hannah Land: b 1833.

                c Licene Land: b 1834.

                d Thomas Land: b 1835.

                e Melissa Land: b 1838.

                f Eleanor Land: b 1839.

3 Eliza Land: b 1801 S. C., m prior to 1821 George Head, b S. C. 1800, res. Pickens Dist., S. C., both living in 1850. They had:

                a Elias Head: b 1821 S. C., m prior to 1842 Nancy W.

                b S. C. 1824. Resided Franklin Co., Ga. to 1850 then moved to Pickens Dist., S. C. They had, known:

                                bl James L. Head: b 1842 Ga.

                                b2 William H. Head: b 1845 Ga.

                c Sarah Head: b 1823.

                d Elizabeth Head: b 1825.



                d Stephen Head: b 1826.

                e Jonathan Head: b 1828.

                f Maria Head: b 1833.

4 Elizabeth Land: b 1805, m prior to .1828 Casey W. Head, b S. C. 1805, she died 1836 and he m (2) Eliza b S. C. 1824, res. Pickens Dist., S. C. They had:

                a Elizabeth Head: b 1828.

                b Minerva Head: b 1836.

                c Melissa Head: b 1844, 2d wife.

                d Robert Head: b Mar. 1850


viii Henry: b 1781, d unmarried.


ix John Allen: b 1785 N. C., died unmarried.



(Allen 4, Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis 1.) Born Trent Hall, St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1771. He married (1) 25 August 1796 Mary Sarah Barber, a daughter of John Myvert Barber, of St. Mary’s County. She died 29 June 1811 and he married (2) 10 June 1812 Catherine Barber, sister of Mary. He served as Private, Captain Jacob B. Hance’s Company of 31st (Hodgkins) Maryland Militia in War of 1812. Ordered to service April 1813. On a roll “entered duty 20 April 1813, discharged 21 April 1813 at Drum Point, Calvert County, one day.” Resided Calvert County where he engaged in planting. He was called “Colonel” but it is not stated from what source the title originated. Catherine died November 1834, he survived her and died February 1842.

Children (1st wife)

i Mary Barber: b 1798, m 1820 Arthur Harris, she died 1842. They had:

1 Ellen Harris: b 1822, m (1) James Stevens, (2) John

Carson. No children by 2d marriage. They had

                a Alice Stevens.

                b James Stevens.

                c William Stevens.


ii John Allen (6) : b 1801‑02.


iii Thomas Barber (6) : b 4 Jan. 1805.


iv John Myvert : b 1814, 2d wife, died 1877 unmarried.


v Hatch Dent: b 1820, m 6 Dec. 1848 Ann C. Tongue, b Md. in 1828, daughter of Dr. Gideon Tongue. They had three children, moved to Galveston, Texas in early 1850’s and the entire family died of Yellow Fever in 1853.


vi William: b 1822, m prior to 1856 Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Hance, of Calvert Co., Md., b 1832. He died in 1865. Resided in Calvert Co., Md. They had:

1 Richard: b 1856, m Annie, daughter of John Carson, of


Baltimore, Md., he was deceased in 1889 and left two children of whom no record.


vii Elizabeth Lydia: b 1824, m 31 Aug. 1845 Dr. John Russell Quinan, b Lancaster, Pa. 7 Aug. 1822, son of Rev. Thomas H. Quinan. He was a pupil of J. K. Mitchell, graduated Jefferson Medical College in 1844. Resided in Calvert Co., Md. to‑1869 then moved to Baltimore, Md. Was lecturer on Jurisprudence Womans Medical College, 1883‑85; vice pres. Medical & Surgical Soc. 1884‑85; president 1885‑86; author of several papers, and of Medical Annals of Baltimore, 1884. He died 11 Nov. 1890, no data on death of his wife, five children were living in 1890. They had, known:

1 John T. Qunan: b 1846.

2 William Quinan: b 1848.

3 Katherine Quinan: b 1851.

4 Dent Quinan; b 1852.

5 Henry Quinan: b 1853.

6 Paschal Quinan: b 1854.               

7 Anna Quinan: b 1855.

8 Allen Quinan: b 1859.


viii Richard Chapman: b 1826‑27, m (1) Mary Hance, she died and he m (2)Mary Jones. No mention of where they resided nor of their deaths. They had:

1 Child: b 18‑, d infancy.

2 Bessie: b 18‑, 2d wife.



(Zachariah 4, Francis 3, Edward 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland 24 April 1770, moved to Spottsylvania County, Virginia with his parents about 1785. He married 25 September 1788 Sarah Duerson, born 16 September 1765 in Spottsylvania County, Vir­ginia. He was baptized October 1794 by Elder Absalom Waller, united with the church at Waller’s and became a very active and zealous member. He was witness to a deed 13 April 1792; on 3 September 1793 Ephraim, and Sarah Knight and their son, James, deeded to him 70 acres of land in Berkeley Parish for 60 pounds; on 1 January 1794 Thomas and Molly Shirley deeded him 70 acres of land for 100 pounds; on 28 August 1794 he sold to Thomas Duerson 1 acre of land for mill purposes; on 2 January 1798 he was witness to a deed of emancipation and on 19 March 1799 he was witness to a deed. He paid tax on 78 acres of land from 1800 to 1801 and from 1803 to 1814 he paid tax on two tracts of land about 1000 acres in all. (Records Spottsylvania Co., Va.) He began to exercise his gift of exhortation 4 July 1808. In 1810 he was called to the pastoral care of the church at Zoar, Orange County and



was ordained in October of the same year,. Baptist; after the death of Elder Absalom Waller he was chosen pastor of Waller’s and Elk Creek churches and after the removal of Elder A. M. Lewis to the Vest he became pastor of the churches at County Line and Bethany resigning his charges at Zoar and Elk Creek. Thru his work the church at Mount Harmon was planted, and by‑his administration it was watered as long as he was able to travel. He possessed a good education, which he greatly improved by reading and study. Was devoted to good books, had a good library and when not engaged in his duties from home was generally found with a book in his hand. Fuller and Newton were favorite authors with him. From this fact‑ the character of his preaching may be known. He suffered from ill health for some year prior to his death. He died August 1837 on his plantation called “Salem” near Fredericksburg, Virginia. His. wife survived him, was living in 1840, date of her death not known. He kept a family Bible and recorded his family therein. This Bible is still in existence and in good state of preservation. (See Va. Bap. Ministers, Taylor, 1860.)


i Dorcas: b 18 Sept. 1789, died small.


ii Thomas: b 12 May 1791, died small.


iii Sarah A.: b 27 Jan. 1793, m 22 Nov. 1810 Rev. Addison Murdock Lewis, b Va. 26 Sept. 1789; she died Jan. 1820 and he m (2) 20 Mar. 1821 Sarah Anne Miner. They moved to Mo. where he d 27 Aug. 1857, she d at St. Louis, Mo. 17 Nov. 1886 aet. 88 years, family Baptists. (SeeHayden’s Va. Families for Lewis records.) They had:

1Virginia Anne Lewis: b 30 May 1813, m Dec. 1838 James D. Brown, she d 1862 Franklin Co., Ky. They had:

                a Sarah Addison Brown: m Colby Taylor.

2 John Llewellyn Lewis: b 23 Feb. 1815, m Mary Eliza Woolfolk. Res. Rockport, Mo. They had:

                a Thomas Addison Lewis.

                b Isabel Lewis, m Oscar Stephens.

                c Malcolm Duane Lewis: was M.D.

                d Charles Orville Lewis: was M.D.

                e Anne Marie Lewis: m Walter Scott.


iv Elizabeth: b 10 Dec. 1794, m 6 Oct. 1814 by Rev. Addison M. Lewis to Thomas Herndon, b Va. 25 Mar. 1795. Resided Spottsylvania Co., Va. where he died in the 1840’s, she was living in 1850. and died before 1860. They had:

1 Jane Lewis Herndon: b 1815, m about 1832 Joseph Addison Gordon, b Va. 1813, she died about 1856­ 57, he survived her. They resided Spottsylvania Co. and later he moved to Orange Co., Va. where he died 31 Mar. 1883. They had:


                a Joseph Herndon Gordon: b 1833, m Hannah Eliza­beth Willis.

                b Sarah Elizabeth Gordon: b 1 Sept. 1835, m John D. Billingsley, No. 189, which see.

                c Lucy Harridan Gordon: b June 1837, m Alexander Spottswood, she d Feb. 1923.

                d Thomas Churchill Gordon: b 1839, m Lucy Bullard

                e Mary Ann Gordon: b 1840, d unm.

                f Jane Lewis Gordon: b 1843, d unm.

                g John Addison Gordon: b 1844, m Fanny Fife Gordon.

                h Edward Harrison Gordon: b 1846, d unm.

                i Hannah Gordon: b 1848, d after 1860, unm.

                j Fannie Herndon Gordon: b 1850, was living 1931 in Richmond, Va., unm.

                k William Armstead Gordon: b 1852, m Irene Willis.

                1 Eva Waddell Gordon: b 1854, d unm.

                m Laura Gordon: b 1856, d childhood.


v Nancy: b Apr. 1796 (or 1798, writing blurred). She m. 20 Dec. 1821 by Rev. Jacob Herndon to Alexander Herndon, b Va. 1801‑2. Resided in Spottsylvania Co., where he died 6 July 1876 and she died 2 July 1878. Her name is recorded in Family Bible as “Nancy” and in census records she is recorded as “Ann” as also she is recorded as “Ann” in her own family records. There is recorded in the St. George Temple records of the Mormon church the baptism and endowment of “Anne Billingsley b 1798 d 1878, m to Alexander Herndon, Spottsylvania Co., Va.” This record was made by one Dwight Harding April 1929 and he states he is a relative‑in‑law. We have been unable to find any one from whom this relationship is derived. They had:

1 John Joseph Herndon: b 1822, d 1895, unm.

2 Lucy Mary Herndon: b 1824‑25, m prior to 1850 James De Jamette, res. Caroline‑Co., Va. She d 1896.

3 William Alexander Herndon: b 1827, m Elizabeth George, b Va. 1826, he died 1874‑75, was a physician and resided in Culpeper Co., Va. They had:

                a George Herndon:. b 18‑. Was a Surgeon in U. S. Navy.

                b Elizabeth Herndon: b 18‑, m C. J.‑ Rixey, she was living in 1931 at Clarendon, Va. They had

                                bl Charles J. Rixey.

                                b2 William Herndon Rixey.

                                b3 Presley Rixey.

                                b4 Elizabeth Rixey: m E. W. Steams.

                                b5 Georgine Rixey: m Sinclair.



                                b6 Henrie Rixey: m. Gibson of U. S. Navy. m. Anne Elizabeth Herndon: b 17 Feb. 1829, d 19 Sept.


5 Virginia Lewis Herndon: b 29 Aug. 1831, d 16 Oct. 1893.

6 Thomas Duerson Herndon: b 10 Feb. 1834, m prior to 186? Nannie Gregory, b King William Co., Va. In 1845. She died 25 Dec. 1872 and he died 22 Sept. 1873, resided at West Point, Va. He was a physician. They had:

                a William Gregory Herndon: b 21 Mar. 1867, d 7 July 1881.

                b Alexander Herndon: b 1868, d infancy.

                c Maria Thornton Herndon: b 28 Aug. 1869, m (1) 5 July 1898 Thomas Curry Hawkins, b 15 Oct. 1870 at Louisa, Va., he d 21 Mar. 1899 at Huntington, W. Va. and she m (2) 25 Oct. 1905 William Wallace Morton, b 6 Sept. 1871 Culpeper, Va. Res. Post Oak, Va. She has furnished information on this family. They had:

                                cl Huldah Herndon Morton: b 4 Dec. 1906, m

29 Auk. 1929 John R. Young, res. Urbana, III.

                                c2 Thomas Gregory Morton: b 17 Sept. 1909.

                                c3 William Wallace Morton: b 9 May 1912.

                d Mary West Herndon: b 1871, d aet. 2 years.

7 Zachary Billingsley Herndon: b 1836, m Maria Gilchrist. He was a physician, resided Richmond, Va. and later at Ashland, Va. where he died 1901‑10. They had:

                a John Gilchrist Herndon: b 18‑. Is a minister and said to reside Bluefields, W. Va. 1931.

                b Julia Herndon.

                c Maria Herndon.

                d Anne Herndon.

8 Huldah Frazer Herndon: b 26 Jan. 1839, m Rev. E. P. Hawkins, she died 13 Mar. 1916, res. Spottsylvania Co., Va.


vi Huldah: b 2 Mar. 1800, m 23 Dec. 1819 by Rev. Addison M. Lewis to George S. Herndon, b 13 May 1791 in Va. Resided Spottsylvania Co., Va. in 1830 had 2 sons and 3 daughters living at that date. No trace of this family has been, discovered .tho believed to have migrated to Ky.


vii Zachary (6) : b 18 Mar. 1802.


viii Mary: b 17 Sept. 1804, married 15 Oct. 1822 by Rev. Jacob Herndon to John Lipscomb, b Va. 2 Nov. 1801. She died in 1893 and he died in 1895, resided in Spottsylvania Co., Va. They had:


1 Sarah Lipscomb: b 1824, m prior to 1850 James Boxley, resided Louisa, Va. Had eight children. W. W. Boxley, of Louisa, Va. said to be a son, no information obtainable from him.

2 John Ashcum Lipscomb: b 1826, died net. 36 years unm.

3 Elizabeth Lipscomb: b 1828, m Turner. No children.

4 Lucinda Blair Lipscomb: b 1830, m Watts. No children.

5 Eugenia Lipscomb: b 1832, m (1) Dr. Bowers, (2) Perkins. They had:

                a Eugene Bowers.

6 Emily Jane Lipscomb‑ b 1834, d net. 75 years unm.

7 Amanda Billingsley Lipscomb: b 1836, d net. 74 75 years.

8 Judith Day Lipscomb: b 1838, m (1) Boxley; (2) after 1900 Joseph Z. F: Billingsley, No. 191, she died sin prole.

9 Joseph B. Lipscomb: b 1841, m a Mrs. Saunders, he was living in 1931 Memphis, Tenn, They had:

                a Joseph B. Lipscomb: b 18‑, d net. 30 years.

                b Norman Lipscomb: b 18‑, m Sayre, he was living in 1930, no children.

10 Louisa Lipscomb: b 1843, d net. 60 years unm.

11 Isabella Lipscomb: b 1846‑47, m prior to 1870 F. Hart, she d about 1921. They had:

                a Marion Hart.

12 Virgilia Lipscomb: b 31 Jan. 1849. Resides Fredericksburg, Va. She furnished information on this family.


ix Allinson (6) : b 10 Feb. 1807.


x Lucinda: b 25 Nov. 1809, m prior to 1832 Charles 0. Young, b Va. 1800. He was a farmer, resided Spottsylvania Co., Va. and both living in 1860. In 1930 there was no living representative of this family. They had:

1 Thomas S. Young: b 1832, d unm.

2 Sarah Young: b 1834, d unm.

3 Charles 0. Young, Jr.: b 1837, m about 1860 a Miss Willis, res. Spottsylvania Co., Va. They had:

                a Charles 0. Young: b 186‑, d net. 20 years.

4 Octavia Otway Young: b 1839, d unm.

5 Mary Camden Young: b 1846‑47, d unm.

6 Joseph W. Young: b 1849, d unm.


xi John Poindexter (6) : b 5 June 1812.


xii Joseph Addison (6) : b 11 Feb. 1817.



                (William S. 5, William 4, William 3, John ,°L, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland December 1746. He married prior to 1765 Emeline Carter, born Maryland in 1748. They moved to Rockingham County, North Carolina about 1779 where they resided to about 1801 when they  moved to East Tennessee where Emeline died 1802‑,3. He survived her some years, was living in Montgomery County in 1823 and is said to have died 1829‑ the home of his son, John, in Carroll County, Tennessee.


i William (7) : b Nov. 1765.


ii Francis: b 1768, died 1773.


iii James: b 1773, died 1785.


iv Emeline: b Dec. 1774, m John Simpson, she d.s.p. 1793.


v Rachel: b 1776, died 1810 Tenn. unm.


vi Mary: b Feb. 1778, died unm.


vii Elizabeth: b 1780, no record.


viii John (7) : b Nov. 1782.


ix James: b 1786 N. C., died unm in Tenn.



                (William S. 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland 25 October 1755. He left home at an early date after his mother’s second marriage and migrated to Frederick County, Maryland and worked as a farm laborer, he later went to Franklin County, Pennsylvania where he met and married Barbara Ann Oester, born Frederick County, Maryland 14 February 1773, her parents came to Frederick County, Maryland from Pennsylvania and removed to Franklin County, Pennsylvania about 1786. They were married 10 January 1792, moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania about 1800 and resided there to 1819 when they moved to Warren County, Ohio, then

                After a few years moved to Hamilton County, Ohio, where they resided to about 1832 when they moved to Newberry township, Miami County, Ohio where he established a home on the outskirts of civilization when he was 75 years of age. He opened up and improved his land and lived to see this section thickly populated. The homestead is in possession of his descendants to this date. He dated his will 24 July 1848 and leaves all estate, etc. to wife, Barbary Ann, during her life, executors were son in law James L. Purdy, and son, Thomas. No children named except son, Thomas, but provision is made that after the decease of Barbara Ann equal division be made among all the children. He died 22 February 1851, certified copy of this will does not show date of probate. He is buried at Covington, Ohio. Barbara survived him a few years and died 30 April 1854. Family Bible of James Billingsley is in possession of Thomas A. Billingsley, of Greenville, Ohio.



i Elizabeth: b 24 Aug. 1793, d 10 Feb. 1805.


ii Charles: b 6 Feb. 1796 Pa. We have been unable to get any definite facts of this man. He m prior to 1830 Nancy, b Pa. 1802 in Warren or Hamilton Co., Ohio, moved to Miami Co., about the same time as his father did where he died in the year 1840 and before June. Nancy was a widow in 1840 and removed to Fayette Co., Ind., sometime in the early 1840’s where she resided to sometime in the early 1860’s then moved further West with her sons and a married daughter. No subsequent record. They had:

1 Mary: b 1830 Ohio, m prior to 1855 Phillip Shipley, b Ind. 1826‑27, he was a farmer, both living in 1870 and resided in Fayette Co., Ind. They had:

                a Nancy Shipley: b 1855.

                b Charles Shipley: b 1858. –

                c William H. Shipley: b Mar. 1860.

2 James: b 1831‑32 Ohio.

3 Barbara: b 1835 Ohio, m 1858 Martin Davis, b Ind. 1836, resided Fayette Co., Ind. in 1860, moved West. They had, known

                a Sarah Davis: b Jan. 1860.

4 Moses: b 1836.

5 Charles: b 1839.

6 William: b Jan. 1841, posthumous.


iii Susannah: b 29 May, 1798 Pa. She is stated to have married a Worley and to be the grand mother of John and Henry Worley, of Covington, Ohio. No information has been obtainable from either party.

iv Barbara: b 22 Aug. 1800 Pa. She m 25 Mar. 1828 in Warren Co., Ohio William Kendall, b 179‑. Resided in Warren Co. some years then moved to Miami Co., Ohio where she died 1 Feb. 1877. No data on his death, she is buried at Piqua, Ohio. Said to have had a large family of children, owing to there being other families of this name in Miami Co. it has not been possible to make distinction between them. The only ones definitely known are:

1 Mary Kendall: b 1836 Ohio; she was living and unmarried in 1880 and resided in the home of her sister, Mrs. Leonard, Piqua, Ohio.

2 Charity Kendall: b 1838 Ohio, m prior to 1858 Lewis Leonard, b Ohio or Pa. 1826, and indications are she is his 2d wife. Resided Newberry township, Miami


Co., Ohio, both were living ‑in 1880. They had, known:

                a John H. Leonard: b 1853‑54 (1st wife ?).

                b Amelia Leonard: b 1858.

                c Forrest K. Leonard: b 1861.

                d Isaac L. Leonard: b 1863.

                e William K. Leonard: b 1865‑66, m, reside Piqua, Ohio, he is a banker, and said to have been an invalid for the past 6 years from paralysis. No children and this probably accounts for his ignoring all requests for information.

f Margaret Grace Leonard: b Mar. 1869.

                g Lewis E. Leonard: b 1873.


v Moses (7) : b 9 Nov. 1802 Pa.


vi John: b 20 Feb. 1804, died 20 Feb. 1810.


vii Nancy: b 29 Mar. 1807, m , said to have lived in Fayette Co., Pa.


viii James (7) : b 15 Aug. 1809.


ix Henry: b 20 Dec. 1811 Pa. He married 24 Feb. 1856 in Miami Co., Ohio, Catherine Fulker, b Md. 1834, resided in Covington, Ohio where he died in 1887, she was living in 1880. No children.


x Prudence (7) : b 11 July 1814 Pa.


xi Elizabeth: b 17 Oct. 1816 Pa. She m (1) 7 Jan. 1836 Ephraim Fahnstock, he died and she m (2) prior to 1839 Samuel Hays, b Ohio in 1813, resided Wabash township, Darke Co., Ohio in 1850, no subsequent record. They had, known:

1 John Lewis Hays: b 1839.

2 Mary Ellen Hays: b 1840.

3 Eliza Ann Hays: b 1841.

4 Emiline M. Hays: b 1843.

5 Samantha A. Hays: b 1845.


xii Adam E. (7) : b 18 Feb. 1819 Pa.


xiii Mary Ann: b 18 Feb. 1819 Pa., a twin of Adam E. She m. 5 Oct. 1843 John Reish in Miami Co., Ohio. There is no mention of where they resided, she died in 1876 and is buried at Covington, Ohio, no mention of his death. Mrs. Ray Hawn, of Troy, Ohio, and Mrs. George Hathaway, of Sidney; Ohio are said to be descendants of Mary Ann. No information obtainable from either party. They had

1 Samuel Reish: b 184‑.

2 Charity Reish: b 184‑.

3 Anne Reish: b 18‑.

4 Mary Reish: b 18‑.,


5 Thomas Reish: b 18‑.


xiv Thomas (7) : b 7 Jan. 1823 Ohio.



(James 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1747, moved to Baltimore County, Maryland with his parents about 1758 and with them in 1768 to Guilford County, North Carolina. He married prior to 1772 Mary, born North Carolina in 1753. We have never been able to learn the maiden name of this Mary, one entrant to the Daughters of the American Revolution has this name recorded as Mary Griffith, she has not been able to furnish us any documentary evidence supporting the claim. Samuel was provided with his portion of his father’s estate at the time of his marriage as he is mentioned in his father’s will as “being already portioned” and was bequeathed two shillings and six pence. He moved to Onslow County, North Carolina and was granted 300 acres of land on both sides of 2d Creek, entered 1 April 1779 and issued 29 March 1780. He enlisted in 1781 as Private, Captain J. Sharpe’s Company, Colonel Francis Locke’s Light Horse Service. He is shown on a Pay Roll 11 March 1781 as due pay for 12 days service. (N. C. Col. Rec. vol. xvii, fol. 1056.) On the 3 August 1779 he entered a claim for 100 acres of land in Sullivan County, now Tennessee. They removed to Sullivan County in 1787 and he was issued a patent for this land 9 August 1787. They subsequently moved to Sequatchie Valley and located in Bledsoe County where he became an influential citizen of his County. He was a charter member of the first Masonic Lodge in the County, was a staunch member of the Missionary Baptist church. He was generally called “Captain” but it is not stated the origin of the title. He died at his home in 1816. Mary survived him and died in 1838 aged 85 years. There is a sketch of this man given in Biographical Album, Ogle, 1898.

In August 1932 we received a communication from Mrs. W. J. Holladay a descendant of Samuel Billingsley which we believe is of interest and we quote in part: “I visited the old Smyrna graveyard Sunday where some of the Billingsleys are buried but the biggest thing I got was poison ivy. I found the grave of my great grandfather, John Billingsley and that of his second wife, Jane Hoodenpile, but could not identify that of his first wife, Martha Blackwood. There is a grave stone on the other side of .John’s which I imagine is that of her but there .are no markings

that I could find on it whatsoever. I have been told that the grave of Samuel Billingsley, my great‑great‑grandfather is in this graveyard and that it was the first grave ever placed there, but if so the markings are all gone and I could not find it. There are a number of old graves there, but the most of them are beyond recognition. I do not know of any old

people who could identify those from which time has erased all markings.”



i James: b 1772, died infancy.


ii Mary: b 1773.


iii Samuel (?) : b 9 Apr. 1775.


iv William (7) : b 16 Jan. 1779.


v Jeptha (?) : b 1?80 Onslow Co., N. C.


vi John (7) : b 10 Sept. 1781.


viiThomas (7) : b 30 Dec. 1782.


viii Amanda: b 178‑.


iv Elijah (?) : b 1786 N. C.


x Sarah: b 178‑ Tenn.


xi Nancy: b 179‑ Tenn.



            (James 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland October 1749, moved to Baltimore County with his parents about 1758 and to Guilford County, North Carolina with them about 1767‑68. He married January 1769 Ann, daughter of William Rea by his first wife, there were also two sisters who married William Gowdy and Henry Ross. James Billingsley was Captain of a company of militia 1780‑1783. In Account Book A, page 50, James Billingsley, rations furnished militia, dated April 1780, 6‑8‑0 pounds; on page 277, Sundries furnished Militia, accounts allowed by Auditor of Salesbury District June 1783, James Billingsley, 15‑8‑8 pounds; on page 278, same in 1783 to Captain James Billingsley & his company 274‑1‑0 pounds, voucher No. 3861, and on Voucher No. 3876, 321‑4‑0 pounds. (Records Hist. Com. Raleigh.) On 5 February 1783 Hugh Robertson deeded to James Billingsley land on Mears Fork, 641 acres, one half of a tract granted to William Wiley 23 May 1758, Wiley to Arthur Parr, Parr to Richard Wright, Wright to Herman Husband, Husband to William Robertson, said Robertson to Hugh Robertson. (Deeds Lib. L, fol. X93.) On 22 November 1785 he and his wife sold 160 acres of this tract to his brother, William Henry Billingsley. (Deeds Lib. 5, fol. x.58.) On ? February 1789 James and Ann Billingsley deeded to Thomas Moore, of Orange County, 160 acres of said tract on Mears Fork for 160 pounds. (Deeds Lib. 5, fol. 98.)

                William Rea dated his will 23 February 1789, wife Margaret, 50 pounds from sale of personality & benefit of the plantation lands rented to James Blair; all goods & chattels to be sold & proceeds to be laid out in land, said land to equally divided among all my children as they come of age’, land I now claim on waters of Cumberland River, after satisfying Power of Attorney to James Billingsley, balance to be divided as above; executors named were Henry Ross and William Gowdy; witnessed by James Billingsley, William Gowdy, and Henry Ross.

                It appears this Power of Attorney was given to James Billingsley to dispose of land and in 1789 there was passed an Act authorizing said


Billingsley to issue deeds for the lands mentioned. (Wills ‑Lib. A, fol. 306, and N. C Col. records vol. xxv, 44.) They resided in this county for. many years and later moved to Cumberland country with their sons and resided in Logan and Warren Counties, Kentucky to about 1807 then moved to Tennessee where he died in 1809‑10, Ann survived him some years and died at the home of her son, William, in 1822‑23 in Roane County, Tennessee.,


i William Henry (7) : b Dec. 1769.


ii Ann: b 1771, died infancy.


iii John (7) : b 1772.


iv Mary: b 1773, m William George, b S. C. 1776, late in life, resided Lincoln Co., Tenn. No children.


v Samuel (7)


vi Frances Rebecca: b 1777, m 1792 David Billings, b N. C. 1769, moved to Tenn. about 1834, both living in 1850, resided Wilson Co., Tenn. Reared several children, no descendants living in 1930. James (7) : b 1779.


viii Elizabeth: b 1781, m prior to 1802 David Craig, b N. C. 1779, moved to Tenn. and resided Maury Co. in 1830. They had, known

1 David Craig, Jr.: b 1802, m prior to 1825 Martha. They had 3 sons living in 1830.

2 Elizabeth Craig: b 1807, died unmarried.


ix Ann: b 1784, died 1790’s.


x Francis Basil: b 178‑, died infancy.



(James 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland 17 August 1754, moved to Baltimore County, Maryland with his parents and then to Guilford County, North Carolina with them. He married 2 June 1772 Jean Milsap, born North Carolina 7 May 1754. Original marriage bond on file at North Carolina Historical Commission at Raleigh and appears to have been filled out by John Billingsley himself as the signature and the body of the bond are the same writing. They moved to Rutherford County, Norty Carolina. From his father’s will he appears to have been given his share of the estate at the time of his marriage. He enlisted 1776‑1778 Private, Captain John Arnold’s Company, Colonel Collier’s Regiment, served. six months; enlisted June 1780 and served to 25 December 1780, Private, Captains Britton Fuller, and Jacob Williams, Colonel Collier’s Regiment; enlisted again soon afterwards and served a few days Captain Thomas Williams, Colonel Collier’s Regiment. He was pensioned 23 December 1833 while residing in Warren County, Kentucky. He states in his claim that he was residing in Rutherford County at the time of his service


On 4 January 1779 he entered 290 acres of land in Washington County (Tenn.).‑ On 2 April 1779 he entered two tracts of 400 acres and 200 acres of land in Onslow County, North Carolina and these were issued to him 29 March 1780. (Land Rec. 38, fol. 11, 17.) On 11 June 1779 he again entered 300 acres of land in Washington County (Tenn.). On 26 April 1780 he entered 75 acres of land in Sullivan County (Tenn.) and this was followed by entries of 74 acres, 30 acres, and 15 acres in the same    County before 1785. They moved from Rutherford County to Onslow County, North Carolina about 1781 where they resided to about 1794 then moved to Sullivan County (Tenn.), and his entries were issued to him 4 December 1795. (Land Rec. 84, fol. 158, 161, 162; 89, fol. 325, 387.) They then moved to Washington County, Tennessee in 1796 where they resided many years. Some time in the 1820’s John turned over his property to his youngest son, Jacob, with the provision that Jacob would care for John and his wife the rest of their days. Jacob appears to have converted most of the property into cash and moved to Cumberland County, Kentucky where they resided in 1830. It is also stated that Jacob soon ran thru with everything available leaving his parents in destitute circumstances and that John Billingsley, Junior, came and carried his parents to his home in Warren County, Kentucky. It was from this home that John made his application for pension 23 December 1833. Jean died 8 February 1842, and John died 19 September 1844 at the home of their son, John, Warren County, Kentucky.


i Sarah: b Apr. 1773 Guilford Co., N. C., moved to Tenn. with her parents and married prior to 1797 Alexander Hale, he was deceased before 1840, she was living in 1850 and resided in Washington Co., Tenn. They had:

1 Harriet Hale: b 1797, m Henry Hale, b Tenn. 1797. They had:

                a James L. Hale: b 1829.

                b Henry Hale: b 1834.

                c Martha Hale: b 1836.

                d Sarah Hale: b 1838.

                e Harriet Hale: b 1839.

2 Alexander Hale, Jr.: b 1800, m 1832 Elizabeth b Ky. 1803, he died in 1847, she was living Washington Co., Tenn. in 1850. They had, known:

                a Archibald Hale: b 1834.

                b Elizabeth Hale: b 1838.

                c Sarah .Hale : b 1840.

                d John Hale: b 1843.

                e James Hale: b 1845.

3 William C. Hale: b 1803, m prior to 1833 Mariah b Ky. in 1807, he died about 1845, resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:


                a William C. Hale, Jr.: b 1833. Twins.

                b Jeremiah Hale: b 1833.

                c Susan Hale: b 1834.

                d Sarah Hale: b 1836.

                e John Hale: b 1838.

                f Landon Hale: b 1840.

                g. James Hale: b 1842.

4 Joseph Hale: b 1812, m 1835 Sarah, b Ky. 1816, resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:

                a Mary A. Hale: b 1837.

                b Elizabeth Hale: b 1839.

                c George W. Hale: b 1842.

                d Catherine Hale: b 1844.

                e Cynthia A. Hale: b 1848.

5 Henry Hale: b 1814, m 1838 Mary, b Tenn. 1815. Resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:

                a Harriet Hale: b 1840.

                b Elizabeth Hale: b 1841.

                c Joseph Hale: b 1842.

                d Clinton Hale: b 1844.

                e Daniel Hale: b 1846.

                f Thomas Hale: b 1849..


ii Jesse (7) : b 22 Feb. 1774.


iii Elizabeth: b May 1776, married (1) a Mr. Birdwell, he died and she married (2) a Mr. Brown. She was generally known as “Aunt Betsy Burdle” and is said to have died in Jackson Co., Tenn. It is said there was only one child and that by Birdwell, who lived to be grown but never married.


iv James (7) : b Aug. 1778.


v Thomas (7) : b 1781.


vi Mary: b 1783 N. C., moved to Tenn. with her parents and married (1) Jesse Parker, b N. C. 1778‑79, resided in middle Tenn., and probably Jackson Co. where he died 1814‑15, she married (2) Zebudee Anderson. They moved to Ill. where they resided for some years. In the record left by John M. Billingsley, No. 249, he states “Polly and her son, Wesley Anderson visited our home in Kentucky in the late 1830’x.” This family moved to Texas about 1848, passed thru Batesville, Ark. but did not digress to wit her: brother; Samuel, who resented it very much. We have no subsequent record of them. They had, known:

1 Jesse Parker, Jr.: b 18‑ Tenn., m Ibbie Billingsley, daughter of Thomas Billingsley, No. 97, which see.

2 Wesley Anderson: b 1820 Tenn.

billingsley 3_Pic47


vii John (7) : b 7 Mar. 1786 N. C.


viii Samuel (7) : b 11 Feb. 1789.


ix Jane: b 1792 N. C.;‑moved to Tenn. with her parents where she married prior to 1813 Edward Mercer, b N. C. 1787, resided in Jackson ‑Co., Tenn., both were living in 1860. They had:

1 Jones Mercer: b 1813.

2 Minerva Mercer: b 1815, was unmarried in 1850.

3 Harriet Mercer: b 1817, m about 1850 John Billingsley, son of Samuel Billingsley, No. 99. He died prior to 1844 sine prole and she married (2) a Dr. Johnson at Salem, Ark.; he‑died and she married (3) a Methodist minister named Caruthers. She left him and returned to Tenn. where she died. No record of any children.

4 Sarah Mercer: b 1820, died small.

5 Mary J. Mercer: b 1822.

6 Canzadee Mercer: b 1824, died at Salem, Ark. in 1860’s while on a visit to her sister.

7 Levonia Mercer: b 1828.

8 Daughter: b 183‑, died inf.

9 Amanda Mercer: b 1835.


x Jacob (?): b 1795 Tenn.



                (James 5, William 4, William 8, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in 1758, moved to Guilford County, North Carolina with his parents about 1767. Was legatee in his father’s will. He married 11 May 1784 Elizabeth, daughter of William Gowdy, born 1765, Guilford County, North Carolina. She is mentioned in the will of her father 15 November 1786 and is also legatee in the will of her brother James Gowdy 22 January 1809.

On 22 November 1785 he was deeded by James and Ann Billingsley land on Meares Fork. (Deeds 5‑158.) On 16 August 1790 he was deeded 320 acres of land by John Carnahan. (Deeds 5‑435.) On’ 19 November 1792 he was deeded 264 acres of land by Thomas Anderson. (Deeds5‑1f83.) On 6 November 1792 he sold 160 acres of land to Hezekiah Bevil,; this deed not recorded until 1808. (Deeds 9‑89i.) On 23 November 1792 he sold to George Donnell 264 acres of land bought of Thomas Anderson. (Deeds 5‑4?4.) On 22 August 1793 he sold to James \Murry 160 acres of land on Meares Fork bought of James and Ann Billingsley in 1785. (Deeds 2‑X93, and 5‑.451.) On 8 December 1795 he sold 160 acres of land to Stephen Gauft. (Deeds 5,678.) On 22 February 1804 he was deeded by James Murry 210 acres of land on both sides of Meares Fork, this deednot recorded until 1818. (Deeds i8‑i80.) He died about July 1820 as on 1 May 1821 Elizabeth was party to a deed disposing of 1213 acres of


land on North side Reedy Fork to Isaac Pearson of Rockingham County, North Carolina. (Deeds 15‑185.) On B August 1821 William Armfield, sheriff, by‑order of the Court dated 19 August 1820 sold 160 acres of land to Larkin Baldwin to satisfy claims against heirs of William H. Billingsley, deceased. (Deeds 15‑368.) On 19 November 1821 Elizabeth, widow of said deceased, sold to Joel Murry 79 acres of land being dower rights set aside by a jury. (Deeds 16‑87i.) Elizabeth moved to Alabama with her son, William H. Billingsley where she died about 18334 in Tuscaloosa County.


i James (7) : b Feb. 1786.


ii Jean: b 1787, m Joel Murry, resided Guilford Co. N. C. to 1822 and said to have moved to Tenn. They had, known:

1 Rebecca Murry: b 18‑. Was living in 1809 and legatee in the will of James Gowdy, etc.


iii William Henry (7) : b 1789.


iv Elizabeth: b 1791, m Solomon Kendall, b N. C. 1781, both living in 1850, Guilford Co., N. C. They had:

1 Lucinda Kendall: b 1820, m Johnson and had a daughter Lucinda b 1842.

2 Keziah Kendall: b 1824.

3 Rachel Kendall: b 1828.


v Martha: b 1793, m prior to 1812 Joshua Hedgecock, b N. C. 1780, both living in 1850, resided Guilford Co., N. C. They had:

1 Alfred Hedgecock : b 1812, m 1840 Lydia Hannah, b N. C. 1817, resided Guilford Co., N. C. They had: a Mary E. Hedgecock: b 1842. b Malissa Hedgecock : b .1843. c Luzerna Hedgecock: b 1845. d Emily L. Hedgecock: b 1849.

2 Joseph Hedgecock: b 1814, m prior to 1836 Edith, b N. C. 1810, resided Guilford Co., N. C. They had:

                a Henrietta Hedgecock: b 1836.

                b Laura Hedgecock: b 1838.

                c James Hedgecock: b 1839.

                d Ruhanna Hedgecock: b 1841.

                e Cyrus Hedgecock: b 1843.

                f Lucy Hedgecock: b 1848.

                g Emma Hedgecock: b May 1850.

3 Thomas Hedgecock: b 1816, m 1841 Eliza               , b. N. C. 1823, resided Guilford Co., N. C. They had:

                a Martha Hedgecock: b 1842.

                b Sarah Hedgecock: b 1844.

                c Emaline Hedgecock: b 1846.


                d Albert Hedgecock: b 1848.

                e David Hedgecock: b Apr. 1850.

4 William W. Hedgecock: b 1818, m 1840 Ruth, b N. C. 1814, resided Guilford Co., N. C. They had:

                a Newton Hedgecock: b 1841.

                b Cornelia Hedgecock: b 1843.

                c John Hedgecock: b 1845.

                d William W. Hedgecock, Jr.: b 1849.

5 Mary Hedgecock: b 1821.

6 Joshua Hedgecock: b 1826.

7 David Hedgecock: b 1828.

8 Eliza Hedgecock: b 1832.

9 Susan Hedgecock : b 1835.

10 Emily Hedgecock: b 1838.


vi Catherine: b 1796, m prior to 1824 John Eastburn, b Pa. 1788, resided Guilford Co., N. C. to 1827 then moved to Johnson Co., Ind., both living in 1850. They had:

1 Nancy Eastburn: b 1824 N. C.

2 George Eastburn: b 1827.

3 Joshua Eastburn: b 1829 Ind.

4 Elizabeth Eastburn: b 1831.

5 Eliza Eastburn: b 1833.

6 Sarah Eastburn: b 1835.

7 Richard Eastburn: b 183?.

8 Angeline Eastburn : b 1841.


vii Charlotte: b 1798, m 9 Dec. 1818 Sanders Bevill, .they moved to Tenn. No record of children.


viii Basil: b 1800. He m prior to 1823 Mary, b N. C. 1803, migrated to Ala. where he died 1830, she m (2) James Watson, b Va. 1799, resided Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. They had

1 Keziah A.: b 1823 Ala.

2 Mary: b 1827, d small.

3 Elizabeth: b 1830, d inf.

4 James Watson: b 1833, 2d marriage.

5 Virginia Watson: b 1835.

6 Walter Watson: b 1839.

7 Ellen Watson: b 1841.


ix Rebecca: b 1802, m prior to 1829 James Downs, b N. C. 1798, resided Guilford Co., N. C. to 1845 then moved to. Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., both living in 1850. They had:

1 Alexander Downs: b 1829.

2 Charles R. Downs: b 1832.

3 William C. Downs: b 1833.

4 John Downs: b 1836.

5 Mary Downs: b 1838.


6 Jane Downs: b 1840.

7 Sarah Downs: b 1842.

8 Rosanna Downs: b 1844.


x Sarah: b 1805 N. C., moved to Ala. with her mother and m prior to 1830 Levin Watson, b N. C. 1793, both living in 1850 resided Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. They had:

1 Lucretia Watson: b 1830.

2 Elizabeth Watson: b 1832.

3 Tobias Watson: b 1833.

4 Epsa Watson: b 1838.

5 Lucy Watson: b 1840.

6 Elisha Watson: b 1843.


xi Samuel (7) : b 16 Nov. 1809.



(James 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland 14 July 1761, moved to Guilford County, North Carolina with his parents. He served in the Revolution during the latter part of the war. In 1833 he filed claim for a pension stating where he served and what duties he performed, etc. He stated could not produce a discharge, and that most of the ones he served with were dead so far as he knew, his service could not be verified by records then known and his claim was rejected. It appears the records of this company are still missing. There is evidence that he served and was paid for his service; in manuscript records at Raleigh, N. C. Vol. vii‑84‑1 there is a transcript of record by the Treasurer of Salisbury District to the Comptroller of payments made for services, etc. and on this list is the name of Walter Billingsley for 7‑17‑0 pounds.

In his claim for pension he submitted a leaf from the family Bible containing records. He married prior to 1789 Mary E. , born North Carolina 1771‑72. They migrated to South‑Carolina about 1789

and then moved to Jackson County, Tennessee about 1798, resided there

to 1821‑22 then moved to McMinn County. His farm was included in

the portion of this county in the formation of Bradley County in the late

1830’x. Mary was living in 1830 and died before 1840, he was living in

1840 and was deceased before 1850.


i John A. (7) : b 1789 S. C


ii William (7): b 1791 S. C.


iii James: b‑1793 S. C., moved to Tenn. with his parents and m prior to 1825 Mary, b Tenn. 1795, resided in McMinn Co., Tenn. where he died in 1830, she m (2) Edmund Chambers and moved to Bradley Ca. where they were living in 1850. They had, known:

1 James: b 1825, d I830’s.



2 Mary: b 1827, died 1837.

3 Walter: b 1829, died 1830’s.

4 Edmund Horis Chambers: b 1832.


iv Elizabeth: b 1795 S. C., m prior to 1820 Robert Mansell, b S. C. 1797, resided in Pickens Dist., S. C. then moved Ga. and later located in McMinn Co., Tenn., both were living in 1860. They had, known:

1 John Mansell:‑ b 1820, m 1839 Polly, b Va. In 1821, resided McMinn Co., Tenn. in 1850 and later moved to Texas. They had, known:

                a Martha Mansell: b 1841.

                b John Socrates Mansell: b 1843.

                c Mary Mansell: b 1846.

                d Sarah Mansell: b 1848.

2 Richard Mansell: b 182‑, moved to Texas m, died in Wood Co., Texas.

3 Joseph Mansell: b 1830 Tenn., died unmarried after 1860, was insane.


v Nancy: b 1798 Tenn., m prior to 1820 William Kelly, b Va. in 1796, both were living in 1850 in Bradley Co., Tenn. They had, known:

1 Julia Kelly: b 1820.

2 William Kelly: b 1823, d inf.

3 Mary Kelly: b 1825, d inf.

4 Orlena Kelly:b 1827.

5 Elizabeth Kelly: b 1831.

6 Martha Kelly: b 1833.

7 Nancy Kelly: . b 1837.

8 Harriet Kelly: b 1838.


vi Margaret Jane: b 1800 Tenn., m 1826 William Cook, b Va. in 1792, both living in 1850 and resided Bradley Co., Tenn. They had:

1 Lucinda Cook: b 1828.

2 Thomas J. Cook: b 1829.

3 Malinda Cook: b 1833.

4 Mary A. Cook: b 1836.

5 William Harrison Cook: b 1840.


vii Walter (7) : b Oct. 1802.


viii Mary Eliza: b 1804 Jackson Co., Tenn., m 1829 Nathaniel Hayes, b Tenn. 1802 both living in 1850 in Bradley Co., Tenn. They had:

1 James H. Hayes: b 1831.

2 Catherine J. Hayes: b 1833.

3 Elizabeth Hayes: b 1836.

4 Eveline Hayes: b 1840.

5 George Hayes: b 1842.



6 William Hayes: b 1845.

7 Levina Hayes: b 1847.


ix Joseph (7): b 1807.

x Jesse (7): b 1809.

xi Edward H. (7): b 1811.

xii Sarah Louisa: b 1813 Jackson Co., Tenn., m prior to 1836 Jeremiah Johnson, b Tenn. 1801, resided Bradley Co., Tenn. They had:

1 James M. Johnson: b 1836.

2 .Samuel E. Johnson: b 1837.

3 Jeremiah E. Johnson: b 1839.

4 Cordelia A. Johnson: b 1841.

5 Margaret A. Johnson: b 1843.

6 William A. Johnson: b 1845.

7 Joseph A. Johnson: b 1849.



(James 6, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in 1764, moved to Guilford County, North Carolina about 1768. Was legatee in his father’s will to the plantation jointly with his brother, Walter, in 177.6. He married (1) prior to 1788 Susan , born North Carolina 176‑, she died in 1815 and he married (2) 1 August 1817 Sally Dixon, born North Carolina 178‑. They moved to Rockingham County, North Carolina about 1824 where he died 1831‑32. She survived him and moved to Missouri with her sons. No subsequent record.


i William (7) : b 1788.


ii Susan: b 1792.


iii Mary: b 1795, m 1815 Joseph Stephen Gibson, b N. C. 1790, she died 1823 and he m (2) Elizabeth Billingsley, his sister‑in‑law, for her children see below. They had:

1 Mary Gibson: b 1817.

2 Hiram Gibson: b 1819, m 1846 Mary, b N. C. 1822, both living in 1870, Rockingham Co., N. C. They had, known:

                a Frances Gibson: b 1847.

                b Elizabeth A. Gibson: b Sept. 1850.

                c Mary L. Gibson: b 1852.

                d Robert Sidney Gibson: b 1860.

                e Hiram Gibson: b 1863.

3 Franklin Gibson: b 1823, m 1863 Mary A., b . C. 1847. They had:

                a Sarah E. Gibson: b 1865.

                b Mary A . Gibson: b 1868.



iv Bazil: b 1800, d 1815.


v Eliza: b 1803, m a Mr. Robertson.


vi Elizabeth: b 1805, m 1826 Joseph Stephen Gibson, his 2d wife, both living in 1870, Rockingham Co., N. C. They had:

1 William Gibson: b 1828.

2 Mahala Gibson: b 1830.

3 John Gibson: b 1832, m 1850 Lucy, b N. C. 1832.

4 Jackson Gibson: b 1834, m 1855 Mahala, b N. C. 1831, both living 1870 Rockingham Co., N. C. They had:

                a John Gibson: b 1857.

                b Pleasant Gibson: b 1860.

                c Elizabeth Gibson: b 1862.

                d Mary Gibson: b 1866.

                e Virginia Gibson: b 1868.

                f Sarah Gibson: b Aug. 1870.


vii . John: b 1810, d unmarried.


viii Margaret: b 1815, d childhood.


ix James: b 1818, 2d wife, died 1830’s.


x Bazil: b 1819, d 1832.


xi Thomas: b 1821, moved to Mo.


xii William Henry: b 1825, moved to Mo.



                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John. 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in 1765. He migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia prior to 1787. On March 4, 1787 he was deeded 200 acres of land on Little River by Samuel and Elizabeth Thornton, and on 10 December 1787 he wax deeded 350 acres of land by Nehemiah and Elizabeth Wood of Augusta, Georgia. He married prior to 1790 Mary Winston, born Georgia 176869. He is listed in Tax Digests of 1792 as owning 200 acres of land in Wilkes County. He was executor to the will of Franky Atkins, which he probated 10 June 1801, was legatee in his father’s will in 1799 and was one of the executors, his brother James being the other. He made final return on this estate 5 March 1805. In the Land Lottery of 1803 he had two draws, and in the one of 1806 he had two draws for himself, and executed two draws as executor to the estate of his brother, William. He died .January 1807 and . on .12 January 1807 the estate of Samuel Billingsley wax appraised by Francis Billingslea, Alexander Norris, John Langdon, and John Hendricks. Mary survived him . some years and was deceased prior to 1820. Children used the name of Billingslea.


i B. (7) : b 27 Dec. 1790.


ii Winston: . b 1792. He served as 2d Corp Little’s Ga. Militia in the War of 1812,‑was 5 feet and 10 inches in height, blue eyes, and dark .hair. He. married 15 Jan. 1843 Malinda Johnson, b Ga. 1816. He was granted 160 acres of land 17 Nov. 1855 for 1812 service, resided in Harris Co., Ga. where he died 12 July 1856, his estate administered by Benjamin Johnson. Malinda survived him, moved to Opelika, Ala. where she applied in 1872 for land and a pension on 1812 service under Act of 1871. Land claim was rejected and the pension claim allowed on his service in War of 1812 and continued to date of her death 4 Sept. 1897. They had:

1 Mary A.: b 1844.

2 Martha E.: b 1845.

3 Ophelia: b 1847.

4 Malinda J.: b 1854.

5 Lalissa J.: b 1854.

6 Virginia: b 1855.


iii Mary: b Oct. 1793, m  Dec. 1813 Wilkes Co., Ga. Thomas Borum, moved to Jackson Co., Ga. in 1830’s, had two daughters living in 1820.


iv John: b Feb. 1795. Resided in Harris Co., Ga. in June 1850. On 16 Nov. 1850 he applied for land for service in War of 1812 stating he served as Pvt. Capt. John Little’s Co., Col. Harris’ Regt. 20 Aug. 1813 to 1 Nov. 1814 as a substitute for William Northen, and was granted 80 acres of land 20 Aug. 1851. On 30 Nov. 1855 he was granted an additional 80 acres of land on same service. On 2 Mar. 1872 he applied for a pension under Act. of 1871. In this claim he states he did not bear arms against the Union in war of 1861‑65, the claim was allowed and he was pensioned 19 July 1872 for 1812 service. The pension records do not show when he died. There is no evidence that he was ever married. Why he should have applied for a pension is not understood as he was a wealthy man for his day and time. He died about 1876‑77 leaving a large estate including two cotton mills and said to have been estimated approximately $150,000. Samuel C. Billingslea of Miss.  spent a major part of the year 1878 in Ga. settling up the estate.


v Howell: b 1798 Wilkes Co.;, Ga., moved to Troupe Co., Ga. where he m prior to 1823 Mary, b Ga. 1802. He was a farmer resided Troupe Co., Ga. and moved to Co., Ma. about 1834 where they resided to 1840 then returned to Troupe Co., Ga., and after a few


years removed to Tallapoosa Co., Ala. Both were deceased before 1860. They had:

1 Francis: b 1823, d 1835.

2 Mary: b 1826 Ga.

3 Nancy: b 1831 Ga., m 1858 James M. Estes, b Tenn. 1806, resided Troupe Co., Ga. They had:

                a William R. Estes: b 1859.

4 Ann: b 1833 Ga., m prior to 1855 Randolph Pearson, b Ga. 1831, resided Tallapoosa Co., Ala., both living in 1870. They had, known:

                a John Pearson: b 1855.

                b Charles Pearson: b 1860.

                c Willis Pearson: b 1863.

                d Leonidas Pearson: b 1867.

5 Henry G.: b 1834 Ala. Moved to Monroe Co., Ark. about 1856 where he was a merchant in 1860.

6 Emily: b Dec. 1835, m 1856 John G. MeLendon; b Ga. 1829, resided Tallapoosa Co., Ala. They had, known:

                a Ella M. McLendon: b 1857.

                b Emily McLendon: b 1859.

                c David A.: b 1838 Ala. Moved to Hempstead Co., Ark.: where he m prior to 1860 Letty A. Armstrong, b S. C. 1838. No subsequent record.

8 James: b 1840 Chambers Co., Ala., moved to Monroe Co., Ark., with his brother, Henry; a merchant in 1860, m Lucy prior to 1870 and resided Clarke Co., Ark. in 1880. They had:

                a Frank: b 1870.

9 Francis H.: b 1841 Troupe Co., Ga., was living in 1860 Troupe Co., Ga., with his sister, Nancy Estes.,

10 Howell: b 1842 Troupe Co., Ga., moved to Ala. with his parents. He enlisted 24 July 1861 at Hackneyville, Ala., Pvt. G, 14th Ala. Inf., C. S. A.; lost thumb and 1st finger, right hand, at Gettysburg, 2 July 1863; A. W. 0: L. 8 Oct. 1863. Discharged Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability 16 Mar. 1864 at Orange Court House, Va. He was 5 feet 10 inches in height, gray eyes, and dark hair. He evidently enlisted again as he was on a List of Prisoners paroled 20 June 1865 at Talladega, Ala. He m prior to 1870 Elizabeth, b Ala. 1840, resided Tallapoosa. Co., Ala. No record of children.


vi James: b Sept. 1800. He m (1) prior to 1820 Sarah , b Ga. 1798, resided Jasper Co., Ga. in 1820, she died 1827 and he m (2) Mary , b Ga. 1800, moved to Heard Co., Ga. where he died 1833 and she m (2) George Aldridge,

billingsley 3_Pic70



b R. I. 1790, both were living in 1870 in Heard Co., Ga. They had:

1 Sarah: b 1823, died act. 12 years.

2 Elizabeth: b 1827, died inf.

3 James: b 1833, 2d wife. He enlisted 23 Sept. 1861 Pvt. D, 35th Ga. Inf., C. S. A., died 2 Aug. 1862 at General Hospital, Danville, Va. of pneumonia.

4 William Aldridge: b 1835, 2d marriage.

5 Eliza Telitha Aldridge: b 1837.

6 Henry H. Aldridge: b 1841.


vii Charity: b 1802, m 14 Jan. 1819 Wilkes Co., Ga. Burwell L. Barnes, moved to Harris Co., Ga. before 1830. No record of children.


viii Samuel: b 1805, died 1808.


                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford, Maryland in 1766‑67. She married 1782‑83 Thomas Norris, born Baltimore County, Maryland 23 January 1756, a twin. The following account is taken from the manuscript records of The Norris Family completed 1930 by the compiler of this Billingsley history.

He was educated in the schools of Baltimore, Maryland. In 1776 he and his brother, John, enlisted as Privates, Captain John H. Stone’s Company, 1st Maryland Regular Troops. (Arch. Md. vol. xviii‑5.) In 1778 Thomas signed the Oath of Allegiance on the Return of James Me “Thomas Norris, of John.” , (Mss. Md. records vol. iii, 1.) After 1778 he probably read medicine with some physician in Baltimore as there is no record of his having attended lectures or of graduating from any of the four medical colleges in existence in 1780. Dr. Norris moved to Wilkes County, Georgia the latter part of the year 1786 and there is extant a letter written by him dated April 1787 to his brother, John Norris, in Harford County, Maryland in which he mentions a piece of land he bought which he intended to open up in the fall. His brother, Alexander Norris, either moved to Georgia with him or followed shortly afterwards as Alexander was recipient of a grant of land, 108 acres, in 1789. His father in law, Francis Billingsley, followed him to Wilkes County, Georgia late in the year 1789 or early in 1790. Thomas and Sarah Norris deeded land to Samuel Billingsley 27 December 1790. (Deeds Lib. 1790‑2 fols. 289‑40.) They made a quit claim deed to John Nelson 6 September 1793: (Deeds Lib. ‑ MM, fols. 476‑479.) Thomas Norris was appointed guardian for Mary Billingsley April 1800 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He moved to Baldwin County, Georgia about 1804, this portion was made a part of Morgan County in 1808. There is recorded in Morgan County a deed of Gift to his daughter, Mary Norris, of a slave, etc. this deed made 9 April 1803 in Wilkes County,



Georgia and not recorded till 9 April 1818 in Morgan County. On January .1st, .1818 .Thomas deeded to his son, Benjamin B. Morris, 2 slaves for use & benefit of the two children of sd Benjamin B. Morris, etc. He died at Madison, Georgia 23 April 1818 and is buried there. The stone on his grave is still in an excellent state of preservation. This grave is marked with a bronze marker of the Sons of the American Revolution furnished by the compiler, it was placed and dedicated under the auspices of Henry Walton Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution of‑Madison, Georgia; in May 1930. He was an old line Whig and the family Methodists. There is evidence to warrant statement that he was a member of the Masonic fraternity tho the lodge in which he was made a Mason is not known. On the 8 May 1818 there is a quit claim deed from Bnejamin B. Morris “For the natural Love & Affection towards my mother, said Sarah Morris, Asceneth Ann Lane, Susan Morris, Emily Morris, Mary Morris, Thomas Pinckney Morris, Alexander Morris, Calvin Morris, William Morris, and James Morris, my brothers and sisters, etc., in as much as he hath received from my father in his life time such assistance as doth hereby quit claim all right & title to the ad estate to ad mother, Sarah Morris, for life and at her death same to be divided among remaining brothers and sisters.” (Deed, recorded 11 Mar. 181;.) Thomas Morris died without leaving any will. Bond for administration of his estate was made 1 March 1819 by Sarah Morris, with Samuel Shields and Edward Lane as bondsmen for $14,000. (Adms Lib. K, fol. 85.) An additional bond was made by Sarah Morris on 12 July 1823 for $10,000, with Nathaniel Allen and Hudson T. Wareas.

                It will be noted that the deed of Benjamin B. Morris establishes proof of the children with exception of one, John B. Morris. On 5. March 1823Thomas P. Morris, of Mobile, Alabama appoints “my brother, John B. Morris, of Cahaba, sd State” my lawful attorney for estate of my late father, Thomas Morris, of Morgan County, Georgia to make over to my mother, etc. (Deeds Lib. 188, fol. X38.) On 14 February 1824 John B. Morris, attorney for Thomas P. Morris, appoints his brother, Calvin R. Morris, of Morgan County, Georgia as attorney for sd Thomas P. Norris, signed at Cahaba, Alabama. On the same date John B. Norris‑makes a quit claim deed to. his mother, Sarah Morris. Calvin R. Morris, attorney for Thomas P. Morris, of the State of Alabama deeds to Sarah Morris, widow of late Thomas Morris; deceased, of the county and state aforesaid, etc. dated 11 March 1824. Said Calvin R. Morris made a quit claim deed to estate of Thomas Morris to his mother 14 February 1824. On 8 March 1824 Sarah Norris, administratrix of Thomas Morris, decsd, executed two deeds to Felix Bryan, lots 637 and 638 for $200, and a lot 54 for 1600. (Deeds Lib. 1824, fols. 2,42‑2.1,3.) On 18 March 1824 Sarah Morris deeded to Hudson T. Ware a slave for $600. (Deeds Lib. 1824, fol. 240.) This is the last record of Sarah in Georgia. She moved to Dallas County, Alabama. where 1? June 1824 she was granted a Y4 section of land


by the U. S. government. She deeded this .land to James Scott on 14 ‑July‑‑1825, deed witnessed by John B. Norris. . She died before .1827 and is buried in the old cemetery at Cahaba tho no stone marks her grave. Evidence of her decease before 1827 or earlier is that the State of Georgia in 1827 issued certificates for land for Revolutionary service to soldiers, their widows, or heirs. Thomas Norris died in 1818, Sarah, as widow, does not‑appear, but Alexander Norris, eldest son and heir at law, does appear and was granted the land. This Alexander still owned this land in 1851.

With exception of the direct line of the compiler and the line of Emily ‑Frances Norris, the children of Sarah Ann Billingsley Norris will not be carried forward in this history as they are fully accounted for in the Manuscript History of the Norris Family completed in 1930.


i Asenath Ann Norris: b 178‑ Md., m Edward Lane.


ii Alexander Norris: b Feb. 1786 Md., m Susan (Marshall ?).


iii John Bradford Norris (7) : b Mar. 1787 Ga.


iv Benjamin Billingsley Norris: b 1789, m Mary E. Rutherford.


v Child: b 1791, died infancy.


vi Susan Norris: b 1794, m Hudson. T. Ware, see Ware Excursus.


vii Emily Frances Norris (7) : b 30 Jan. 1796 Ga., m 28 Dec. 1818 Judge Nathaniel Allen, b Va. 3 Nov. 1783, resided Madison, Ga., she died 21 Oct. 1862 and he died 26 Apr. 1865, buried Madison, Ga. They had:

1 Sarah Ann Allen: b 18 July 1821.

2Nathaniel Norris Allen (8) : b 22 May 1824. Was a physician, m 30 May 1855 Sarah Louise Wade, b 22 Mar. 1821. He died 13 Oct. 1881 at Galveston, Tex., she died 24 Nov. 1907. They had:

                a Mary Emily Allen (9): b 4 Feb. 1872, m 25 June 1890 George Smedley Osborne, b Eng. reside Hempstead, Tex. .They had:

                                al Louise Ellen Osborne (10) : b 17 Apr. 1892, m 29 Nov. 1915, James Thomas Schindler, reside Hempstead, Tex. They had: Jane Allen; Thomas Osborne; and Mary Louise.

                b Nathaniel Norris Allen, Jr. (9) : b 19 Feb. 1874, m ‑ 8 Oct., 1913 Nell. Sandmeyer, he is a physician, reside Houston, Tex. They had:

                                bI Virginia Allen (10) : b 21 Aug. 1914.

                                b2 Sarah Nell, Allen (10) : b 10 Dec. 1915.

3 Pamela Frances Allen (8) : b 24 Apr. 1826, m (1) 27 July 1843 Thomas Wyatt, b Va. 1809, he


died 4 Nov. 1844; she m‑. (2) 2 Nov. 1847 Samuel R. Blake, b N. C. 1815, he died 1867 in Tex., she died 3 May 1890 Tex. There were 5 Blake children. They had:

                a Emily Kate Wyatt (9) : b. 14 June 1844, m 4 Feb. 1864 Tex., William Wharton Groce, b Tex. 12 Sept. 1837, she died at Galveston, Tex., 9 July 1920, he died 25 May 1924. They had:

al Fannie Blake Groce: b 15 Dec. 1864, died 26 May 1879.

a2 Leonard C. Groce: b 26 Sept. 1867, m Maximina Machen, he died 2 Mar. 1928.

a3 Leila Groce: b 26 May 1871, m 13 Sept. 1893 James M. Cravens.

4 Sarah Wharton Groce (10) : b 23 Dec. 1876, m 26 Apr. 1898 George Berlet, b Tex. 8 Apr. 1869, reside Houston, Tex. They had:

a Emily Kathleen Berlet (11): b 25 Feb. 1899.

b John Wharton Berlet: b 17 Sept. 1901.

c Travis Montgomery Berlet: b 5 Feb. 1904.

d William Groce Berlet: b 5 Dec. 1905.

e Rosalin Allen Berlet: b 15 Jan. 1910.

5 Katie Willeen Groce (10): b 14 July 1880, m (1) 19 Dec. 1900 Arthur Richard Billingsley, b Canada 14 Nov. 1860, he died 29 Dec. 1902 Tex., she m (2) Robert J. Calder, reside Galveston Tex. See Billingsley Part VIII. They had:

                a Bruce Calder Billingsley (11) : b 5 Oct. 1901.

                b Kate Willeen Calder: b 16 Oct. 190?.

                c Robert J. Calder: b 11 Dec. 1916.


viii Mary Norris: b 1798 Ga., died unmarried in Tex. in the 1880’s.


ix Thomas Pinckney Norris: b 22 Mar. 1801, m Mary Tuttle Baldwin.


x Calvin R. Norris: b 1806, m Emily Croom.


xi William Jefferson Norris: b 26 July 1808,. m Rebecca Lou Rutherford.


xii James Archer Norris: b 1 June 1810, m Sarah Ann Moss.



(Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland 13 May 1769, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with his parents about 1789. He married about 1793 Sarah Turner, born Georgia 16 March 1776, daughter of Meahack and Rebecca Turner, see


Turner Excursus. They moved to Greene County, Georgia where he was one of the early settlers. He dated his ‑will 4 April‑1800 and died 31 October 1800, will probated November 1800. Sarah married (2) in 1801 a Mr‑Foster, she died 21 May 1804. From family records of Dr. C. C. Billingslea it is learned the children were reared in the home of Francis J. Billingslea, of Wilkes County, Georgia.



They had, known:

1 Sarah W. Turner: b 1794, m Francis B. Billingslea, No. 111, which see, she d 1859 Miss.

2 James Turner: b ca 1798.

3 John Turner: b 18‑. Ga.

4 Daniel Calhoun Turner: b 1802 Wilkes Co., Gs. Moved to Cobb Co., Ga. where he m Nancy Culwell, b Ga. 1812; a widow who had several children at the time of this marriage. Resided Cobb Co., Ga. in 1850. No record of any children.

5 Meshack Turner: b 180‑, died small.

6 Martha Coleman Turner: b 1812 Ga., probably Wilkes Co.   She married (1) prior to 1830 a Mr. Williamson. They removed from Wilkes Co. to west Ga. where he died about 1845.    She married (2) a Mr. Barnes and resided in Ga. to about 1858 when they moved to Miss. She was a widow in 1880 and resided in Rankin Co., Miss. in the home of her daughter, Sallie, where she died 1885‑86. They had:

                a James Thomas Jefferson Williamson: b ca 1830 in Ga. He enlisted 28 Apr. 1862 as Pvt. G. 28th Miss. Cav., C. S. A.; made Brigade Scout 3 Oct. 1863. On a roll of Prisoners 14 Dec. 1864, cap. at Lebanon, Tenn.;           4 Jan. 1865 at Camp Chase, Ohio; on 9 Apr. 1865 at Yandell hospital; paroled 12 May 1865. He moved to Texas before 1870. No record of his family.

                b Minerva Williamson: b 1832 Ga., m a Mr. Skinner and moved to Texas, has a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Roark, living in Texas, address not known.

                c John Andrew Williamson: b 5 Dec. 1834 Ga., m Sara Rebecca Billingslea, No. 433, which see.

                d Wyatt H. Williamson: b 1837 Ga. He enlisted 24 Aug. 1861 at Grenada, Miss. as Pvt. B, 6th Miss. Inf., C. S. A. Wounded at Point Gibson 1 May 1863, served in 6th, 14th, and 43d Regis. On 9 Apr. 1865 was Pvt. A, 14th, Miss. Consol. Inf.  He m Sue Hill, lived and died in Hinds Co., Miss.

                e Margaret A. Williamson: b 1839 Ga., m prior to 1859 Henry A. Miley, b Miss. 1840, resided Rankin Co., Miss. in 1870. They had:

                                el Jesse D. Miley: b 1859.

                                e2 Robert H. Miley: b 1861.

                                e3 Susan E. Miley: b 1864.

                                e4 ‑Eliza C. Miley: b 1868.

                                e5 Henry L. Miley: b May 1870.



                f Elizabeth Williamson: b ‑1841 Ga., m Thomas Lawrence, she died in Rankin Co., Miss.

                g Sallie Williamson: b 1843 Ga., m prior to 1867 J. M. Williams, b Miss. 1847, resided Rankin Co., Miss. They had, known:

                                gl John N. Williams: b 1867.

                                g2 Martha Coleman Williams: b 1873.

                                g3 James Williams: b 1876.

                h L. Eva Williamson: b 1845‑46 Ga., m prior to 1871 I. B. Lawrence, b Miss. 1850, resided Rankin Co. Miss. They had, known:

                                hl John Lawrence: b 1871

                                h2 Luther Lawrence: b 1875.

                                h3 Jefferson Lawrence: b 1876.

                                h4 Maud Lawrence: b 1879.

                i Daniel Barnes: b ca 1848 Ga., 2d marriage. Edna Cotton Barnes: b 1850 Ga., m prior to 1870 Jesse Lawrence, b Miss. 1837, resided Rankin Co., Miss. They had:

                                i1 Martha L. Lawrence: b 1870.,

                                i2 Mary A. Lawrence: b 1872.

                                i3 Jesse A. Lawrence: b 1874.

                                i4 E. L. Lawrence: b 1876 (son).

                                i5 Thomas G. Lawrence: b 1879.

7 Manuel Coleman Turner: b 1814‑15 Ga.$ m (1) Susan she died 1836 and he m (2) prior to 1844 Cynthia, b Ga. 1820, resided Cobb. Co., Ga. They had:

                a William C. Turner: b 1835.

                b Susannah Turner: b 1836.

                c Cynthia Turner: b 1844.

                d Nancy E. H. Turner: b 1846.

                e Amanda Turner: b 1848.

                f Manuel C. Turner: b Feb. 1850.


v Sarah Turner: b 16 Mar. 1776, m 1792 William Billingslea, No. 44, which see.


vi Susannah Turner: b 177‑, m Wilhite prior to 1796.


vii Polly Turner: b 178‑, unmarried in 1796.



                (Francis 6, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland December 1769. He migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia with his brother‑in‑law, Thomas Norris. He married (1) February 1788 Jeanne Watson, born 176‑. He was a farmer. In 1797 a petition was made to the State legislature for a divorce and a bill was


introduced, it, was passed 10 ‑February 1797. This procedure made to fully protect property rights of each party. He married (2) about July 1797 Alcey Jane Lawyer, born Georgia in 1780, daughter of Joseph Lawyer. He was legatee in his father’s will in 1798, and Tax Digests of 1792 Wilkes County show he owned land which bordered some of his father’s land. They moved .to Baldwin County, Georgia about 1805 with some of the other members of the family. He was a party to a deed with Cyrus, Francis J., and James Billingslea, Thomas Norris, and David White 29 December 1809 to James Milligan, a parcel of land 202 X acres, Lot 263 in “Old Baldwin County.” (Deeds 1809, fol. 387.) Resided Morgan County and engaged in farming. Alcey died about 1818. In 1822 he moved to Alabama with John B. Norris and others and resided for a time in Cahaba, then moved to Montgomery County where lie died between 1842 and 1849.

A word concerning Jeanne: after her divorce she moved to Greene County, Georgia near her mother and after 1803 she moved to Morgan County. It is not known the name of her father, her mother was Margaret Watson who dated her will 21 Sept. 1802 in Greene County, Georgia: “I, Margaret Watson of the County of Greene and State of Georgia being low in health but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others. I give and bequeath to the children of my daughter Mary Hunter my Negro girl Pheby they to receive the benefits of her until the youngest of them shall arrive at the age of twenty one years and then it is my desire that the said Negro with all of her increase be equally divided between them. I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret one negro girl named Esther with all her increase provided that the said Margaret pays to John Wilson forty dollars at the time of receiving the said Negro. I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane my proportion of the outstanding debts due to the estate of Daughter Watson Decs’d. I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Polly Billingslea my saddle and all my wearing apparel. I do appoint my son Douglas Watson Executor to this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and sealed with my seal this 21st day. of September, eighteen hundred and two.

Margaret Watson

Her X Mark

Test. Hester Lawkey. Benjamin Baldwin

                Proven in open Court by oaths of subscribing witnesses and recorded 30 September 1803. ; s It is not known if there is any relationship between this Margaret Watson and the Douglas Watson recorded in the Park Excursus tho from



the name of her son being Douglas it is apparent there is some relation‑ . ship.

On‑12 May 1807 she executed a deed of gift to three grand children, Allen, Hannah, and Rachel McLain, children of my daughter, Rhoda, wife of Lewis McLain, to each a feather bed and furniture, etc. On 4 December 1809 she executed another deed of gift to grand daughters, Alice and Elizabeth McLain, each a feather bed, pewter ware, and chairs, etc. This deed was recorded 25 January 1810. (Deeds Lib. B, fol. 48,4.9.) She moved to Jasper County, Georgia about February 1810 and died 1815‑1817.


i Rhoda: b Nov. 1788, m 1804 Lewis McLain, resided Greene and Morgan Cos., Ga. They had, known

1 Allen McLain: b Jan. 1805.

2 Hannah McLain: b Feb. 1806.

3 Rachel McLain: b May 1807.

4 Alice McLain: b Nov. 1809.

5 Elizabeth McLain: b Nov. 1809, a twin.


ii Jeanne: b 1790, died childhood.


iii Mary (7) : b 1793.


iv Asenath: b 1796, died infancy.


v John: b 1798, 2d wife, m 4 Jan. 1817 Jasper Co., Ga. Polly Ross, moved to Ala. in 1822 and died sine prole.


vi Joseph Lawyer (7): b 1800 Ga.


vii Alcey Jane: b 1807, died childhood.



                      (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 28 October 1774, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with his parents in 1789. He married (1) prior to 1797 Martha Partridge, born 9 February 1777. He was named in his father’s will in 1798. On 9 July 1800 he was chosen as guardian by John Billingslea. In Land Lottery of 1803 he had two draws, and in the Lottery of 1806 he also had two draws. On 12 January 1807 he was appraiser on the estate of Samuel Billingslea, deceased, with Alexander Norris, John Langdon, and John Hendricks. In or about 1808 he was plaintiff against one Bazil. Lamar concerning land and produced the original plat and grant, etc., Cyrus and James Billingslea were his security, etc. In Inferior Court record 1817‑1824, folio 135 he was one of a committee to investigate the will of John Langdon He was a resident of Wilkes County in 1820. This portion of the county became Taliaferro County in the 1820’s.

                The children of his brother William who died in 1800 were reared in his home. Martha had a brother Nicholas, who resided in Taliaferro County. Martha died 12 September 1836 and he married (2) 17 April 1838 Lucinda (Towns) Duberry, widow, born Georgia, in 1797, a daughter


of William Towns who died in Wilkes County in 1811 and Rebecca, his wife, who died in Taliaferro County before 25 September 1847 and mentions in her will her daughter Lucinda and Francis Billingslea, etc. Francis J. was a planter and slave owner, he dated his will 11 October 1847, he was living June 1850 and died 14 September 1850, said will probated 4 October 1850. He makes no provision for his living daughter but divides his estate into five parts, one to Wife, Lucinda; one to son, John; one to son, Francis Alexander; one to Garland Wingfield in trust for son, James and his children, some of them by a first wife; and one to son, Cyrus. Lucinda was living in October 1850 and was deceased before 1860. Francis and Martha are buried in the family plot on the plantation. I am reliably informed the old home is still standing but has passed out of the family. No children by second marriage.


i Sarah: b 2 Apr. 1797 Wilkes Co., Ga. She m Garland Wingfield and died 11 Mar. 1830, buried in the family lot on the plantation, Taliaferro Co., Ga. No mention of any children.


ii Francis : b 1798, died 1829 in Ala.


iii John: b 1798, a twin, died 1821 in Ga.


iv Martha: b 1800, died 1809.


v Cyrus (7) : b 1803 Ga.


vi James W. (7): b 1807.


vii Martha: b 1811 Wilkes Co., Ga., she m Josiah Brown and moved to Ala. She was living in Chambers Co., Ala. In 1860 and a widow, only child of record is:

1 Martha Ann Brown: b 1840 Ala.


viii Walter: b 1817, died small.


ix Mary: b 1820, died 1822‑23. John: b 1822. Was living in 1860 in Dougherty Co., Ga.


xi Francis Alexander: b 1825 Taliaferro Co., Ga. He married 28 Mar. 1848 Rebecca Ann . 0’Neal, b Ga. 1828. They moved to Dougherty Co., Ga. about 1858 where he was a farmer and listed in 1860 with real estate and personality valued at 153,000. He enlisted 4 Aug. 1863 as Pvt. Capt. James’ Co., 15th Batt. Cav., Ga. State Guards. No further record of this organization. On a supposed List of Prisoners paroled at Albany, Ga. 1 July 1865 is one “F. A. Billingslea.” He died about 1869, Rebecca was living in 1880. They had:

1 Cornelia: b 1849 Taliaferro Co., Ga., she m prior to 1870 Dr. Alexander, both deceased some years prior to 1932. They had:

                a Annie Belle Alexander: b 18‑, m Nicholas Cruger,


she ‑was living at last accounts and resided Baltimore, Md. They had:

                                al Wright Cruger.

2 Francis A.: b 1852. Went to Texas after 1870.

3 Mary: b 1854, m prior to 1877 Col. Edward Wight, b Ga. 1847; she was living 1932 in Atlanta, Ga. They had.

                a Edward Wight: b 1877.

4 Robert A.: b Dec. 1859 Dougherty Co., Ga. Went to Texas after 1880.

5 Child: b 186‑, d inf.

6 Julia Gertrude: b 1868, m a Mr. Peck. No children.



                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 1775‑76, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with his parents about 1789. He is listed in Land Lottery of 1803 with two draws. He married prior to 1805 Elizabeth Scott, born 17‑ said to be of a Virginia family. He is listed in Land Lottery of 1806 with two draws. On 26 August 1806 he witnessed the will of Anna Dana; on 11 April 1807 he witnessed the will of one James Gresham. In 1807 he was, with his brother James, security for Francis J. Billingslea in his suit against one Bazil. Lamar. He was administrator with his brother, James, on the estate of Clement Billingslea and on 25 October 1808 was given a receipt by Patsey Billingslea the widow for $1500 as her share of the estate this instrument recorded in Morgan County, Georgia. (Deeds C, fol. 44.) On 29 Dec. 1809 he was a party, to a deed to John Milligan of Morgan County for land in said County formerly old Baldwin County. (Deeds C, fol. 38y.) They settled in Morgan County early in 1810 and on 14 August 1810 he was a witness to a deed in a sheriff’s sale of land of the estate of John Billingslea. (Deeds B, fol. 316.) He was Captain of the 285th District Company, Georgia Militia. (Min. of Court 1809‑i0, fol. X06.) He resigned as Captain 26 June 1812. He was Collector of Taxes 1812 Morgan County, Georgia. On 23 June 1821 he was deeded by Van Leonard and William Clark 14 of Lot 248, 50 5/8 acres adjoining land he now owns. (Deeds 180‑21, fol. i60.) On 13 November 1822 he was deeded by Presley and Sally Pritchard Lot 256, 202 q acres. On 21 July 1824 he deeded to Francis Billingslea, Senior and John W. Porter, Morgan County, land and other effects in trust for my daughter Sarah Barrow, etc. (Deeds i828‑24, fol. 292.) On 6 April 1826 he deeded to the same parties a Negro, Kitty, in trust for use of daughter Sarah Barrow, etc. (Deeds A, fol. 14.) He dated his will July 1825; names wife, Elizabeth; daughter Sarah Barrow; daughter Nancy Scott Ware; daughter Eliza Elizabeth Park; and son, Francis James Billingslea. Thomas J.


Park, William Ware, and Francis James Billingslea, when he comes of age, named as. executors. Witnessed by William. Davenport, William Jones, and Marcus Hemphill. This will was probated in open court 3 July 1826 by the‑subscribing witnesses. On 29 September 1829 a certified copy of this will was drawn up and signed by John W. Porter, Ordinary dated 12 o’clock midnight, and furnished Thomas J. Park. This copy is still in possession of Judge James B. Park. Will recorded in Morgan County, Georgia and is too long for entire inclusion. Elizabeth survive him a few years and appears to have been deceased in 1830.


i Sarah D.: b 1805 Wilkes Co., Ga., moved to Morgan Co., Ga. with her parents and m (1) prior to July 1825 William T. Barrow, of Burke Co., Ga. She was a legatee in her      I father’s will in 1825. Barrow died and she m. (2) prior to 1843 John Jones, known as “Jack” and also as “Whirlwind” Jones. He died prior to 1850.  She died at Clinton, Ga. 1862‑64. They had:

1 Cyrus Billingslea Barrow: b 1826. He m prior to 1855 Emily F. Williams, b Ga. 1832. He was Editor and Teacher and is said to have died about 1898, resided Morgan Co., Ga. They had:

                a Cyrus B. Barrow, Jr.: b 1855.

                b John P. Barrow: b 185?.

                c Frances Barrow: b May 1860. She m (1) W. A. McLain, (2) ca 1922 C. M. Adams. She died in 1930 at Macon, Ga. About 1923 we made considerable effort to get some statements from her concerning her Billingslea connection but for some reason she would never reply. We did succeed, however, thru a third party in Texas in getting what we were after. It appears she had been in communication with John Billingsley of Ill. Who had sent her some data concerning the Ky. family, etc. and that she had assumed that this John of Ky.      was the father of Cyrus and used the record for a D. A. R. line. They had:

                                cl William K. McLain: b 18‑, m , resided Bonham, Tex. 1923.

                                c2 Sarah McLain: b 18‑, m prior to 1923 C. R. Bush. Reside Macon Ga. 1930. We have not been able to secure any information about this lady.

                d Susie Barrow: b 186‑, m Fort E. Land, resided Macon, Ga. in 1923.

2 John Barrow: b 182‑, died 1856 at Philadelphia, Pa.Buried at Clinton, Ga.


3 Francis O: Jones: b 1843. Living in 1860.


ii Nancy Scott (7) : b 1807.


iii Eliza Elizabeth: b 22 Feb. 1809, m Thomas J. Park, b 7 Mar. 1802, he died 16 Jan. 1856 Morgan Co., Ga., she died 12 July 1884. See Park Excursus. They had four children, three died in infancy.

1 James Billingslea Park: b 25 Nov. 1825, m Missouri Edrington Billingslea, 1st cousins, see No. 279.


iv Francis James (7): b 1810.



                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 23 June 1778, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with his parents in 1789. Was named as one of the executors to his father’swill. On 9 July 1800 James Billingslea was chosen as guardian by Clement and Howell Billingslea. On 23 February 1801 he was again chosen by them as their guardian. In the Land Lottery of 1803 he is listed with one draw. On 5 March 1805 he signed as one of the executors the final return of the estate of his father. He married (1) in the year 1805 Mildred Grant, born North Carolina in 1780. She was a daughter of Thomas Grant, born Hanover County, Virginia in 1757 and Frances Owen. Thomas was a son of Daniel Grant and Elizabeth Tail; and Frances was a daughter of John Owen and Mildred Grant. Thomas and Frances were the parents of Daniel who m Lucy Crutchfield; William who m Ritura Mills; Thomas who m Mary Baird; and Elizabeth who m William Love. Thomas Grant moved to North Carolina where he served as Ensign and Lieutenant in the Revolution, later moved to Wilkes County, Georgia where he died in 1828. (D. A. R. Mag. SePt. 197.) Mildred died in 1807 sine prole. In 1807 James was security for his brother, Francis, in a land suit. On 22 July 1808 he was one of the appraisers to estate of Lesley Coats. On 20 February 1811 he signed an affidavit as “Justice of the Peace.” All above in Wilkes County, Georgia. He migrated to Jones County where he married (2) 5 October 1814 Elizabeth, daughter of Solomon Slatter and Nancy Flewellen, born 4 April 1788, and the widow of William D. Bunkley whom she had married 30 January 1805, she had four children at the time of this marriage. James Billingslea was a planter and appears tohave been prosperous, it is believed he inherited considerable estate by his .second marriage, and, handled it to good advantage. He died 26 April 1829 and is buried at Clinton, Georgia. She married (3) 29 January 1832 Samuel Lowther, Esquire, he died in 1837 sine prole, she resided in Clinton, Georgia until after the civil war. It is said she was quite patriotic during the period and converted much of her property into Confederate money, but held her slaves. She moved to Montgomery, Alabama and resided with her daughter where she died 28 March 1871 said to have


left an estate of approximately $500,000 which was considered very enormous in that day and time.

                The old homestead in Jones County, Georgia was standing in 1923 and owned by a Mr. Jones, no connection of the family. It is not definitely known if this house was the original Billingslea home, or the home of Samuel Lowther tho it would appear that it is the Billingslea home. Dates of the children on this family are taken from the family Bible and were written by Elizabeth Billingslea, . said Bible was in possession of Mrs. F. M: Loveless, of Atlanta, Georgia in 1923.


i Jesse L. Bunkley: b 11 Nov. 1805, step son. Went to New Orleans, La. and never returned. A claimant appeared in the 1830’s and was .litigant in the famous Jesse Bunkley case. (See Ga. Law Records.)


ii William Luther Bunkley: b 19 Oct. 1809, step son, m Camilla Sanford.


iii William Dawson Bunkley: b 26 June 1811, step son.


iv Elizabeth Slatter Bunkley: b 19 Apr. 1813, step daughter.


v James Augustus: b 20 Nov. 1816, died 3 July 1856, unmarried,. is buried at Clinton, Ga.


vi Ann Flewellen (7) : b 10 Jan. 1819.


vii Louisa Asenath: b 4 Feb. 1821, died 6 Nov. 1823.


viii Frances Amanda (7): b 22 July 1822.


ix Mary Elizabeth (7) : b 2 Nov. 1823.


x Caroline Asenath Virginia: b 17 Mar. 1826, m (1) 18 July 1848 Reuben C. Shorter. They moved to Ala. About 1849 where he died and she m (2) about 1856 Tennant Lomax, a prominent character in Montgomery, Ala. He was Brig. Gen. in Confederate Service and killed 1 July 1862 in Va. (See Hist. of Ala., Owen), for details of his career. She survived him and died Montgomery, Ala. in 1906. They had

1 James Billingslea Shorter: b 12 July 1849 Ga., d after 1880 in Ala. unm.

2 Reuben Clark Shorter: b 25 Sept. 1850 Ala. Grad. Univ. of N. C. and a prominent lawyer of Montgomery, Ala., died unm.

3 Elizabeth Lomax: b 29 Apr. 1858, died 1862.

4 Tennant Lomax, Jr.: b 29 Apr. 1858, a twin, was a prominent lawyer of Montgomery, Ala., he died 1902 unmarried. ‘


                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland in 1780, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with his


parents in 1789. He was legatee in his father’s will dated December 1798.On 9 July 1800 he chose Francis Billingslea as his guardian; on 24 September 1800 he made a change and chose William Billingslea in place of Francis as guardian. In Land Lottery of 1803 he registered two draws in Wilkes County. He married in February 1801 Nancy, daughter of Ass Atkins, Senior, born Georgia in 1782. On 5 May 1804 he was appointed guardian for Jeremiah and Nancy ‘Atkins. In Land Lottery of 1806 he registered two draws for himself and two draws as guardian of the orphans of Ass Atkins. Nancy died in 1806 and John died May 1807. Inventory and appraisement 27 May 180? by Henry and John McCoy, and Alexander Autry. James Billingslea and Ass Atkins named administrators. John Billingslea, deceased and Asa‑Atkins were in copartnership in Baldwin County, Georgia. (Lib. LL. fol. 24 Wilkes Co.) James Billingslea and Asa Atkins, administrators, sold 100 Y4 acres of land on Jackson Creek under court order 14 August 1810. (Morgan Co., Records.) Minutes of Court 1807 show Jeremiah Miles was appointed guardian for Samuel and Asa Billingslea, orphans of John Billingslea, deceased. Administration Book I 1809‑1816 Wilkes County, shows estate of one Ass Atkins Morgan County, Georgia 20 February 1811 and a receipt of Jeremiah Atkins, ward of John Billingslea and later of Jeremiah Miles, attested by James Billingslea, Justice of the Peace.


i Samuel W. (7) : b Dec. 1801.


ii Nancy: b 1803, died 1805.


iiiAss Atkins (7) : b Oct. 1806.



                (Francis 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 7 November 1786, moved to Wilkes County, Georgia with her parents in the year 1789. She was born “Mary” and called “Polly.” On 9 July 1800 in Minutes of Inferior Court, Wilkes County, Georgia is record: John Billingslea chooses Francis Billingslea as guardian; Howell and Clement Billingslea choose James Billingsley as guardian; Polly Billingsley chooses Thomas Norris as guardian. On 23 February. 1801 Thomas Norris makes return as guardian for “Mary Billingsley.” She married the latter part of the year 1804 David White, born circa 1780, probably in Wilkes County, Georgia, he was a son of John White and Lucy Smith, said to have been natives of Virginia. John White dated his will 1 March 1804 and it was probated 5 March 1804 in Wilkes County, Georgia: wife, Lucy one half of profits and the grist mill; son, David, the other half, slaves, bed, etc.; Thomas, plantation where I now live, slaves, etc. at 18 years of age; Friend, William Stone, the place he now lives on for 10 years & then to son, Thomas White, Lucy, and David. Friend, William Stone and Bolling Anthony named executors. After her marriage they lived in the home of her mother‑in



law and there appears to have arisen a great affection between them and Mary adopted the middle name of Smith, she appears in subsequent records as Mary S. White. No Smith connection on the Billingsley side has. ever been discovered. They resided in Wilkes County to about March 1810 then moved to Morgan County with other members of the family. Baldwin County taken from Wilkes and in 1808 Baldwin split into Morgan and Jasper Counties. On 29 December 1809 Cyrus, Francis, Walter, and James Billingslea, Thomas Norris, and David White, all of Wilkes County, deeded to John Milligan of Morgan County, lot No. 263 in the fourth District of old Baldwin, now Morgan County, etc. This deed recorded in Morgan County 3 December 1811. A traditional statement claims they resided in Jones County for a time, there is nothing of record to substantiate this statement. They next definitely appear in Dallas County, Alabama and it is believed they moved there with members of the Norris family about 1821‑22, resided at Cahaba, the State Capitol at that time where David erected an hotel known as “White’s Tavern.” In this Tavern on 4 April 1825 there was held a banquet and reception for General Lafayette on his visit, a description of this is found in the Cahaba Press for 9 April 1825. It was not long after this that Cahaba was flooded out and the Capitol moved to Tuscaloosa. In Mobile, Alabama on 15 April 1826 Simon Caldron and Sostien Rouville heirs of Lucy Andry, deeded to David White, of Dallas County, Alabama a parcel of land, corner of Royal and St. Francis streets, 105 feet front on Royal and extending toward the river 167 feet on St. Francis street to lots sold by Lucy Andry to Oliver Holmes. (Deeds G, fol. 525.) David razed his tavern at Cahaba and moved it by flat boats to Mobile during the year. On this corner he constructed a frame building which was known for many years as the “Alabama Hotel.” He also acquired an adjoining lot and with the material from the Tavern he constructed another hotel known as the “Franklin House.” On 4 July 1832 he was deeded by Lazarus and Eugenic Chiensse for $4000 land comprising lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of square 8, and lots, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of square 9. (Deeds K, fol. 663.) On 17 February 1834 he sold lots to John Rugley and Fred K. West, (deeds M, fols. 386‑6) and also a little later lots to B. L. Barnes. (Deeds M, fol. 4O4.) On 15 May 1834 David White and Robert J. Ware, sd Ware of Montgomery, Alabama, being joint owners of the Alabama Hotel, Mobile, agreement to take Edwin Murry into co-partnership business, name shall be Edwin Murry & Co., sd concern to pay to owners $5000 1st year, 16000 the 2d year, and $6000 the 3d year. (Deeds M, fol. 568.) It was soon after‑this that the Alabama Hotel became known as the “Waverly House.”

                About 1835 David White became fiscal agent for the Texans in their struggle for independence and later was agent for the Republic of Texas with his office in Mobile, Alabama. On the 25 January 1838 the Republic of Texas issued to one Menard a patent for one League and Labor of Land


situated on and‑including the Eastern part of the Island of Galveston, consideration .50,000. David White financed this deal and accepted in part payment 67 shares of capital stock of the Galveston Land Company on 7 November 1838. In 1839 he .received an additional payment of $10,000 or so in cash.

                He is said to have been Cashier of the Alabama State Bank for many years, but advertisements of this bank for this period do not list his name in any capacity. He dated his will 19 November 1841 and died 20 November 1841 at the La Grange House, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He names wife, Mary S: White; grand son, David P. Lumpkin; grand daughter Mary A. Cowles; Daniel and Clement White, sons of T. Osborne White; daughter, Asenath Ware; cousin David White. Executors named Robert J. Ware and Mary S. White. Will witnessed by Chas. Patterson, James Guild, J. V. Van Dyke, and B. F. Porter, will was probated 18 January 1842 by the executors and is recorded at Montgomery, Alabama. (Lib. 2, fol. 256.)

                Following his death his attorney, one Lipscomb, converted the 67 shares of Galveston Land Co. to his own use without authority, said Lipscomb died in 1856 insolvent. In 1843 Mary S. White deeded to William H. Rivers land Sec. 2, formerly No. 35T3, S of R, on W, 634 acres patented to William Magee, also parcels situate on south side Chicasabogue, etc. containing 5740 acres. (Deeds DNS, fol. 70.) In 1849 Robert J. Ware, executor to will of David White deeded to James Battle property on Royal and St. Francis streets, etc. (Deeds Q NS, fol. 91.) From Mobile Register 21 July 1851 and November 1852 is culled the following: “In 1850 the Mansion House, south east Royal and Conti Streets was destroyed by fire, and one week following the “Waverly House” went by the same route. In the autumn of the same year a company, John, James, and Samuel Battle, and others was formed and a new hotel was commenced, a five story brick, it opened to the public 15 November 1852, and was known as the “Battle House.” The compiler well remembers this ancient hotel. It was given a general overhauling about 1900 and on 12 February 1905 was destroyed by fire.

                On 2 April 1853 the executor of the estate deeded to Robert Y. Ware, a lot bought of Lazarus Chiensse, etc. (Deeds 5 NS, fol. 396.) Mary S. White died 4 September 1853 of Yellow Fever at Mobile, Alabama. Her will is recorded in Liber 2, fol. 305. From records extant Robert J. Ware and Mary S. White were cognizant of fact of the misappropriation of the Galveston Land Co. shares by Lipscomb. No action was taken until 18 March 1881 :when Asenath A. Ware and heirs filed suit in Eastern District of Texas. In this suit it is stated the fact of the misappropriation was known in 1843, 1854, 1868, and 1869 yet no claim was instituted until 1881. The case was decided against the plaintiffs on the doctrine of lathes November 1892. In 1912 there was filed in Chancery Court, Mobile, Alabama by David R. Burgess suit against Masuria McGill, etc. This suit was to clear title of some portion of the land sold to William


H. Rivers by Mary S. White, and names all known heirs to the said Mary S. White. Mary S. White was undoubtedly a lovable character, and was well known to the Norris and Billingslea kin of Selma, Mobile, and Montgomery, moat every family particularly the Norris had a “Mary White” in it. She was generally known as “Aunt White.” References to fiscal agency and Menard land grant (see Texas Laws, 1886, pp. 70‑78; Sayle’s Early Laws of Texas pp X10‑212: Ware vs Galveston City Co., 111 U. S. 170, and 1 46 U. S. 102.


i Mary A. White: b 1805 Wilkes Co., Ga. She married prior to 1820 Thomas Lumpkin, b Ga. 179‑, said to have been a brother of Governor Lumpkin of Ga. They moved to Washington Co., Ala. and resided at St. Stephens where he practiced law. They both died during the year 1825 with a few days separating. They had:

1 David P. Lumpkin: b 1822 Ala. Was reared in the home of his grand parents White. Was a physician, resided in Mobile, Ala. in 1850 later moved to Montgomery, Ala. where he died after 1881 unmarried, buried Oakwood cemetery.


ii Thomas Osborne White: b 1807 Wilkes Co., Ga. There seems to be some variation in records as to his given name. We are using name given in his father’s will. The name given in 146 U. S., 102 is “J. Osborne White.” It is believed he was named for his uncle, Thomas White. He moved to Dallas Co., Ala. with his parents and m prior to 1827 Sophia R. Byrd, daughter of Edward R. Byrd. He died Aug. 1839 and she died June 1843, resided at Cahaba, Ala. They had:

1 Daniel Osborne White: b 182? Ala., m a Miss Norwood of Dallas Co., Ala., she died 1872, he was living Mar. 1881 and named as heir of David White in suit to recover land, etc. He died prior to 1905 in Fla. No children.

2 Clement Billingslea White: b 1830 Dallas Co., Ala. He was named for his distinguished kinsman Dr. Clement C. Billingslea who was prominent in Ala. during this period. He married Martha H. Todd, b Ky. 1833, daughter of Robert S. and Elizabeth L. Todd, of Lexington, Ky. She died at Anna, Ill. 8 July 1868. He was living in Dallas Co., Ala. in 1870 and named as heir of David White in suit in 1881. He died after 1902. We have a copy of statement he made concerning the early members of the family and it is about the most distorted article we have encountered in our genealogical research. The statements he made have


led many on a false trail.; the items. concerning the Norris family we at once saw were erroneous, and it has been proven that much of the so called Billingslea Facts are pure fiction but they have been accepted by most of the Alabama descendants as gospel.


iii Asenath Ann (7): b 24 May 1810.


iv Lucy Smith (7): b circa 1812‑13.



                (Sias 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland 29 November 1762, resided in Harford County after its formation and married prior to 1790 Mary Webster, born Maryland in 1768. They moved to Monongalia County, Virginia with his father about 1790‑91. He was deeded June 1804 180 acres of land by his father (Deeds L 3, fol. i03), and on 2 May 1817 his brother, Sias and wife, deeded him 12 acres of land. (Deeds Lib. 7, ‑fol. 226.) He dated his will 25 October 182? and died 8 May 1828. Thin will was not recorded for probate until April 1857. Mary survived him some years and died 30 March 1857. It appears that Mary possessed this will as the probate follows closely after her death, it was probated and administered by one Aaron Shelby, no executors were named in the will. He wills: Wife, Mary, all estate during her widowhood and at her death the executor to sell all estate and it to be divided equally among all children, prior advances to be deducted; my heirs are, sons, Samuel, Sias, & John, daughters, Hannah, Margaret, Elizabeth, Susanna, Mary, Sarah, and Alezanah.


i Samuel W. (?) : b 9 Apr. 1790.


ii Hannah W.: b 6 Mar. 1792 Va., m prior to 1820 William Smith, she was living in 1851 and signed a deed as heir to Sias Billingsley, Jr. Resided Monongalia Co., Va. They had, known:

1 Elizabeth Smith: b 1820, m prior to 1844 Edward T. Morris, of Mt. Morris, Pa., b 1833, both were living in 1870, no data on their deaths. They had:

                a Thaddeus Morris: b 1844.

                b Mary Morris: b 184?, m ante 1870 Stevens.

                c Margaret Morris: b 1849, m after 1870 John Shriver .

                d Adaline Morris: b 1850‑51.  ‑Was living 1931 Mt. Morris, Pa. e Dora Morris: b 1853, m a Mr. Younginger, she was a widow in 1931, resided Mt. Morris, Pa.

2 Temperance Smith: b 182‑, m Joseph Morris, of Green Co., Pa. They had:

a Jasper Morris.


                b Thomas Morris.

                c Curtis Morris.

                d Margaret Morris.

                e Melissa Morris.

3 Harriet Smith: b 1826, m prior to 185? Aaron Shelby, of Monongalia Co., Va. He was the administrator to her grandfather’s will in 1857. They had:

                a Samuel Shelby.

                b Hannah Shelby.

                c Mary Shelby: m a Taylor.

                d Sidney Shelby.

4 George Smith: b 1828, m 1848 Clarissa, b Va. in 1831, resided Monongalia Co., Va. in 1850. They had, known:

                a William H. Smith: b 1849.


iii Margaret W.: b 27 Sept. 1793 Va., m 22 July 1813 Cornelius C. Vanzant, b Md. 1791. They resided in Marion Co., Va. where he died prior to 1860, she was living in 1860 and died prior to 1870, she is said to have died of Tuberculosis. They had 11 children, known are:

1 Mary Vanzant : b 1815, m Roberts prior to 1837, residence not stated. They had:

                a Margaret Roberts: b 1837.

                b Emily Roberts: b 1840.

                c Frances Roberts: b 1848.

2 Sarah Maria Vanzant: b 1819. She was a dress maker, resided Marion Co., Va., now W. Va. She dated her will 22 June 1890 and it was probated 3 Feb. 1891, leaves all her estate to nephews and nieces, etc. never married.

3 John H. Vanzant: b 1824, m prior to 1853 Margaret b Va. 1834, resided Marion Co., Va. in 1860, and was a plasterer. They had, known

                a Clarinda Vanzant: b 1853.

                b James F. Vanzant: b 1856.

                c Alfretta B. Vanzant: b 1858.

4 Josias H. Vanzant: b 1826, m prior to 1858 Jane, b Va. 1834, resided Marion Co., W. Va. in 1870.His children legatees in will of Sarah Maria Vanzant in 1890. They had, known:

                a Ella Vanzant: b 1858.

                b Elizabeth Vanzant: b 1861.

                c Clare Bell Vanzant: b 1866, said to have m a Watson.

                d Ulysses Grant Vanzant: b 1868.

5 Julia Amanda Vanzant: b 1830, m prior to 1854 Lemuel


Parrish, b Va. 183‑.. Both living in 1870 in Marion Co., W. Va. They had, known:

a Marcellus N. Parrish, b 1854.

b James H. Parrish: b 1859.

c Edith B. Parrish: b 1861.

d Lula R. Parrish: b 1862.

6 Martha Vanzant: b 1832, m McKinney and was deceased before 1890, said to have had 2 daughters.

7 Margaret Vanzant: b 1834, m prior to 1858 James Dick, b Ireland 1822, resided Marion Co., W. Va. They had, known:       a Joseph Albert Dick: b 1858.

                b Edward Dick: b 1861, named in will of his aunt in 1890.

                c Harvey L. Dick: b 1869.


iv Elizabeth: b 18 Aug. 1?95 Va., died in 1880 in Green Co., Pa. unmarried, from Epithelioma of the lip.


v Susannah W.: b 30 Oct. 1798 Va., m 3 Apr. 1822 Harry Stevens, and apparently deceased in 1851 as she does not sign deed as heir to Sias Billingsley, Jr., tho her children do sign. She is said to have died of Tuberculosis, resided in Allegheny Co., Pa. They had, known:

1 William B. Stevens.

2 Lee W. Stevens.

3 Susan E. Stevens, m prior to 1852 Henry E. Atchison. vi Sias: b 18 July 1800 Va. Was living in 1827 and died prior to 1850 unmarried.


vii Webster: b 14 Sept. 1802 Va., died prior to 1827.


viii Mary: b 16 Aug. 1805, died 1868 Green Co., Pa., said to have died of Tuberculosis.


ix Sarah W.: b 14 Sept. 1809, m 31 Jan. 1856 John Minor, of Monongalia Co., Va., she died after 1870.


x Alezanah: b 11 Feb. 1811, she m 6 Dec. 1832 William M. Howard, b 1808, Del. They migrated to Hamilton Co., Iowa in the 1840’s, both were living in 1870. He was a blacksmith. They had, known:

1 William B. Howard: b 1834 Va., m 1856 Naomi, b Ohio in 1840, he was a blacksmith, resided Hamilton, Co., Iowa. They had:

                a Alice M. Howard: b 1857.

                b Genevieve Howard: b 1859.

                c Francis Howard: b 1861.

                d Charles Howard: b 1863.

                e George C. Howard: b July 1869.

2 Nicholas G. Howard: b 1844 Va. Was a carpenter .


3 Maria Howard: b 1851.


xi John Adams (7): b 28 Jan. 1814.



                (Sias 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 10 January 1778, moved to Monongalia County, Virginia with his parents about 1790‑91. He married prior to 1804 Elizabeth, daughter of John Snider, born Virginia in 1782. He was deeded 144 .acres of land by his father 11 April 1814. (Deeds Lib. 6, 698.) On the same date he was deeded by John Snider 11 acres of land. (Deeds Lib. 6, fol. 711.) He sold this land to Henry Smith 3 March 1834. (Deeds Lib. 12, fol. 127.) On 29 August 1836 he deeded to Patrick Donnelly 184 acres of land. (Deeds Lib. 13, fol. 687.) He and his wife signed a quit claim deed 9 November 1850 to 413 acres of land, as legal heirs of Sias Billingsley, Junior, deceased. (Deeds Lib. 19, fol. 698.) On 1 October 1851 he deeded to Enoch Brewer 67 Y4 acres of land: (Deeds Lib. 20, fol. 106.) He was legatee to five shillings in his father’s will in 1817. His homestead was in the portion of this county which became Marion County in the late 1830’s. They resided in this County the rest of their days. He dated his will 20 October 1851, and it was probated February 1852. He devises, etc.:

                To grand son: Samuel, $70 when 21 years of age.

                To grand daughter: Eliza Ann, $50 when 20 years of age.

                To grand daughter: Elizabeth, $50 when 21 years of age.

                To grand daughter: Delila, 350 when 20 years of age.

                To grand son: Kerbaugh C., $50 when 21 years of age.

                To son, Sias: Two promissory notes I hold for $25 and $17.

                To son, Samuel: 350 and a note for 1150; the $50 to be paid to F. Morgan Billingsley & the note returned, nothing further to him.

                To son, Thornton: A note for $80.

                To daughter, Ann Maria: wife of Peter Davis a note for $150.

                To daughter, Tabitha Arnett: $100, $50 of which is already paid. To daughter, Malinda Amoss: $50.

                To daughter, Mary Ann Toothman, $150.

                To son, Francis Morgan: Cattle, farm utensils, etc.

                To wife, Elizabeth: Brass Clock, bureau, etc.

                To sons, Eugenius and Warren: Wind mill.

                To son, Thornton: A two horse wagon.

                To son, David S:: 140 acres of land where he now lives to be sold and proceeds divided between son, Sias, and children of said Davis S.

                A codicil dated 20 October 1851: releases to son, David S., a note of $40. Executors named: Francis M. and Warren Billingsley.


                Elizabeth survived him and died in 1866, her estate wax administered 7 May 1866 and in her effects was found a note from E. H. Amoss dated 1 April 1858 for ;250 unpaid.



i John (7) : b 7 Aug. 1804.


ii Sias (7) : b 1 Nov. 1805.


iii Tabitha Dorcas: b.9 Feb. .1807,‑m.‑prior to 1826 John B. Arnett, b Va. 1805. Both were living in 1850 in Monongalia Co., Va. and he is listed as a farmer. He is stated to have operated an hotel at Granville, Va. some time after 1850. They had, known:

1 Elizabeth Arnett: b 1826.

2 Zarilla Arnett: b 1831.

3 Judson Arnett: b 1836.

4 John H. Arnett: b 1843.

5 William L. Arnett: b 1845.

6 Alfred E. Arnett: b 1847.

7 Joseph F. Arnett: b 1849.


iv Ann Maria: b Jan. 1809, .m 22 May 1831 Peter Davis, b Va. 1812. He was a physician, resided Marion Co., Va. He was probably deceased in the early 1870’s as he is not listed in Medical Directory of 1874. They had, known

1 Malinda Davis: b 1833.

2 Elizabeth Davis: b 1835.

3 Van Buren Davis: b 1836.

4 . Mary Jane Davis: b 1838.

5 Samuel Billingsley Davis: b 1840.

6 Maria Davis: b 1844.

7 Isaac N. Davis: b 1846. Is stated to have a son, Isaac Davis, who resided Marion Co., W. Va. in 1931. We have not been able to contact him.


v Samuel (7) : b 8 Oct. 1810.


vi David S. (?) : b 28 Sept. 1812.


vii Thornton: b 12 Sept. 1814.


viii Elizabeth: b 16 Sept. 1816, died small.


ix Francis Warren (?) : b 25 Mar. 1819.


x Malinda: b 30 Oct. 1820, m prior to 1844 Enoch H. Amoss, b Va. 1820. He died 19 Jan. 1902, she survived him a few years, resided in Marion Co., W. Va. They had:

1 Mary V. Amoss: b 1844.

2 Martha E. Amoss: b 1846, m prior to 1870 Thomas Snider, both living in 1902 Marion. Co., W. Va.

3 Alpheus N. Amoss: b 1849, m prior to 1878 Helen V. b Va. 1853, resided Marion Co., W. Va. They had, known

                a Blanch Amoss: b 1878.

                b Son: b Apr. 1880.

4 Festus M. Amoss: b 1851:

5 Margaret M. Amoss: b 1854.


6 Henry J. Amoss: b 1856.

7 Charles H. Amoss: b 1858.

8 Samuel E. Amoss: b 1860.

9 Kate Amoss: b 1866, m Smith Hood.

10 Sallie Amoss: b 1866, a; twin, m a Mr. Fleeting, had 2 sons. She was the only living member of this family in 1931 and resided Marion Co., W. Va.


xi Mary S.: b 9 Dec. 1822, m prior to 1849 John Toothman, Va. in 1826, both were living in 1860 and resided Marion Co., Va. They had, known

1 Cordelia Toothman: b’ 1849, m a Mr. Fleeting, d.s.p.

2 Landon N. Toothman : b 1852.

3 Virginia Adelphie Toothman: b 1855, m Hess.

4 Ehnos Toothman: b 1858.

5 Lee Toothman: b 186‑, m Benjamin Hite.

6 Berths Toothman: b 186‑, died unmarried.

7 Harold Toothman : b 186‑.


xii Eugenius (7) : b 23 Nov. 1824.


xiii Francis Morgan: b 30 June 1829. Was one of the executors to his father’s will in 1852. He married 4 July 1876 Luverna A. Martin, born Virginia in 1848. They had no children. He was active worker in the Methodist church and thru his donations the Billingsley Memorial Methodist church at Fairmont, W. Va. was built. He died 15 Nov. 1927, his wife predeceased him a few years. His will was dated 13 Sept. 1919 and was probated 18 Nov. 1927. This will was contested by two of the legatees, Guy B. Billingsley and Ambrose Billingsley who lost their case. We read this will carefully in 1931 and for clearness of  statement it appears to be one of the best drawn up documents we have ever encountered.



                (Sias 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland 16 May 1781, moved to Monongalia County, Virginia with his parents. He married 5 February 1805 Mary Ann Clark, born Virginia 178‑. May 1809 he was deeded 154 Y4 acres of land by his father. On 17 October 1809 he and his wife deeded 363 acres of land to Nancy Clark, Joseph Shackelford, and George Greenwood. (Lib. A, fols. 28818949&) ‘ In November 1812 he and wife deeded  to; James Randall a small parcel of land. (Lib. 6, fol. 39T.) In January 1813 he enlisted as Private, 3d Virginia Militia, and served a short term, War of 1812. (War Dept. records.) In March 1814 he and wife deeded to Isaac Fairchilds 25T4 acres of land. (Lib. 6, fols. 710‑71i.) From 16 November 1821 to 2 February 1833 they appear as grantors to eight deeds and in 1834 granted


Three deeds. The next appearance of the name in this County is on 5 March‑1851 when Francis by Power of Attorney deeds to Joseph McLean 6 acres of land. (Lib. 20, fol. 16.) They moved to Missouri in or about 1840 where Mary died circa 1849. He resided in Howard                County in 1860 and‑is‑listed as a “Trader” with real estate $2,500 and personal estate $4,100. He died 28 October 1865, it is not known where they are buried.


i Norval (7) : b 9 Apr. 1807.


ii Colostian: b 1808 Va. He was deeded 60 acres of land 5 Aug. 1833 by Thomas Massie. (Lib. 11, fol. 610.) On 22. Jan: 1835 he. was given a deed of trust by Zacquilla West and wife on 276 acres of land, executed 3 July 1833 to said Billingsley to secure payment of money to T. S. Hayman, and released. (Lib. 12, fol. 631.) He moved to Mo. before 1840 and was deceased before 1850. No record of any marriage.


iii Isabelle: b 1810, m 18 Apr. 1835 Va. George Huggins, moved to Mo.


iv Urban: b 1811 Va., moved to Mo. with his parents where he m prior to 1850 Verinda Dickens, b Ky. 1829, daughter of Richard Dickens, b Va. 1788 and Jane, his wife, b Va. 1796, who moved to Ky. about 1827 and then to Mo. in 1842‑43 and resided in Howard Co., Mo. in 1860, listed with real estate $15,900, and a personal estate of $13,000. They resided in Cooper Co., Mo. in 1850 where she died in 1852, and he died about 1859. The two children were reared in the home of the grand parents Dickens, in Howard Co., Mo. Veranda evidently brought to her husband a nice dower as each child was listed in 1860 with and estate of $13,500 each. They had:

1 Mary: b 1850.

2 Whitfield: b 1852.


v Edwin: b 1813 Va. He married 7 Jan. 1830 Mary Ann Kiger, b Va. 1811.  They moved to Mo. in 1840 and resided Calloway Co., in 1850. Is believed to have moved to St. Louis where they both died before 1870. They had, known:

1 Mary J.: b 1837 Va.

2 Rolls L.: b 1839 Va. Was living Galloway Co., Mo. in‑1850. He next appears in‑St., Louis, Mo. in 1869. He m Fannie L. , b Mo. 18‑ and is listed in St. Louis, Mo. 1869 to 1892, occupation not stated. He died about 1892 as Fannie appears in 1893 as Widow of Rolls L., and is so listed to 1925. They had, known:


                a Edwin G.: b 18‑. Listed in St. Louis 1890 as clerk, and as travelling salesman in 1895, in 1897 no occupation stated, he m Mary A. and was deceased before 1901, Mary A. listed as widow in 1901. No record of any children.

                b E. Garth: b 18‑. Listed St. Louis 1892 as a clerk; 1895 as salesman, and 1901 as .asphalt dealer, no subsequent record.


vi Frances: b 1815 Va., m prior to 1834 Louis Robion, b Va. 1804, moved to Mo. about 1836 and resided Galloway Co. where she died about 1843, he was living in 1850. They had, known:

1 Frances Robion: b 1834 Va.

2 Virginia Robion: b 1836 Mo.


vii Ferdinand M.: b 1817 Va., moved to Mo. with his parents. He m prior to 1850 Lucy , b Mo. 1828, he was a farmer and resided Howard Co. where he died 1864‑65 leaving a considerable estate for that day and time. She survived him and was living in 1870. They had:

1 Joseph: b Feb. 1850.

2 Ferdinand: b 1852. Was living in St. Louis, Mo. in 1868. No subsequent record.

3 Elizabeth: b 1853.

4 Louisa: b 1854.

5 Francis: b 1856.

6 Isabelle Annie: b 1858.

7 William: b Dec. 1859.


viii Margaret: b 1819 Va., m 15 Mar. 1839 William Werninger, b Va. 18‑. They probably moved to Mo.


ix Mary: b 1821 Va., moved to Mo. with her parents where she m and stated to have lived in St. Louis, Mo. There is quite a traditional story connected with her as occurring in St. Louis. Thru the courtesy of my kinsman, Judge Walter Davis, of St. Louis, I am informed there does not exist any legal evidence of the story so no further space will be given to it.



                (John 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County; Maryland in 1756, moved to Charles County, Maryland with his parents. He signed the Oath of Allegiance in 1778 on Joshua Sanders Return, Charles County. He was a Private in Captain John Thomas’s Company, Charles County Militia in 1778. (Md. Records Mss.) He married (1) 28 October 1782 by Reverend John Macpherson of William & Mary Parish, Charles County, Charity, the daughter of Charles Allison


Ford, born 1714; his will dated 23 January 1783 names “My daughter, Charity, who married John Billingsley” giving date which agrees with license record in Charles County. Charity born about 1763‑64. He was devised 15 acres of land where he now lives in 1785 by his father. On 25 February‑1793 James Billingsley and Ann, his wife, and element Billingsley and Eleanor, his wife, of Fauquier County, Virginia, deeded to John Billingsley, of Charles County, Maryland land called “Barton’s Hope” and additions in Charles County, Maryland, said land devised to James and Clement Billingsley by their father, John Billingsley, deceased, in his will 1785. (Lib. N4, fol. 30.) On the same date John Billingsley deeded this land to Thomas Mundell. (Lib. N4, fol. 32.) They moved to Richmond County, North Carolina about 179? where he was deeded land in 1802 by Isaac Spurting; in 1807 by John Spurting; in 1807 by James Spurring; in 1809 by Samuel Usher; in 1810 by John Spurling; in 1812 by Zebulon Slaughter. Charity died in Richmond County in 1807. He moved to Arson County prior to 1812 and married (2) Elizabeth (Billingsley) Lilly, born Arson County, North Carolina in 1777, daughter of Sias Billingsley, Number 58, which see, and widow of Edmund Lilly. She is stated to have had five children at the time of this marriage only three are of record, see Number 58. John was a large land owner in Arson County and figures in many deeds some of which are of historic interest, viz.: On 29 October 1818 John Billingsley of Arson County, deeded to my daughter Sally Beards (Baird) of Richmond County; for natural love and affection, etc. 200 acres of land in Richmond County on West side of Big Mountain Creek, witnessed by John Billingsley, Junior, and Samuel Billingsley. (Lib. L, fol. 160.) On 31 January 1822 John Billingsley, of Arson County, North Carolina deeded to Humphrey Garret, of Richmond County, for $775, two tracts of land in Richmond County, one, 260 acres on West side of Mountain Creek, except Y4 acre at beginning corner supposed to belong to Joseph Hires, and one acre at grave yard what is to remain the property of Billingsley; the other 10 acres adjoining land of George Slaughter and reference being had to Garrot and said Slaughter’s line, witnessed by James Meacham, and J. Billingsley. (Lib. M, fol. 31.) The last definite record of him is the deed of 1822 above, he was deceased before 1830.

                In January 1829 there is division of the estate of Edmund Lilly, decsd. as follows: 189 acres of ‑land to Elizabeth Billingsley, $1250. 127 acres of land to Elizabeth Carpenter, $1250, 320 acres of land in Montgomery Co., N. C. & house to Mary May, $750 320 acres of land on Rocky River to Sarah W. Burns, $750. Surveyed & certified 5 January 1829 by Allen Carpenter, Surveyor.(Lib. X, fol. .r47.)

                The above shows the Lilly children by Elizabeth. She was living in 1830 and deceased before January 1832, division of her estate made in January Court 1832 as follows:


Lot 1: 25 acres of land at 1225 to Walter F. Burns in right of his wife, Sarah, sd Burns is to pay to Nathaniel Carpenter & wife $15.20, & to David Carpenter $4.50, difference of valuation. Lot 2: 30 acres of land at $240 to William May in right of his wife, Polly, he to pay to David Carpenter $26.80 difference in valuation. Lot 3: 44 %acres of land at $206 to Nathaniel .Carpenter in right of his wife, Nancy. Lot 4: 44 Y3 acres of land to Hezekiah Billingsley, he to pay David Carpenter $16.80 difference in valuation. Lot 5: 44 % acres of land to David Carpenter in right of his wife Elizabeth.

Children (1st wife):

i Charity: b Sept. 1783 Md., m Humphrey Garrett, resided Richmond Co., N. C. to about 1826 then moved to Tenn. No record of children.


ii Sophia Wood (7) : b 13 June 1785.


iii Ann Chandler (7) : b 6 Apr. 1790. iv John (7) : b 1792. v Sarah (7) : b 10 Mar. 1795. vi Samuel: b Oct. 1797 in Richmond Co., N. C., m prior to 1820 Sarah , b N. C. 179‑, resided Anson Co., N. C. to about 1833 then moved to Miss. and located in Madison Co. where he died in 1843 and she died in 1849. They had

1 Sarah: b 1820 N. C., m or d before 1840.

2 John G.: b 1822 N. C. Was living in Rankin Co., Miss. in 1850, moved to Texas and is stated to have been a Confederate soldier and died in service. His name does not appear in War Dept. records, this is not proof that he was not in service.

3 Elizabeth: b 1825 N. C. Was living in 1840.

4 Samuel F.: b 1827 N. C., moved to Miss. with his parents. He m prior to 1857 Sarah A. (Coalson ?), b Miss. 1834. Resided in Rankin Co. in 1860. He enlisted 7 Mar. 1862 at Brandon, Miss. Pvt. G, 28 Miss. Cav. C. S. A.; 3d Lieut. 3 May 1862; 2d Lieut. Dec. 1862, killed at Franklin, Tenn. 10 Apr. 1863. His widow is not listed in Rankin Co. in 1870. They had, known:

                a Sarah F.: b 1857.

                b Mary F.: b 1859.


vii James Clement (7) : b 1 Apr. 1801.


viii Elizabeth: b 1807, moved to Miss. with her brother and m , she d.s.p. in 1849.


ix Nancy: b 1814‑15, 2d wife, m Nathaniel Carpenter, see division of mother’s estate above. They moved to Mad‑


ison Co., Miss. We were informed in 1930 by the oldest surviving child of James Clement Billingsley that “Aunt Nancy Carpenter was the only one of my aunts I ever saw, she lived in Madison Co., Miss., all of her boys were killed in the civil war.” No record of children.

x Hezekiah Boult (7) : b 1817.



                (John 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Charles County, Maryland in 1758. He enlisted and served as Corporal, Captain John Thomas’ Company, Charles‑County Militia in 1778, War of Revolution, he signed the Oath of Allegiance 1778 Charles County, Maryland on Return of Joseph Anderson. (Md. Records Mss.) He married in 1783 Rebecca Thomas, born Maryland 176‑, daughter of John Thomas who was residing in Dorchester County, Maryland at the time but formerly of Charles County. He was devised by his father in 1785 certain land. He deeded 230 T s acres of land called “Whitsun Maundy,” in Charles County, to John Morton of Prince George County, Maryland 25 Feb. 1793, Rebecca waived dower. (Deeds Lib. N4, fol. 65.) They moved to Richmond County, North Carolina shortly afterwards where he evidently owned land but no deeds to show how obtained. He dated his will March 1795, the estate to be kept together for support of wife and children until they severally come of age or marry;, when the oldest son comes of lawful age or marries executors to choose three freeholders to equally divide and lot off to four children, i.e. John, Sophia, Hezekiah, and Elizabeth, the real estate. Executors to sell one slave and purchase land for support of wife, Rebecca, and at her death same to be sold and proceeds divided equally among the four children. Executors named were, wife, Rebecca, during her widowhood, and brother John Billingsley; son, John Billingsley to be one of the executors when he comes of lawful age. Witnessed by Walter Leak and Joseph Ingram. This will was probated October 1795. Rebecca appears to have been deceased prior to 1820.


i John Bowies: b 1785 Charles Co., Md., moved to Richmond Co., N. C. with his parents. He first appears in deeds in Anson Co., N. C. 16 July 1816. He appears to have owned considerable real estate and figures in many deeds in Anson Co. He bought up much land at Sheriff’s Sales. He married prior ‘to 1820 in Marlboro Dist. S. C., Catherine, daughter of Malachi Murfee, and widow of Rev. Nicholas Begdegood. She appears to have been some years senior to John B. She had several children at the time of this marriage. (See Gregg’s Hist. Old Cheraw for Bedgegood and Murfee records.) They resided in


Marlboro Dist., S.. C.. to early .1840’s then moved to Arson Co., N. C. .where he died .in early 1850’x. He left no will, nor is there any record of administration so far discovered. That he left considerable estate is evidenced by the statement of his nephew James B. Billingsley who says he was left $5,000 by his uncle John Bowles Billingsley in or about 1850, etc.  . . . No children. . ii Sophia: b 1787, Charles Co., Md., moved to Richmond Co., N. C. with her parents. She m in 1802 William Webb, b N. C. 178‑: He died‑about‑1819, she survived him and died in the 1840’x. Resided Richmond Co., N. C. and after his death .she moved to Arson Co. They had 4 sons and one daughter living in 1820, only one known is:

1 William Webb: b 1803, m 1828 Sarah, b N. C. 1804. Both were living in 1870 resided Arson Co., N. C. They had:

                a Thomas Webb: b 1829.

                b Frances Webb: b 1830, unm in 1870.

                c William Dawson Webb: b 1832, m prior to 1867 Rebecca C., b N. C. 1841. They had

                                c1 John T. Webb: b 1867.

                                c2 Cornelia A. Webb: b 1868.

                                c3 William L. Webb: b 1869.

                d Eliza Webb: b 1834.

                e Elijah Webb: b 1836.

                f Susan Webb: b 1838, unm in 1870.

                g Robert H. Webb: b 1841.

                h Ellen Webb: b 1843.

                i Mary A.‑Webb: b 1846.


iii Hezekiah (7) : b 1792.


iv Elizabeth: b 1794 Richmond Co., N. C., she m prior to 1826 Samuel Johnson, b N. C. 1798, both living in 1850 and resided Arson Co., N. C. They had, known:

1 Mary A. Johnson: b 1826.

2 Oliver Johnson: b 1828.

3 Franklin Johnson: b 1832.

4 Jane Johnson: b 1834.

5 Martha Johnson: b 1837.

6 John Johnson: b 1839.



                (John 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1761, moved to Charles County, Maryland with his parents. He and his brother, James, were legatees to land, jointly, in the will of their father in 1785. He married in 1786 Eleanor Warren


born Charles County, Maryland 17‑. They migrated to Fauquier County, Virginia about 1791. On 25 February 1793 Clement and James Billingsley deeded to John Billingsley, of Charles County, Maryland land called “Barton’s Hope & Additions” in said County devised to said James and Clement by their father, John Billingsley, by will 8 February 1785, Eleanor, wife of said Clement, waived dower. (Deeds Lib. N4, fol. 30.) Clement died in 1796, inventory of his estate dated 24 October 1796, James Billingsley administrator. Eleanor married (2) Jeremiah Pepper, there are two entries in marriage records i.e., 26 June 1797 and 6 July 1797, she appears to be the second wife of said Pepper. He died in 1812, final returns on his estate dated 24 March 1813. James Billingsley died in 1800 and Ira Pepper was made administrator, de bonis non, for estate of Clement Billingsley and Jeremiah Pepper made guardian for the children. Final settlement made on 27 February 1804. Eleanor was living in 1831. Of the six Pepper children listed the last three are probably children of the second marriage. They do not carry any Billingsley blood.


i Elizabeth (7) :  b 1788 Md.


ii John B.: b 1790 Md., moved to Va. with his parents. He is listed in a record in 1809. He was drafted for service in War of 1812 and shows as Pvt. Capt. John Ashby’s Co. 44th Va. Militia, Col. Bramham. On a roll 31 July 1814 to 21 Sept. 1814 in the remarks on this roll appears “Samuel Pepper substitute.” On another roll 20 Sept. 1814 to 31 Oct. 1814 his name appears and in the remarks is “Samuel Pepper, substitute.” This is the last record of


iii James: b 1792. He executed a Bill of Sale to Robert L. Streibling 18 Dec. 1813, no subsequent record.


iv Clement W.: b 1796. Executed a deed to his mother 5 Apr. 1827 and another deed 5 Aug. 1831 for his share of slaves, etc. He moved to Warren Co., Va. where he is listed as a miller, and died after 1860 unmarried.


v Samuel Pepper: b 179‑. Served in War of 1812 as Substitute for John B. Billingsley.


vi Catherine Pepper.,


vii Nancy Pepper: m Boards.


viii William Pepper.


ix Elijah Pepper.


x George W. Pepper.



                (James 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Stafford County, Virginia in 1753. He served in the Revolution as Ensign, from Virginia, see statement below as to documentary evidence, etc. He


married in January 1781 Cynthia Turner, born Virginia in 1764. As stated previously under Number 54, some record books of Stafford County are missing, but there is an old index book which contains items not listed in the new general index. In 1817‑1819 there is a deed “Billingsley from Morton & wife.” Lib. CC, fol. 264, folio 264 appears to be near the end of this book and the date is probably 1819. In Lib. DD, fol. 32, 1819181 was recorded a certificate of Clement Billingsley concerning slaves. In the same book folio 313 and probably in 1821 “Clement Billingsley made oath he was Ensign.” They resided Stafford County to 1823 then sold out to Chadwell, his brother‑in‑law. (Deeds Lib. EE, fol. 414.) They moved to Autauga County, Alabama where he engaged in farming and where they spent the rest of their days. In the Census of 1840 when a statement was required of all who were Revolutionary Pensioners his name is recorded as a pensioner. There does not appear any record of this man in the Pension Office and the only explanation is that he answered the query as of “Service in the Revolution” which seems to be borne out by his oath made in 1821. Cynthia was living in 1840 and both were deceased before 1850. There is today in this County a Post office, “Billingsley” named after this pioneer.


i Rachel: b Dec. 1781, died 1788.


ii Cynthia: b 178‑.


iii James: b 1783, died inf.


iv Clement: b 1785, died small.


v George W. (7) : b 1787.


vi William (7) : b 1789.


vii John: b 1793, died 1830’s in Ala. unmarried.


viii Clement Turner (7) : b Oct. 1795.


ix James Reeves (7) : b 1798.


x Nancy: b 180‑, died small.


xi Cynthia: b 1805, m a Mr. Woodson, died sine prole.


xii Bowles: b 1807 Stafford Co., Va., moved to Ala. with his parents. He was a physician, moved to Winston Co., Miss. and m prior to 1845 Clara A. (Johnson ?), b Ala.1828. They moved to Moorehouse Par. La. about 1848 where he died 1858‑59, she m (2) after 1860 name not known. They had:

1 Sarah R.: b 1845 Miss. Said to have died aet. ca. 18 yrs.



                (James 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Stafford County, Virginia in 1756. Claim is made he served in the Revolution toward the close of the War nothing has been discovered to substantiate this claim tho he was of age for such service. He married (1) in the late


1780’s  Margaret Prim, born Virginia 17‑,she died in 1801 and he married (2) Ruth Solloway, born Virginia in 1775. They moved to Belmont County, Ohio in 1805 where he engaged in farming, Ruth died in the late 1830’s, he survived her and died in 1842‑46. Family Methodists.


i Son: b 178‑, died inf.


ii William Reeves (7) : b 29 Aug. 1791.


iii Margaret: b 179‑, died unmarried about 1809.


iv Nancy: b 1801 Va., m Atkins (?) in Belmont Co., Ohio.


v Child: b 1803, 2d wife, died inf.


vi James (7) : b 1806 Ohio.


vii John (7) : b 1808.


viii Margaret: b 1810‑11 Ohio, m prior to 1841 Richard B. Ryan, b Ireland 1802, he was a merchant and resided Belmont Co., Ohio in 1850. They had, known:

1 Maria Ryan: b 1841.

2 James Ryan: b 1845.

3 Richard S. Ryan: b 1848.


ix George L. (7): b 1812.


x Elizabeth: b 1817, m prior to 1837 Walter Simpson, b Ohio 1812, he died :861‑62, she was living in 1870, resided Belmont Co., Ohio. They had, known:

1 Walter Simpson: b 1839, m Sarah B. , b Ohio 1837. They had:

                a William Simpson: b 1860.

2 Mary J. Simpson: b 1843.


xi Lemuel: b 1819 Belmont Co., Ohio, m prior to 1850 Rebecca Carter, b Ohio 1820, resided Belmont Co., Ohio where he died about 1865, she was living in 1870. No children of record.



                (Clement 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland, 14 July 1751. He migrated to Anson County, North Carolina in or about 1772 where he had a grant of land containing 100 acres 24 May 1773. (Land rec. Lib. 22, fol. 2y6.) $e married in 1774 Elizabeth Wilson, born North Carolina in 1758. He had another grant of 50 acres on 4 March 1775. (Lib. 26, fol. 88.) On 24 September 1775 he entered another 50 acres. (Lib. 27, fol. 96.) They removed to Montgomery County, North Carolina about 1778 where he entered 200 acres of land on 10 May 1779; 150 acres on 20 November 1779, and 100 acres 2 December 1779; 80 acres on 6 April 1785; 30 acres on 1 October 1794; 10 acres on 8 April 1796 and an additional 12 acres on the same date; 40 acres on 6 October 1799. Moat all of this land was in Montgomery County and located on Clark’s Creek on East aide of Pee Dee River.


Owing to loss of early records by fire in 1835 it has been difficult to trace All of this land. The land in Arson County went to one of his sons who later disposed of it to John Billingsley, Nn. 53. Elizabeth was living in 1830 and appears to have been deceased before March 1835 as on 30 March 1835 Sias Billingsley, Senior, deeded to Thomas Scarborough 21 acres of land part. of a 30 acre tract granted to Sias Billingsley. (Deeds Lib. 14, fol. i5.) No wife waives dower on this deed. Sias died before March 1836 as on 28 March 1836 a deed from Christian Billingsley, widow of Sias Billingsley, Junior, to Thomas Scarborough of sd County, for $100 conveys all right & title, etc. in estate said to contain 1,000 acres of land on waters of Clark Creek & Pee Dee River, said land or one ninth part of the same, or its value for self and heirs, etc. (Deeds Lib. 14, fol. 151.) This one ninth part represents Sias Billingsley, Junior, No. 157, his share in his father’s estate.


i Clement: b Mar. 1775, died 1787.


ii John (7) : b June 1776:


iii Elizabeth: b 1777 N: C., she m (1) prior to 1800 Edmund Lilly, his 2d wife. Lilly stated to have been a soldier of the Revolution in Va. and married (1) Sarah Lightfoot by whom he had 10 children, she died and he m (2) as stated above. Lilly died about 1810‑11 and Elizabeth m (2) John Billingsley, No. 53, his 2d wife, see No. 53 for record of their children. There are said to have been five children by this Lilly marriage but we have only definite record of three, as follows:

1 Elizabeth Lilly: b ca 1800, m Daniel Carpenter.

2 Mary Lilly: b ca 180‑, m William May.

3 Sarah W. Lilly: b ca 1805, in prior to 1827 Walter F. Burns, b N. C. 1793, resided Arson Co., N. C. They had, known:

                a Robert H. Burns: b 182?, m 1850 Sarah, b N. C. 1832.

                b Julius W. Burns: b 1829.

                c Catherine Burns: b 1832.

                d Henriatta Burns: b 1834.

                e Diana Burns: b 1836.

                f Margaret Burns: b 1838.

                g Henry H. Burns: b 1840.

                h Walter L. Burns: b 1848._


iv Elias (7) : b 4 Sept. 1778 N. C:


v Wilson H. (7) : b May 1780 N. C.,


vi Thomas (7) : b 16 Feb. 1781 N. C.


vii Bowles: b Oct. 1782; died 1793.


viii Sias (7) : b 1784 N. C.


ix James (7) : b 1786 N. C.


x Clement: b Jan. 1788, died infancy.


xi Mary: b Oct. 1789, called “Polly,” she m prior to 1826 Matthew Smart, b N. C. 1788, she died in the 1840’s, he was living in 1850, resided Montgomery Co., N. C. They had, known

1 William Smart: b 1826, m , had two daughters living in 1920 Montgomery Co., N. C. unmarried and uncommunicative.

2 Mary Smart: b 1834.

3 Henry Smart: b 1837.


xii William (7) : b 1792 N. C.



                (Clement 5, Bowles 4,, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1756. He moved to Anson County, North Carolina with his mother and step father about 1775. Here he met and married Nancy Black, born circa 1759 in Ireland and said to have been left an. orphan when about seven years of age and was reared in the home of her mother’s people. In or about 1781 they moved to Western North Carolina and resided near what is now Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee, they then moved across the line into Washington County, Virginia where Nancy died in December 1784. He then returned to Anion County, North Carolina where he died is 1787. The two children were taken in hand by his sister, Mary, who after her marriage carried them to South Carolina with her.


i Clement: b 1779, died infancy


ii John Black: b 1781 N. C. Was reared in the home of his aunt, Mary Stedman and migrated to Mo. with Jesse and Christina Langston, and later moved to Ark. He is said to have gone to Texas in the 1830’s. No subsequent record of him.


iii Nancy (7) : b Dec. 1784 Va.



                (Zachariah 5, Bowles 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born St. Mary’s County, Maryland May 1767, moved to Stafford County, Virginia with his mother and step father. He married prior to 1792 Martha, daughter of Eli Hudson, born Virginia in 1769. They resided in Stafford County, Virginia where he engaged in farming and died about 1816. Martha and her children moved to East Tennessee about 1824. Two of her eons moved to Ohio, she resided with her eldest son to 1832 then moved to Ohio and died at the home of her daughter, Ann, about 1842‑3.


i Eli Hudson (7) ‑ b Oct. 1792 Va..


ii Martha: b 1?95, died unmarried.


iii Zachariah: b 1798 Stafford Co., Va., moved to Tenn. with his mother where he married prior to 1829 Mary , b Va. in 1810. They moved to Licking Co., Ohio about 1830 where he died in 1844, she m (2) a Mr. Cotton and removed to East Tenn. They had:

l George: b 1829 Tenn., moved to Ohio with his parents and returned to Tenn. with his mother and step father in the late 1840’s. He was living in Monroe Co., Tenn. in 1850 and listed as a farm laborer, he moved to Ky. and m there in 1856 Maletta Hardin, b Ky. 1826, they moved to Douglas Co., Mo. in 1858 and resided there to 1863 then moved to Perry Co., Ill. Both living in 1870. No children.

2 Mary: b 1832 Ohio, died in 1839.


iv Cyrus (7) : b 1802 Va.


v Ann: b 1809 Stafford Co., Va., moved to Tenn. with her mother and step father, she moved to Ohio with her brother, Zachariah, and married there prior to 1840 John Harrington, b Tenn. 1803. Resided in Licking Co., Ohio where she died in 1845 following the birth of her daughter. They had:

1 Alonzo Harrington: b 1840 Ohio.

2 Josephine Harrington: b 1845.



                (Basil 5, Samuel 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in January 1768, moved to Rowan County, North Carolina with his parents in 1784. He married prior to 1792 Margaret Elizabeth Welborn, born North Carolina 3 December 1766. He deeded to Basil Billingsley 13 May 1794, 250 acres of land on both sides of Abbott’s Creek, being a piece of land that was left to said Samuel by his father, Basil Billingsley, deceased, witnessed by James and Samuel Welburn. (Deeds Lib: 1 °3, fol. 90i.) He deeded to William Newcome of Rowan County, 28 January 1800, 120 acres of land on Abbott’s Creek for 180 pounds, witnessed by Joseph Plumer, Pleas Ceall, & Basil Billingsley. (Deeds Lib. 17, fol. X18.) He, with others of the family, on 3 August 1799, signed a quit claim deed as natural heir of the estate of Ruth Billingsley, deceased, to John Cragg, to land on Abbott’s Creek, some 136 acres: (Deeds Lib. 19, fol. 866.) On 30 June 1803 he deeded to Abe Farrington for $426, 160, 31 acres of land on Abbott’s Creek. (Deeds Lib. 24, fol. Q38.) They migrated to Wilson County, Tennessee, where he died November 1815, she warned (2) in 1819 John Carver, born North Carolina in 1763, he died in 1842, she survived him and was living in 1850 with her daughter, Mary.



i Hannah: b 3 Mar. 1792 Rowan. Co., N. C., m 1810 William Young, b N. C. 1787, both living in 1850 and resided Wilson Co., Tenn. They had 9 children, six of whom died small, known are:

1 Louisa Young: b 1811 Tenn.

2 Samuel Fleetwood Young: b 1821.

3 Robert Young: b 1832.


ii Lucy: b Oct. 1794 Rowan Co., N. C., she m 1825 George Kimbrell, b N. C. 1793, he died in 1837, she survived him

and was living in 1850 in Wilson Co., Tenn. Of five children born to them two grew to maturity. They had:

1 Angeline Kimbrell: b 1830 Tenn., m 1848 John Pippins, b N. C. 1823. They had, known: a Martha Pippins: b 1849.

2 Mary P. Kimbrell: b 1833.


iii Samuel: b 25 Dec. 1795 N. C., died Feb. 1799. iv Basil: b May 1798, died 1799. v Rebecca: b 17 Aug. 1800 Rowan Co., N. C., she m 1820 Joseph Bloodworth, b N. C. 1789, he was a farmer, both were living in 1850 and resided Wilson Co., Tenn. They had:

1 James Bloodworth: b 1821.

2 John A. Bloodworth: b 1824.

3 Martha A. Bloodworth: b 1828.

4 Samuel Smith Bloodworth: b 1832.

5 Alexander Bloodworth: b 1834.


vi Nancy: b Jan. 1802 Rowan Co., N. C., she m 1821 Edward Sweat, b Md. 1786, he was a Campbellite minister, both were living in 1850 and resided Wilson Co., Tenn. They had:

1 Robert H. Sweat: b 1822.

2 Quincy A. Sweat: b 1825.

3 Pierce Sweat: b 1830.

4 Alexander C. P. Sweat: b 1832.

5 Richard V. Sweat: b 1834.

6 George B. Sweat: b 1836.

7 Cyrus C. A. Sweat: b 1839.


vii Mary: b 1 Mar. 1805 Wilson Co., Tenn., she m 1823 John R. Wilson, b Tenn. 1800, he was a farmer, both were living

in 1850 and resided Wilson Co., Tenn. They had:

1 Elizabeth Wilson: b 1826, m 1844 William Boyne, b Tenn. in 1825, They had:

                a Olivia Boyne: b 1845.

                b Andrew Boyne: b 1848.

                c Mary F. Boyne: b June 1850.



2 James Wilson: b 1831.

3 John H. Wilson: b 1833.

4 Ann E. Wilson: b 1837.

5. Nancy Wilson: b 1839.

6 Samuel Porter Wilson: b 1841.

7 Thomas Wilson: b 1844.


viii Samuel: b 10 June 1807 Tenn., died 1829 Johnson Co., Ill., unm.


ix Martha: b July 1809 Tenn., she m prior to 1829 John Mosely, b Tenn. in 1810, he was a farmer, resided Wilson C Term. They had:

1 William Mosely: b 1829.

2 Thompson Mosely: b 1834.

3 Elizabeth Mosely: b 183?.

4 Lermelia Mosely: b 1840.

5 John Mosely: b 1844.

6 Noah Mosely: b 1846.

7 Joseph Mosely: b 1849.



                (Basil 5, Samuel 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland in 1775, she moved to Rowan County, North Carolina with her parents where she married circa 1795 James Hopkins, born Orange County, North Carolina 17 June 1764‑65, his second wife. His first wife was Peggy Woods who died circa 1793‑94. James Hopkins was a soldier of the Revolution entered the service when 16 years of age, served under Captain Parish, Major Humphey, and Colonel Thomas Farmer, North Carolina Regiment. (N. C. Rev. Acds, Vol. vi, page 68, fol. 1. Hilt. Coni,. of N. C.) On 3 August 1799 James Hopkins was a party to a quit claim deed to John Cragg to land on Abbott’s Creek, as heir to estate of Ruth Billingsley, deceased. (Deeds Lib. 19, fol. X66.) They migrated to Tennessee about 1801 and located in Wilson County where they resided for some years and about 1818 they moved to Jackson County, Illinois, after a few years they returned to Tennessee then in or about 1834 they moved to Missouri and located in Madison township, Polk County where he is listed as one of the’ first settlers. There they spent the rest of their days. Both were living in 1840. and both deceased before 1850, Elizabeth is stated to have passed on in 1848, both are buried in the family cemetery on his homestead, said homestead is still in possession of his descendants. In 1931 his grave was marked with a stone furnished by the Quartermaster General, U. S. Army.


i Peggy Hopkins: b 1793 Rowan County, N. C. daughter of James Hopkins and Peggy Woods, and step daughter to Elizabeth B. Hopkins. She moved to Tenn. with her


father and step mother and m prior to 1811 Ambrose Sherrill, b N. C. Oct. 1780, son of Jacob Sherrill, born Eng: and who came to N. C. and died in Tenn. They resided Won Co., then moved to Carroll Co., Tenn. about 1822, and in 1841 moved to Cedar Co., Mo. where he died Sept. 1844, and she died Mar. 1846, stated to have been 12 children, known are: (No Billingsley blood in Sherrill descendants.)

1 Jacob Sherrill: b 1811 Wilson Co., Tenn. He m prior to 1834 Joannah , b Teen. 1816, resided Carroll Co., Tenn. to 1842 then moved to Cedar Co., Mo. Bath were living in 1850, and believed to have moved to Mont. Ter. They had, known:

                a Sarah Jane Sherrill: b 1834 Carroll Co., Tenn. She m 1850 John E. Hartley, b 13 Feb. 1821, in Dickson Co., Tenn., son of James Hartley, b 1780, Richmond Co., Ga., died 1835 Cedar Co., Mo., and Elizabeth Walker, b 1790 Tenn., died 1855 Bond Co., Ill. John E. Hartley, was one of 11 children, 7 of whom were living 1889. Mary Hartley m Solomon Hopkins, see below. They moved to Mont. Terin 1865 where Sarah died in 1871, he returned to Cedar Co., Mo. and m (2) in 1877 Mrs. Mary E. Leslie. $e was a Mason, and prominent in county affairs. See Hist. Polk Co., Mo. for further details. They had: William L., Jacob M., Minnie L., Lurah Dean, Walter M., Jean, and Robert Lee.

                b Angeline Sheirill: b 1836.

                c Green L. Sherrill: b 1838.

                d Matilda Sherrill: b 1841.

                e Nathan H. Sherrill: b 1843 Mo.

                f Benjamin Sherrill: b 1845.

                g Cornelia Sherrill: b 1847.

                h Jacob Taylor Sherrill: b 1849.

2 Samuel Sherrill: b 1819, died unmarried.

3 Huldah Sherrill: b 1821‑22. She m (1) prior to 1841 James Gist and moved to Ark. then moved to Cedar Co., Mo. in 1843 where he died and she m (2) prior to 1846 William J. Coulter, b Tenn. in 1824. He died T‑ in 1859, she was living in 1860, Cedar Co., Mo. They had:.

                a Elizabeth Gist: b 1841 Ark.

                b James M. Gist: b 1843 Mo.

                c Andrew Jackson Coulter: b 1846.

                d William J. Coulter: b 1848.


                e Jacob Sherrill Coulter: b Apr. 1850. f Laura B. Coulter: b 1858.

4 Reilly S. Sherrill: b 5 Feb. 1823 Carroll Co., Tenn., he was the 7th of 12 children and only 3 of them living in 1889. He m 12 June 1845 Susan H. Davidson, b Wilson Co., Tenn. in 1824, he was a farmer and resided Cedar Co., Mo. in 1889. They had:

                a Ephraim Sherrill: b 184?, m Elizabeth Willett, he d 1870 leaving 2 sons, Reilly and Thomas.

                b James Sherrill: b 1848, died aet. 6 mos.

                c William B. Sherrill: b 13 May 1852, m 17 Sept. 1882 Ida Love, b Mo. 1865, resided Cedar Co., Mo. in 1889. They had a daughter, Eugenie.

                d Tennessee Sherrill: b 185?, m John Henderson, they had: Virgil, Edward and Helena.

5 James Murrah Sherrill: b 1825 Tenn., m prior to 1852 Chaney, b Tenn. in 1828, he died 1856‑57, she was living in 1860 Cedar Co., Mo. They had:

                a Sarah R. Sherrill: b 1852.

                b James Murrah Sherrill: b 1854.


ii John (7) Hopkins: b Dec. 1796 N. C.


iii Mary Hopkins: b 1801 Tenn. She m prior to 1826 in Tenn. Thomas Smith, b Pa. 1797, they moved to Ill. in 1834 and to Cedar Co. Mo., in 1836, both living in 1850. They had, known:

1 Rebecca A. Smith: b 1826 Tenn., died unm.

2 Elizabeth J. Smith: b 1828.

3 Ruth C. Smith: b 1830, died unm.

4 Jackie A. Smith: b 1832, m 1856 James M. Wrens, b Va. 1825, resided Cedar Co., Mo. They had:

                a Charles Wrens: b 1857.

                b William Wrens: b 1859.

5 James M. H. Smith: b 1834 Ill., m 1854 Elizabeth, b Ky. 1836. They had:

                a Robert Smith.

                b William Smith.

                c Thomas Smith.

                d Mark Smith.

                e Ida Smith: m a Mr. Keener.

                f Mollie Smith: m a Mr. Waddington.

                g Margaret ‑Smith: deceased in 1889.

                h Ethel Smith.

                i Maud Smith.

                j Rebecca Smith.

                k Sarah L. Smith.

6 Cynthia E. Smith: b 1836 Mo.



7 Margaret E. Smith: b 1838.

8 Mary Smith: b 1840 Mo., m a Mr. Church, resided Okla. or Ind. Ter. in 1889.


iv Samuel B. Hopkins: b 1804 Tenn., died Dallas, Tex. in 1860’s unmarried. James A. (7) Hopkins: b 1806 Tenn. Lucinda Hopkins: b 1808 Wilson Co., Tenn., moved to Ill. and Mo. with her parents. She m prior to 1840 Pallas Neelly, b Maury Co., Tenn. in 1815, son of George Neelly who was drowned in Miss. River in 1821 while enroute to Ark. Pallas was reared in Ark. and came to Polk Co., Mo. in late 1830’s where he had grants of land 1839‑1840. He served in Confederate Army as did 3 of his sons. While in service Lucinda, owing to disturbed conditions in Missouri, packed her belongings on a wagon and with her two daughters started for Texas; after some 8 weeks they landed safely at Dallas. He joined them after the war. He died 5 Feb. 1877, Lucinda was living in 1892 and is said to have died in 1908 at Dallas, Tex. Family Methodists. They had:

1 George W. Neelly: b 18 Aug. 1840 Polk Co., Mo. He enlisted and was assigned to Co. C, 10 Mo. Cav., C. S. A.; appointed 2d Lieut.; wounded in right shoulder at Humansville, Mo. and disabled for a year, and never fully recovered; discharged 8 June 1865 at Shreveport, La. and walked all the way home to Dallas, Tex. Taught school for 2 years. He m 21 Dec. 1871 Elvira J. Right, daughter of Robert Right and Martha Jordan, she died B Aug. 1878 and he m (2) 28 Dec. 1881 Louisa P. Right, sister to his first wife. He was a Mason and Past Master of his Lodge; member Royal Arch Chapter, said to have served as Deputy Grand Master, both living in 1892. They had:

                a Martha L. Neelly : b 187 ; m James Barker, reside Duncanville, Tex.

                b Mollie E. Neelly: b 18?‑, m a Mr. Churnley, reside Dallas, Tex.

                c Addie A. E. Neelly: b 187‑, m a Mr. Mitchell, had a daughter, Nettie, who m a Miller.

                d George W. Neelly: b 188‑, 2d wife.

                e Fanny P. Neelly: b 188‑.

                f Eula  Lee Neelly: b 188‑, m a Mr. Fuller, reside Arlington, Tex.

                g Laura Annie Neelly: b 18‑, m a Mr. Hoffman, reside Arlington, Tex.


                h John Neelly: b 189‑,‑resides Ft. Worth, Tex.

2 James H. Neelly: b 1843, died 185?.

3 John W. Neelly: b 1843. Was a Pvt. G, 10 Mo. Inf., C. S. A., died in prison at Alton, Ill. in 1864.

4 Thomas S. Neelly: b 1847. Was in Confederate Army, killed in a skirmish near Bentonville in 1863.

5 Mary Neelly: b 1849 Polk Co., Mo., m after 1870 aMr. Maulding, reside Barstow, Texas.

6 Elvira Elizabeth Neelly: b 1851 Mo., m 25 Jan. 1872 Milan Hopkins, son of John Hopkins, No. 162, which see.


vii Solomon Hopkins: b 1812 Wilson Co., Tenn., moved to Jackson Co., Ill. with his parents before 1820. He m in 1835 Mary Hartley, b Tenn. in 1812, daughter of James Hartley, b Ga. 1780, d Mo. 1835, and Elizabeth Walker, b 1790 Tenn., died Bond Co., Ill. 1855. James and Elizabeth had 11 children, 7 of whom were living in 1889, i.e., Willie, Mary, Henry, Solomon, John E., see his record above, Richard, and Thomas J. They moved to Polk Co., Mo. before 1840 where. he was a farmer and died at his home in 1852, Mary was living in 1889. Of their 10 children 8 were living in 1889 and only one in 1931. They had:

1 Elizabeth S. Hopkins: b 23 Apr. 1836 Jackson Co., Ill., moved to Mo. with her parents and m 1850 William J. Williams, b Tenn. 1828. His parents moved to Pike Co., Mo. and then to Polk Co. He served 2 years in the Home Guards and died in 1871, she was living in 1889. They had

                a Mary M. Williams: b 1852.

                b Solomon E. Williams: b 1854.

                c Sarah Williams: b 18‑, decsd 1889.

                d Josie Williams: b 18‑.

                e Elinor Williams: b 18‑.

                f Addis E. William s: b 18‑.

2 James F. Hopkins: b 1837 Mo., m 1856 Margaret, b Mo. in 1841, resided Polk Co., Mo. in 1860. They had

3 Lucretia. A. Hopkins: b 1839.

4 Thomas B. Hopkins: b 1840.

5 Amanda Hopkins: b 1842.

6 Chana A. Hopkins: b 1845.

7 Solomon Hopkins: b 1847. Was said to be living in 1931 Mo.



m Mary Jane Hopkins: b 1848, m 1868 Warham Easley, b 1846 in Mo., son of M. W. Easley and Sofronia Akard, he died before 1889. They had:

                a Magnus T. Easley: b Oct. 1869, resided Marionville, Mo.

                b Shelton W. Easley: b 1871, died 1928.

                c Mary Elizabeth Easley: b 187‑._

                d Booker Easley: b 187‑, died inf.


viii Elizabeth Hopkins: b 1815‑Wilson Co., Tenn., died unmarried in Polk Co., Mo. and is buried with her parents near Fairplay, Mo.


ix Hiram (7) Hopkins: b 17 Mar. 1817.



                While this family has no special bearing on the Billingsley family we have felt some interest in it from the fact that during the past 5 years or so many descendants of this Hopkins and also some of the Billingsley descendants have been induced to put up large fees for filing claim as heirs to the estate of Mark Hopkins, who died in California about 1878 leaving a large fortune and this record is primarily to show that there is no connection of this family to that of Mark Hopkins who died in California.

                In the History of Polk and Cedar Counties, Missouri, published by Goodspeed in 1889 the publishers state they are not responsible for any statement made in the biographical section. One Hopkins record states, “James Hopkins father came to North Carolina from Wales.” Another record states, “James Hopkins, a native of North Carolina was of ScotchIrish descent.” We do not have any information as to whence this family came to North Carolina. Here are the facts as shown by the meager records discovered. One James Hopkins died in Orange County, North Carolina, his will was probated in 1759, no wife named,. children mentioned, but only William and John named. This son, William Hopkins, was a soldier of the Revolution in North Carolina and’ was living in Orange County, North Carolina in 1790, living next to him is JAMES Hopkins. William, whose wife’s name is not known, apparently is the head of this family which is stated to have consisted of: Andrew Hopkins: b 1761. He married prior to 1785 Elizabeth born N. C. 176‑. They migrated to Tennessee in 1790’s and resided in Wilson Co. and also Rutherford Co. In 1818 they and others of the family moved to Jackson Co., Illinois where they were living in 1820. They. later returned to Tennessee where they both died. They had, known:

i John Hopkins: b 1785‑86 N. C., m prior to 1809 , resided Jackson Co., Ill. in 1820, had 2 sons and 1 daughter


at that date. They later. moved .to Mo. and after some years moved to Colorado.


ii Elizabeth Hopkins: b 1791 N. C., and probably in Rowan Co. moved to Tenn. with her parents where she married prior  to 1813 Jones Akard, b Germany, who came to South Carolina with his parents when a child. In 1831 they moved to Gasconade Co., Mo., and in 1832 to Green Co., Mo. where he died soon afterwards, she removed to Polk Co., Mo. before 1840 where she died 13 Oct. 1869. They had:

1 Henry Award: b 1813 Tenn., m prior to 1836 Lovina b Ky. 1816. He was County Court Judge in 1837, granted land in 1839 and died about 1849, resided Polk Co., Mo. They had:

                a Henry L. Akard : b 1836 Mo.

                b Mary Amanda Akard: b 1841.

                c Martha Akard: b 1843.

                d James M. Akard: b 1846:

                e Keziah Adeline Akard: b 1848, m James J. Akard.


iii Joseph Akard: b 1815 Tenn. Was granted land in  Polk Co., Mo. in 1837 and 1839, he m prior to 1838 Keziah Dunnegan, b Tenn. in 1817. He died in 1846 and she died in 1885 aet. 68 years. They had:

                a James J. Akard: b 7 July 1838, m Keziah Adeline Akard, 1st cousins, had 2 daughters. See Hist. Polk Co., Mo. for his biography.

                b Child: b 1840, died inf.

                c Rhode P. Akard: b 1842.

                d Ann Akard: b 1844.

                e Mary L. Akard: b 1846.

3 Aaron Akard: b 1817, had a grant of land in 1839, Polk Co., Mo. No subsequent record.

4 Sarah Akard: b 1819 Tenn., m 1839 Elijah Fox, b Ill. in 1821, resided Polk Co., Mo. in 1850. They had

                a Henry F. Fox: b 1841

                b Thomas L. Fox: b 1846.

5 Andrew M. F. Akard: b 1821 Tenn. Was granted land in Polk Co., Mo. in 1839 and 1840, m 1844 Parthena Baker, b Tenn. 1826, resided Polk Co., Mo. They had:

                a George M. D. Akard: b 1845.

                b Sarah Akard: b 1848.

                c Joseph Akard: b 1856.

                d Ann Akard: b 1858.

6 Martha A. Akard: b 22 Mar. 1822 Tenn., m 1841 Silas


Fox, b 4 Feb. 1818 ‑Williamson Co., Tenn., she died 19 July 1864, resided Polk Co., Mo. They had:

                a William N. C. C. A. Fox: b 15 Oct. 1844.

                b Henry C. Fox, b 18‑.

                c John A. Fox: b 18‑.

                d James A. Fox: b 18‑.

7 Thomas Akard: b 1825 Tenn., m 1847 Mary A. , b 1826, resided Polk Co., Mo. They had:

                a James M. Akard: b 1849.

8 William C. C. Akard: b 1827. He was a merchant, m. 1856 Sarah b Tenn. 1837 resided Polk Co.,

They had:

                a Porter Akard : b 1858.

9 Safronia Akard: b 1829, m 1845 Miller W. Easley, b Term. 1815, son of Warham Easley, d Grainger Co., Tenn. set. 87 years, and Catherine Counts. Miller W. was the 3d of 4 children and came to Mo. in 1837. Was a Mason, both were living in 1889 and resided Polk Co., Mo. They had:

                a Warham Easley: b 1846, m Mary Jane, daughter of Solomon Hopkins, which see.

                b John J. Easley: b 1850, died set. 12 years.

                c James B. Easley: b 1856.

10 Elizabeth P. Akard: b 1830.

11 Mary A. Akard: b 1831.


iii Mary Hopkins: b 179‑. Was living in 1810.


iv James Hopkins: b 17 June 1764‑65, m Elizabeth Billingsley, No. 61 which see.


v John Hopkins: b 17‑. Lived and died in Tennessee.



                (Basil 5, Samuel 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Baltimore County, Maryland 8 November 1777, moved to Rowan County, North Carolina with his parents in 1784. On 13 May 1794 he was deeded by his brother, Samuel, 250 acres of land on Abbott’s Creek, said piece of land being left to said Samuel by his father, Basil Billingsley, decsd. (Deeds Lib. 13, fol. 901.) On 3 August 1799 he signed, with others of the family, a quit claim deed as natural heir to the estate of Ruth Billingsley, deceased, etc. (Deeds Lib. 19; fol. 3B6.) He married (1) about 1799 Nancy Craig, born North Carolina in 178‑. On the tat of August 1803 he deeded 25 acres of land to James Collet, of Randolph County, North Carolina, for 8400. They moved to Wilson County, Tennessee where Nancy died in 1817‑18, he married (2) Mary Young, born South Carolina in 1799 and they moved to Johnson County, Illinois before 1823. He was a farmer and


died at his home in Johnson County in the 1850’x, Mary was living and a widow in 1860, and appears to have passed on before 1870.


i Rhoda: b Feb. 1801 Rowan Co., N. C., she moved to Tenn. with her parents, and then to Ill. with them. She m prior to 1830 James Harper, b N. C. 1805, they resided in Wilson and Smith Cos., Tenn. to 1839 then moved to Johnson Co., Ill. Both were living in 1850. They had:

1 Mary Harper: b 1830.

2 Elizabeth J. Harper: b 1832.

3 Jesse G. Harper: b 1834.

4 Ann B. Harper: b 1836.

5 Sarah Harper: b 1837.

6 Rhoda Harper: b 1840 Ill.

7 Eliza Harper: b 1842.

8 Cynthia Harper: b 1845.


ii Elizabeth: b Oct. 1803 Rowan Co., N. C., moved to Tenn. with her parents where she m prior to 1823 James Green, b Tenn. 1796, resided Henry Co., Tenn. to 1847 then settled in Wilson Co., Tenn. Of seven children three reached maturity. They had:

1 Nathaniel Green: b 1823, m 1844 Elizabeth , b Tenn. 1823, resided Wilson Co., Tenn. They had:

                a William Green: b 1846.

                b Martha F. Green: b 1849.

2 Alexander Green: b 1828.

3 Samuel Green: b 1835.


iii Nancy: b 1805 Wilson Co., Tenn., moved to Ill. with her parents and m (1) prior to 1830 James Balance, of Ky., he died and she m (2) prior to 1840 John Kennedy, b N. C. 1785. Resided in Logan Co., Ky. to 1848 then moved to Johnson Co., Ill. both were living in 1850. They had, known

1 Nancy Ballance: b 1830 Ky.

2 James W. Ballance: b 1832.

3 Elizabeth Ann Kennedy: b 1840.

4 Richard W. Kennedy: b 1843.

5 Thomas J. Kennedy: b 1844.

6 Nancy A. Kennedy: b 1846.

7 Cynthia C. Kennedy: b 1849 Ill.


iv Ruth Eliza:‑ b 1807 Wilson Co., Tenn., moved to ‑Ill. with her parents and m prior to 1830 James H. Coppage, b Term. 1800, he was a blacksmith, they resided Wilson Co. Tenn. They had:

1 William Coppage: b 1830.

2 Martha Coppage: b 1832.


3 Mary Coppage: b 1834.

4 Jane Coppage: b 1835.

5 Ann Coppage: b 1838 .

6 Evaline Coppage: b 1840.

7 Tennessee Coppage: b 1842.

8 James H. Coppage: b 1844.

9 Susan Coppage: b 1845.

10 Samuel Coppage: b Feb. 1850.


v Miranda M.: b 1808 Tenn., moved to Ill. with her parents and m prior to 1833 Littlebury Johnson, b N. C. 1803, Son of Mary Johnson, b N. C. 1784, living 1850. He was a farmer and resided Wilson Co., Tenn., both were living in 1850. They had

1 Benjamin Johnson: b 1833.

2 Lucy J. Johnson: b 1836.

3 Catherine J. E. Johnson: b 1838.

4 Littlebury Johnson, Jr.: b 1840.

5 Miranda M. Johnson: b 1841.

6 Joseph T. Johnson:‑ b 1842.

7 Mary A. Johnson: b 1844.

8 Wiley H. Johnson: b 1846.

9 Lucinda J. Johnson: b 1849.


vi Mary: b 1810 Tenn., moved to Ill. with her parents. and m in 1827 Watson Sanders, b N. C. 1808, he was a farmer, resided in Wilson Co., Tenn. and moved to Johnson Co., Ill. about 1842, both were living in 1850. They had:

1 John Sanders: b 1828.

2 James Sanders: b 1830.

3 Ross H. Sanders: b 1832.

4 George W. Sanders: b 1834.

5 Milton G. Sanders: b 1836.

6 Sarah J. P. Sanders: b 1843 Ill.

7 Samuel Sanders: b 1846.


vii Margaret: b 1812 Tenn., moved to Ill. with her parents and m prior to 1836 John Dune, b Tenn. 1810, she died in 1855 and he m (2) Elizabeth, b Tenn. 1840. He and 2d wife both living in 1870 in Johnson Co., Ill. They had:

1 William Dunn: b 1836.

2 John Wesley Dunn: b 1842, m 1869 Sarah Miles, b Ky. 1845, a widow who had 1’ child at the time of this marriage. They had, known:

a Susan Miles: b 1866. Step daughter.

3 Basil Dunn: b 1846, m 1864 Martha , b Ill. 1847, resided Johnson Co., Ill. They had, known:

                a Margaret Dunn: b 1866.


4 Luther Dunn: b..1858, 2d wife died 1860’s.

5 Scott Dunn: b 1861.

6 Tennessee Dunn: b 1863.


viii Basil: b 1816 Tenn., died 1819.


ix . John: b 1823 III., 2d wife, moved to Mo. before 1850, he was a miner, died unmarried.


x Mildred: b 1825 Johnson Co., Ill., she m 1848 John Howard, b Tenn. 1815, resided Johnson Co., Ill. They had, known:

1 Isaac Joseph Howard: b Jan. 1850.

2 Willis A. Howard: b 1853.

3 John M. Howard: b 1856.

4 James N. Howard: b 1858.

5 Beda A. Howard: b 1859.


xi  William Young (7) : b 1829 Ill.


xii Basil: b 1831 Ill. Was living in 1870, a farmer, and resided Johnson Co., Ill. unmarried at that date.


xiii Polly Ann: b 1834, m prior to 1856 a Mr. Russell, had a son James, b 1856, who was living with his uncle, Basil Billingsley, in 1870.


xiv Samuel: b 1837 III., he m prior to 1864 Sarah, b Ill. 1840, he was a farmer, both were living in 1870 and , resided Johnson Co., III. They had, known:

1 John: b 1864.

2 Susan: b 1868.



                (Walter 7, Samuel 4, William .3, John. 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland in 1775‑76. He married . prior to 1803 Rebecca (Stabler ?) born Maryland in 1782. He was legatee in his father’s will in 1805, and signed a deed with the others of his family disposing of land to David Street in 1811, and was a resident of Baltimore County at that date. He enlisted 1 September 1814 as Private, Captain Benjamin Williams, Jr., Troop 6th Maryland Cavalry Militia, Moore’s Regiment, and discharged 19 September 1814. (War Dept. records.) He died the latter part of the year 1814 and his estate was administered in Baltimore County. (Admns Lib. 6, fol. $8.) Rebecca survived him many years and moved to Warren County, Ohio in December 1837 with her daughter and then to Iowa about 1842 where she died in 1843.


i Rebecca: b 1803, m 18 Aug. 1821 Lawson Cuddy, b Md. 1784, resided Baltimore Co., Md., both were living in 1850. They had, known

1 Nancy Cuddy: b 1822.

2 Elijah Cuddy: b 1827, m 1847 Catherine, b



Md. in .1827, resided Baltimore Co., Md. They had, known:

                a William Cuddy: b 1848.

                b Margaret Cuddy: b June 1850.

3 Wesley Cuddy: b 1828.

4 Rachel Cuddy: b 1830.


ii John: b 1 Jan. 1805, moved to York Co., Pa. and m prior to 1826 Hannah , b Pa. 1805. They moved to Warren Co., Ohio where ‑he died in 1835, and ‑she m (2) prior to 1838 Joseph Fulton, b Md. 1806, resided Warren Co., Ohio. They had:

1 Hannah: b 1826 Pa., m 1848 Isaac Beecher, be Ohio 1822, resided Ohio in 1850. They had, known:

                a Mary A. Beecher: b. 1849.

2 Sarah Jane: b 1828 Pa., died unmarried.

3 Margaret: b 1831 Ohio, m 1849 Daniel Canning, b Ireland in 1827, resided Warren Co., Ohio. They had, known:

                a Laura H. Canning: b Jan. 1850.

4 Mary Ann: b 1833 Ohio, died small.

5 Emma Fulton: b 1838, 2d marriage. No Billingsley blood.

6 Arabella Fulton: b 1840.

7 Margaret A. Fulton: b 1843.


iii Walter (7) : b 9 Feb. 1806.


iv Joseph (?) : b Oct. 1807.


v Ruth: b 1811 Md., m 20 Oct. 1837 Baltimore City, Md. John Cuddy, moved to Ohio in December 1837, and then

to Iowa about 1842. No record of their children.


vi Robert: b 1813 Baltimore Co., Md. Moved to Warren Co., Ohio in 1837 where he m 20 Sept. 1838 Almenia Bishop, b Ohio in 1817. They moved to Delaware Co., Ohio in the late 1850’x. He was listed as a Shoemaker in 1850, and later as a Farmer. He enlisted 6 Dec. 1861, Pvt. Co. I, 82d Ohio Inf., U. S., giving age as 45 years, was assigned as “Teamster”; June to Oct. 1862 absent, sick; discharged 30 Jan. 1863 on Surgeon’s Certificate of Disability; was five feet, eight inches in height, born Baltimore Co., Md., light complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair, farmer, and He was pensioned for this service died at Powell, Ohio 28 June 1896, Ahnenia drew widow’s pension from Aug. 1896 to 1901 the date of her death. Her claim shows no children under 16 years of age. They had, known:

1 James E. r b 1840, m 1860 Mary L., daughter of Benjamin Freshwater, b Ohio 1845, resided Delaware Co., Ohio.


They had, known:

                a Florence: b 1861.

                b Benjamin R.: b 1863.

                c Morris C.: b 1865. Was living with his grandparents Freshwater in 1880, Delaware Co., Ohio.

                d Sulula: b 1867.

                e George H.: b 1869.

2 Mary E.: b 1842, m or d before 1860.

3 Rebecca: b 1845, m prior to 1862 Edwin Redding, b N. Y. in 1838, resided Delaware Co., Ohio. They had, known:

                a Loraine Redding: b 1862.

                b James A. Redding: b 1866.

                c Lucy Redding: b 1869.

4 Almenia Bishop: b 1847.

5 Melissa Ann: b Oct. 1859, m 1879 Melvin H. Hays, b Ohio 1849, resided Delaware Co., Ohio.


vii Samuel (7) : b 1815, posthumous.



                (Walter 5, Samuel 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1.) Born Harford County, Maryland in 1780. He married 25 April 1810 Frances Carr, born Maryland 178‑. He served as Private 32d Regiment (Hood’s) Maryland Militia, War of 1812. (War Dept. Records.) While he resided all his life in Harford County, and owned considerable acreage of land there does not appear any records showing his acquisition of land except the plantation devised him by his kinsman, Walter Billingsley No. 15, nor is there any record of disposition of land. He is conspicuously absent in the land records. In his father’s generation there were at least three Walter Billingsleys who lived in this County and the land records are difficult to assign accurately, this does not happen in this man’s generation. Frances was living in 1840 and died before 1850. Walter was living in 1850 and was deceased prior to 1860. He left no will nor is there any record of administration of his estate. The names of his children have been ascertained from census records and from family records of various ones of them.


i James (7) : b Jan. 1811.


ii Mary Ann: b 1813, m 6 Feb. 1832 James Wann, both were living in 1870, resided Harford Co., Md. They had, known:

1 James H. Wann: b 1833.

2 Frances Jane Wann: b 1835.

3 Walter J. Wann: b 1837.

4 Daniel Wann: b 1840.


5 Augustus J. Wann: b 1842. Was living 1908 and legatee in will of his uncle, John W: Billingsley, in 1897.

6 John W. Wann: b 1845.

7 Benjamin T. Wann : b 1848.

8 Edward Wann: b 1852.

9 Charles D. Wann: b 1856. Was living 1908 and legatee in will of his uncle, John W. Billingsley, in 1897.


iii Matilda Virginia: b 1815, she m 27 June 1848 at Baltimore, Md. William C. Billingsley, son of Barzillai Billingsley, No. 66, which see.


iv Walter J.: b 181?. Lived all his life in Harford Co., Md. Dated his will 1 Nov. 1872 and it was probated 18 Nov. 1872, leaves $350 to sister, Frances C. Crevensten, she to pay $100 to Mary Peterson, and all funeral expenses, balance of estate to my brother, John Billingsley; he never married.


v Daughter: b 1819, died small.


vi Rebecca J.: b 1822, m 26 Dec. 1844 Nathan James Chamberlain, b Md. 1818, both were living in 1870, Harford Co., Md. He died and she m (2) a Mr. Forward and was living in 1891, see will of Frances C. Crevensten, below. They had, known

1 James Chamberlain: b 1847.

2 Walter Chamberlain: b 1847. Twins.

3 Alice Chamberlain: b 1856.

4 Josiah Chamberlain: b 1859.

5 Martha Chamberlain: b 1862.

6 Flora Chamberlain: b 1866.


vii John W.: b 1824, m 30 Jan. 1866 Elizabeth A. Crevensten, b Md. 1825. She m (1) Peterson, (2) Crevenstep, and (3) as above stated. He was legatee and executor ; to the will of his brother, Walter J. Billingsley, in 1872, and legatee to will of his sister, Frances C. Crevensten, in 1891. He dated his will 18 Oct. 1897 and it was probated 11 Jan. 1898; leaves all estate to Edward E. Cook, provided he furnished home for wife, Elizabeth, during her life; $100 each to nephews, Augustus J., and Charles D. Wane, at death of wife, Elizabeth A.; $100 each to George, Albert B., and Clara Stella, children of Edward E. Cook: and Mary. E., his wife, at 21 and 18 :years respectively. Should sister, Eliza J. Wann, be sent to an institution for aged, executor to pay $100 toward this expense. Elizabeth survived him a few years and died about 1908 as Augustus J. and Charles D. Wann received their $100 each that year. No Billingsley children. They had: 1 Mary E. Peterson: b 1852, step daughter. She m 19


Jan. 1880 Edward E. Cook. He died 1909, will probated 8 Sept. 1909, son Albert B. Cook, named as executor. They had: (no Billingsley blood here)

                a George E. Cook: b 188‑, decsd 1909.

                b Albert B. Cook: b 188‑.

                c Clara Stella Cook: b 188‑, decsd 1909.

                d Walter F. Cook: b 18‑.

                e Char